Rosie Perez Gives Mitt Romney a Lesson on the 'Latino Vote' (VIDEO)

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rosie perezIn the infamous hidden video of Mitt Romney that surfaced in September, the world watched as Mitt dismissed 47% of voters as being entitled, non-tax paying citizens that would never vote for Romney. While this video and the now infamous 47% statement has made repeated international headlines, there were a series of other comments that seemed to fly under the radar. Until now, at least.

In the same video, Mitt Romney shared with the audience that his father was born in Mexico and that if his father was "born of Mexican parents, [he'd] have a better shot at winning [the election]." Mitt goes on to say that "being Latino would be helpful" which is followed by a series of laughter in the audience.  

Right, because poking fun of the hardships that Latino-Americans have endured is something to laugh at. 


Puerto Rican actress, Rosie Perez, has joined forces with ShlepLabs to create a video in response to Romney's wish-I-were-Latino statements. The video that was only released yesterday, has already gained huge traction in social media. And while there is some humor to Rosie's video, we see Rosie put Romney right back in his place.   

  • The Pew Hispanic Center, a non-partisan organization that conducts studies on Latino trends and culture, found that fifty-four percent of Latino-Americans believe that the economic downturn that began in 2007 has been harder on them than on other groups in America. The economy, and not immigration as some would like to believe, is the number-one concern for voting Latinos.
  • The Latino vote has increased by more than 4 million since 2008 with a record 23.7 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the upcoming election Even though the turnout rate for Latinos in 2008 was lower for Latinos than black or white voters, there have been some game changers that Mr. Romney is obviously aware of.
  • Latinos, who make up 2.1 million voters in the key battleground state of Florida, favor Obama over Romney. Additionally, more Latinos in Florida are now registered as Democrats than in 2008.  


So you see, winning the Latino-American has nothing to do with being Latino, rather, it has everything to do with your policies and how they will help turn this economy around for Latino Americans. The Latino vote and being a Latino-American is nothing to laugh at in this election.

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mustb... mustbeGRACE

I'm a Latina.

I'm voting for Romney.

Which is much less noteworthy because I'm hardly the Hollywood superstar that Rosie is.

eye rolling

nonmember avatar Aracelis

born in Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother and voting for Romney

momof... momof030404

For the LIFE of me I do not undrestand the draw of the Dems to minorities. ESPECIALLY Latinos and African Americans. These are both very conservative and very religious cultures. Aside from the belief that they are going to "get something" from that party it makes no sense! Obama has been in office almost a full term and has done nothing to impove things for either of these demographics. 

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Momof030404, President Obama's Dream Act was the biggest thing he has done for minorities. The innocent children from foreign countries are purposely brought because their parents want them to have a better life than they did. (As any parent would want for their child...)

tigge... tigger238

momof030404, you are obviously not a minority so you have no room to be judging who they are voting for. If it is your opinion that Obama hasn’t done anything for minorities, what makes you think that Romney will do anything beneficial for them? He doesn’t care about the Latino or African American community, he just wishes he had more of their votes.

mom2byz mom2byz

I don't even understand why she is taking his comment in a rasist manner? If he said that same comment but said it about 'white ' people that would have not offended me at all. Obama is the one that started these comments anyway saying he did not want Latinos to have to show their license to vote...Well I agree with what I read about that....wouldn't it be rasist that he thinks Latino's can't get a license to vote?

nonmember avatar guest

Wow. I didn't think anyone listened to Rosie Perez, much less gave a crap about her.

Susie19 Susie19

That was funny.


nonmember avatar Kay

Hey mom2byz.... racist? Probably not. Offensive...sure, maybe. Ignorant, hell yes. He obviously said it for a cheap laugh and thats what he got. He would have a better shot at becoming president if he were Latino? Why....because rich white men HARDLY EVER become president?? And, just for kicks, let's test your theory... "if his father was "born of WHITE parents, [he'd] have a better shot at winning [the election]." Well, yes, I completely understand why you would not be offended as a white person. What would that comment even MEAN if he used the word white instead? Think first, type second.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

You know what, this article, video, and absurd "logic"(or lack therof) behind it is what's wrong with this country! How is Romney's comment "poking fun at the hardships that Latino-americans have endured"? Love to know how you got to that wisdom.... Everyone's so hung up on race right now. Before Romney announced his vp pick, how many people were saying he should pick a minority and how diversity on the ticket would help him get elected. You Nadia, wrote a piece saying he needed someone who would qualify as diverse to get more of the minority vote. It says a lot that he didn't do that to pander to minorities. Plus, he picked someone who's seen as contravercial for his social beliefs. He looked beyond that too, and picked a great economic mind. Someone he knew would help him fix this broken economy -THAT is what's important now. As to your reverse racism ideas-isn't choosing someone based solely on race or ethnicity just as racist as excluding them for it? Why does everything need to be about race, with the media especially fanning those flames? For a perfect example, look no further than the ending of your piece. You asked what Romney will do to fix the economy for Latino Americans. How about asking how he will fix the economy for AMERICANS - PERIOD. Stop dividing people - by race, by gender, by financial status. Stop turning a comment into something racial, which it wasn't. It only furthers the unnecessary divisiveness which is already rampant.

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