Zumba Sex Scandal Turns Even Uglier With Release of Johns' Names

zumba sexAlexis Wright, the hot Zumba fitness instructor accused of being paid for sex with more than 100 men in Kennebunk, Maine, a small seacoast town, has had her name plastered all over the papers for a week. The sexy woman with the mysterious smile has been the laughingstock of New England, but now the tables are starting to turn. The names of the first 20 men accused of paying Wright for her sexual favors were released.

As they say: heads are about to roll. And you know what? They deserve it. We could argue about prostitution and whether it should be legal all day long. Personally, I think it should. But as long as it isn't, women aren't the only ones whose lives should be destroyed.

How is it fair for Wright to be outed and humiliated on a national stage and not have the alleged doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other prominent citizens who visited her outed as well?

Sure, it's going to ruin marriages and possibly careers, but you know what? You give up your right to privacy when you engage in illicit, illegal activity.

Of course, it's unfortunate all around. But Wright was just running a business. It's an illegal one, sure. But those who frequented her are the real criminals.

Having spent half my life in Maine, I can say the state is rocked by this. Kennebunk, in particular, is a small town in somewhat conservative New England. People are generally private and don't get into one another's business, so this is a shocker to everyone involved.

Still, the unfortunate fact is that prostitution is illegal for both the man and the woman and the men have no more right to privacy than the woman.

This news is going to rock this town, but the men who did it don't have any more rights to privacy than Wright herself. 

Do you think the men should have gotten in trouble, too?


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miche... micheledo

Absolutely!  If her name is made public then the men's should be too.  All parties were wrong and if one doesn't get privacy then none of them should.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

I agree, all parties participated in the illegal activity and in turn should both be in trouble and have their names released.  However, I have no problem with prostitution. As long as both parties are legal consenting adults, I dont get the problem.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

What's unfortunate though is the fact that the johns aren't the only ones that will be shamed and hurt by the release of the names. Their families are innocent victims in this.

Marcella Shambles

Yes, the families are innovent victims, but it was the people (can't assume it was all men), not the media who paid to have sex.  It should be legalized and regulated.  Would it stop all the negative, i.e. child pros, etc, no.  But legalizing would cut way back on a lot of the unsafe and downright nastiness that goes hand in hand with this proffestion.

Tiffany Stewart

The men's wife and children may be the innocent victim in this but they went to her knowing they had families..she offered a service, she did not track them down to take her up on her offers so why should she be the only one liable for what happened. And frankly prostitution would NOT be a problem if they weren't people willing to pay for it. 

Jennifer Kupper Swan

As a woman, wouldn't you want to know that your husband is putting your life at risk by paying for sex or even just having sex with others (male or female)?.  Condoms are great, but many STD's aren't stopped by condoms nor are they foolproof.


nonmember avatar guest

Sure the men should be outed also. This I don't get? "But Wright was just running a business. It's an illegal one, sure. But those who frequented her are the real criminals." What? Why are they "the real criminals" Not only was she running an illegal business, she's also guilty of tax evasion and invasion of privacy (she was video taping them with out their knowledge) I don't have any sympathy for her and frankly Sasha you just sound like you don't like men.

CPN322 CPN322

Completely agree wtih Marcella.

nonmember avatar EevnSteven

It's a very simple ballgame. Her customers payed to play and now they and her must pay the consequences.

nonmember avatar SAToyLady

It will be interesting to see if all these men used their real names or false ones. You would think that if someone participated in something illegal like this and was paying cash, there would be no need to know their real name.

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