Woman Vanishes From Airport Right Before Her Parents' Eyes (VIDEO)

jeanne rysiewiczJeanne Rysiewicz, 26, was in line with her family at a Texas Airport, ready to board a flight to Chicago, when she suddenly disappeared. She was just a few people back from her mother and father when she vanished. Her mother, Barbara Rysiewicz, got on the plane and then quickly realized her daughter had not boarded. She said: "I got off right away and I couldn’t find her anywhere."

The story took a strange turn, though, when airport security discovered a tape of Jeanne walking out of the airport on her own. And then her dead cellphone was found just outside.

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Airport spokesman David Magaña said that so far, there is no indication of foul play. And Jeanne's mom told New York Daily News that she believes her daughter left the airport on her own volition, but she's not exactly sure why. She mentioned that Jeanne had recently gone through a bad break-up and had been sleeping a lot. Apparently, after Barbara realized her daughter was missing, she got off the plane and stayed in Dallas, futilely searching the airport for four hours. Her husband and other daughter stayed on the flight and returned home to Indiana.

Hmm. Something definitely is fishy here. Thankfully, there's no evidence of anyone abducting Jeanne, which, so far, makes it seem like she just up and left on her own. If that's the case, seems like it must be somehow tied to her bad breakup and sleeping a lot (depression).
If Jeanne's okay -- and hopefully she is -- let's hope that she returns home to her parents and sister soon. Or contacts them at the very least. She may have just needed to get away, but, what a terrifying thing to put her family through.
What do you think of this?

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early... earlybird11

Sounds awful as a parent but honestly I would never ever ever leave my missing sibling or if I were that dad... I mean. Wtf

Angie Hayes

Sounds like we are not getting the whole story.

bills... billsfan1104

She didnt vanish, she took off.

CPN322 CPN322

If my brother or sister went missing(whether they walked away or were taken) I couldn't leave without them. I wonder why her sibling and father didn't stay to help find her. I hope she is safe somewhere.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

This is plagiarized from Huff Post. Almost word for word until the lame and obvious last two paragraphs. A little integrity, please, Ms. Fabian-Weber.


nonmember avatar Rochelle

Geese, there is always grammar nazis in the comments! Just read the f***ing story. Who cares where the article is from.

nonmember avatar Margie

Maybe she realized as she was faced with boarding the plane that she just couldn't face going back to Indiana. Needed space. She's a grown woman and was seen leaving by herself on video. The dead cellphone - maybe it held memories of her boyfriend she couldn't bear so she let it die and tossed it.

Lorna Murphy

the father and sibling went home because the sibling was in a wheelchair and had some sort of illness so it obviously wasn't possible to keep the them there

Trina Fredrick

Estella, your link leads to Celebuzz.com, not The Huffington. I wanted to read the other story. Could you put the right link up?

Trina Fredrick

Never mind my last post, I got it to work. Thanks and sorry! 

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