Joe Biden Is Laughing All the Way to Re-Election (VIDEO)

Biden laughingLast night's Vice Presidential debate made one thing abundantly clear: Paul Ryan is in WAY over his head. Sure, we can make the argument that Joe Biden was "rude" with his laughing, interrupting and his use of words like "malarkey." But come on. Biden wiped the floor with Ryan and anyone saying otherwise is just a sore loser. You know things are bad when everyone is jumping on debate moderator Martha Raddatz.

Let's consider the facts: Joe Biden is an elder statesman with a terrifying amount of knowledge of foreign policy. He makes a lot of gaffes, but he always speaks from the heart. Last week, when President Obama so clearly lost the debate to an animated and passionate Mitt Romney, it was precisely because he was outmatched in terms of fire and style. In this case, the loser was Ryan. Plain as day.

So why are some people still claiming it was a "draw"? See below:

Sorry, but last week liberals had to admit they were beaten (though I would argue that substance trumps style and Biden won on both counts). Why can't conservatives do the same?

Your man lost. He stone cold died on the floor. As one of my Facebook friends said: "Life begins at conception and ends when Joe Biden kicks your ass." So yes. That's pretty much how it all went down.

Look, we can sit here and pretend that Ryan looked prepared for the job or that they were evenly matched. But that's a lie. Biden absolutely schooled Ryan who sat back looking like a frightened (yet strangely smug) child. Chastened, indeed.

Look, Ryan, you are playing with the big boys now and the fact is, you don't have the chops. You don't know what you are talking about on foreign policy and you sure as hell don't need to be telling me what to do with my body.

I will readily admit that Obama lost the last debate on style. But Biden? He cleaned up. And anyone saying otherwise is just a sore loser.

Who do you think won the debate?


Image via ITN News/YouTube

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I think what I've always thought of Biden. He's an immature frat boy. He was rude, condescending and almost scary. What was with the hyena imitation? 

I thought Paul Ryan was calm, cool and collected. Who would you rather have at your helm? 

If you think "big boys" act like Biden then I feel sorry for you because thankfully, I don't know any grown up adults that act like Biden in a serious situation. He should have worn a clown costume. Then his act would have been complete.

Obama lost the debate fair and square. Biden couldn't compete intellectually so he did what he does best. Party on dudes!!! It's too bad the Obama/Biden campaign couldn't have kept it real. I really wanted a true and fair debate.

TMK919 TMK919

If he didn't act like a child the whole time I would concede. I'm sorry, but the man I want to be the next VP (or possibly, god forbid, POTUS) should not be representing our country looking like a spoiled brat.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Oh, like the way Romney completely mopped the floor with Obama? I feel bad for you liberal idiots. YOU are the sore losers. Biden interrupted 83 times ... that is just childish!

OKgirl OKgirl

There is no way Biden won. He acted like a pouty child, especially with the comment at the end regarding time. Ryan was polite, articulate and knowledgeable. In my book, Ryan was the clear winner.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I think the VP debate was a joke. I am sorry, but Biden, who was definitely rambunctious, got quite a few important facts wrong. You say that you prefer substance over style, but really you are saying you prefer to hear "substance" that you agree with. In reality, if I wanted to hear the loud bickering of two people, I could just listen to my kids at home. With all the interrupting that Joe Biden did, how could you even hear what Ryan was saying? Biden's style is loud and obnoxious, Ryan's style is quiet and factual. I am not a sore loser and neither are the other "million-billion" people who think the same way. Try to be more unbiased in your writing if you are going to cover something that political so you actually seem credible.

nonmember avatar JenInNC

"I'm sorry, but the man I want to be the next VP (or possibly, god forbid, POTUS) should not be representing our country looking like a spoiled brat."

...unless it's Romney, I guess, because that's exactly how he behaved in his debate and the conservatives & republicans ate it up.

BirdCo BirdCo

Interesting stat I heard on the radio this morning is that Biden interrupted 81 times. That is too much he acted like a jerk.


Romney didn't interrupt like Biden did nor did he laugh like a hyena the whole time the President was talking. There is no comparison between the two debates JenlnNC. ZERO! As much and I don't want Obama to win, he wasn't rude to Romney nor was Romney rude. Biden acted like Biden which scares the living crap out of me. Can you imagine him being President? TOGA-TOGA-TOGA!!!!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

Sasha, you lied in this blog. Not one Democrat on this site, nor in the liberal media said that Obama lost. In fact, blog after blog you guys called Romney a liar, degraded Lehar and It goes on and on.

This moderator interrupted Ryan and so did Biden. Ryan was not able to get his thoughts and points through, without Biden or the moderator interrupting. Lehar and Obama did not do either.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Biden's plan to make Ryan look incompetent was a failure. He ended up making himself look like a toddler interrupting his parents every 2 seconds.(well my toddler does that anyway)

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