Man Finds Car 2 Years After Forgetting Where He Parked


carDude, where's my car? said the German man who got wasted one night ... and then found his car two years later. That's right. For two years, a man was trying to remember where he parked. Twenty-four months. Seven-hundred-and-thirty days. Who's with me when I say: "I'll have what he's having!"?

In December of 2010, a 33-year-old handyman went out for a night of drinking. And when he went to find his car the next morning, he couldn't, for the life of him, remember where he had parked it. Whatever. It happens, right? But when the minutes of searching turned into hours, he eventually gave up and reported his car missing to the Munich police. Thankfully, officials were able to track down the man's car. Last month.

The reason the vehicle was discovered was because the inspection stickers were out of date. The man "thinks" the car turned up about two miles from where he originally left it. Police spokesman Alexander Lorenz said: "The weird thing is that it turned up so far away, although the owner was pretty sure of where he had left it." The owner was also wasted.

The owner of the car had about $50,000 worth of power tools in his trunk, and everything was still there. So, yeah. Seems like a more likely story is this dude was "out of his mind hammered" than "somebody moved his car two miles away."

I've gotta say. I'm a little confused here. How did nobody find this car for two years? How did this man not drive by this spot at some point during this time? I mean, it was two miles from where he "left" it? Isn't there a gas station or a convenience store or something over there that would have made the guy drive past it?

Oh, well. The upside is this man is finally reunited with his car. And we have something to laugh at.

Have you ever not been able to find where you parked you car?


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worki... workingmama86

i always forget where I parked when I go to the store... but never anything this crazy! 

Jennifer Kupper Swan

LOL Only when I forget which car I am driving.  Usually I am in the right area but searching for a car that is home in the driveway.  This is what we get for having multiple high mileage/older vehicles to avoid a payment.

nonmember avatar guest

oh yeah. the worst was after the electronic music festival, this past memorial day weekend. ironically, my friend and i were both sober, yet neither of us thought to remember which lot i parked my car. after walking and dancing for 8 hours, we left, and wandered around downtown detroit for another hour, in search of my car. my feet hurt so bad i was about to cry, and both og my knees were sprained. all i could remember was that it was parked between two very tall buildings. oh it was lovely when we finally found it.

Venae Venae

I try to look at the store and see what part of the lettering I'm in front of - or I count steps until I get to the store.  At least that way I know how far back I am!  This always works - unless I'm w/someone - then I ALWAYS forget to check where I parked.

Susan Jones

Makes no sense. That looks like a CLK 320 that would still have some value.

Amedeo Bianchi

That happened to me, although it was not my car but my ex-girlfriend! Good thing I like gardening and my rose bushes died!

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