Mom of Missing Baby Gabriel May Have Killed Him ... Or Given Him Away to Strangers

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Elizabeth JohnsonIt's been three years since baby Gabriel Johnson went missing. It's been three years since cops say his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, started a flurry of text messages to the 8-month-old's dad, claiming she'd killed the little boy. And now Elizabeth is hoping a jury will believe her that it was all just a big, fat misunderstanding. Even though her 8-month-old child hasn't been seen or heard from in three years, and she can't say where he is.

If you believe her, I've got a bridge to sell you real cheap, y'all. The Baby Gabriel case -- as it's been dubbed in Johnson's native Arizona -- has got to be about as close to a slam dunk as you can get for a prosecutor.

Elizabeth claims she gave baby Gabriel to some random couple who wanted a kid in Texas. But she won't supply names, and no one has come forward with this kid. And we're supposed to believe her pleas of not guilty on charges of kidnapping, custodial interference, and conspiracy?

Babies don't just disappear into thin air. And they especially don't disappear innocently ... at least not after their mother just so coincidentally sent texts to the baby's father, Logan McQueary, that say things like:

I killed him. U will never see Gabriel again, I made sure of that. And you can spend the rest of ur pathetic life wondering about him.

OK, you read that. Do you really need to know where Gabriel is to convict his mom of doing something bad to him?

Because she took the baby to Texas in December 2009, and that's the last place he was seen, Arizona prosecutors don't have the jurisdiction to add murder to the list of charges. And, of course, Gabriel's body hasn't been found, so even that would be tough for Texas prosecutors. But still. We have a mom who has been sitting in court crying because, "Oh, pity poor her, she's on trial." She says she's not guilty.

But what kind of mother gives her kid away to strangers? What kind of mother doesn't get an address for the people who have her kid? What kind of human being sends texts like the one above?

With closing arguments out the way, and justice for baby Gabriel in the hand of a jury, I don't think I could set all those factor aside, how about you?

A conviction could carry up to 33 years in prison for Elizabeth Johnson. Do you think that would fit here?


Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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elle7777 elle7777

I wouldn't consider any case where the body hasn't been found a slam dunk case......though yes, obviously she is guilty.

riadolph riadolph

She's only facing 33 years?? Put her away for life and force her to be sterilized! People like this don't deserve to be parents. I could never imagine causing any sort of harm to either of my children, they are my world

jalaz77 jalaz77

Sorry. Lets put her away fit good putting that kind of message out there. Of course she killed him. Life for her, don't put that message out there if its not true. No one has seen or heard from him in years and won't. 33 years isn't long enough.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Ppl that do this to any child needs to be killed. Even if ahe gave him away or killed him. some people are shitty and should of been swallowed. I will tell you this theres guna be alot of ppl.waiting on her to get out. My son is my life and I could never dream of hurting him. People like this is what makes it hard for me leave my child with anyone of thwn family

Jennifer Lynn Gish-Reed

i dont know what happened up there on my last comment...i was saying that i have a strong feeling that after her verdict comes down as guilty and her freedom is now forever gone i think she will start talking and i think she will tell where gabriel is...i dont think she killed him i really feel she did give him away and that tammy smith knows exactely where he is she should have had a stronger sentence.

Waag Waag

I could see giving my kids away and pretending to not know who too if I didn't want my kids around an abusive father or something like that even if I was facing prison time like that. I would do anything to keep my kids safe and I hope that's what she did. So until they find proof she actually killed him I don't think she should go to jail. We don't know what she really did or why.

Aaron Martinez

Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing and would make most of the previous comments a little more relevant. There does not need to be a body, Elle777, because this is not a murder case. She is charged with custodial interference and kidnapping. The reason she's only facing 33 years, Jalaz77, is because she's on trial for kidnapping and custodial interference.

nonmember avatar heather

33 years is not EVEN close to enough.

nonmember avatar Your New Leader

Hmmm... Can you say Casey Antony? White women who murder, kill and get off in this country. Does it really shock you now? Let it have been another nationality and lets see what would of happen. As the stupid ass media puts it, another beautiful bomb shell (white women) did something to her child. I don't see any beauty in a so called mother murdering her child and getting off. What a beautiful country we all live in. MY ASSHOLE!!!

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