Police Who Allegedly Left Woman Topless, Roughed-Up & Hog-Tied for Hours Should Be Fired

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ashleigh davisA woman is suing police for roughing her up and leaving her topless in public for hours. Ashleigh Davis (32) got a little out of hand at the Leesberg Bikefest in Florida. She was arrested for being drunk and disorderly after getting into an argument with friends and refusing to leave. So police "hog tied" her and hauled her off to jail. But Ashleigh says police did a whole lot more than just handcuff her hands behind her back.

Allegedly police also knocked out Ashleigh's teeth. And as if that's not bad enough, her bikini top came off in the struggle and they left Ashleigh topless for at least two hours -- while they paraded her on a golf cart through the crowds and while she waited on the floor at the police station.

Okay, here's why I'm so not down with the whole Fifty Shades thing. Because in real life women get stripped and bound and it's not even remotely fun. Ashleigh's attorney says the officers groped and gawked at her -- and that the booking room video camera shows her lying half-naked on the floor surrounded by male policemen. She was still topless when police transported her the Lake County Jail in Tavares.

Reportedly Ashleigh got her teeth knocked out when an officer tried to cover her mouth to stop her screaming. She bit his hand and he knocked her head to the ground. Supposedly he then said, "Now you'll fit right in." Ashleigh filed a complaint with the Leesburg police, but they pretty much blew it off and declared her accusations of excessive force "unfounded."

An aside -- why does it seem like these stories always happen in Florida? What is it about Florida? Is it the heat and humidity?

Anyway, I believe her. This does not surprise me at all. I don't think this is how most police officers would behave, but during a notoriously unruly event, when officers have had enough, I can see how a mob-mentality would take over and suddenly it would be all right to do this to someone. It's no excuse, though. Just because you're drunk and obnoxious doesn't mean you deserve this kind of humiliation. Police still have to respect our human rights. If this story is true, the police were way, WAY out of line and I hope someone loses their job over it. Jesus, at least they covered Ashleigh up (finally!) for her mugshot.

Do you believe Ashleigh's story?


Image via Lake County Jail


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SassB SassB

There are 4 sides to every story: Plantiff's, Defendant's, the verdict, and the truth.

There is little reason the police shouldn't face criminal charges if they did it, not just sluffing the award off as an additional tax on all of the taxpayers who didn't assault her. If she's wrong then she should be charged with filing a false report.

cmjaz cmjaz

If all this happened in ublic, where's the video for proof?

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Yes I am sure the proof is being destroyed right now. It sounds lime she definitely pissed them off. This should be looked into.

Trina... Trina.mhmm

Honestly, if she was drunk and dressed in a bathing suit acting like a drunk and fighting the police, what did she expect? I think she lost her top and since they were on a golf cart at a people filled event, what were they exactly suppose to do? If shes biting them and fighting them off, why wouldnt they restrain her? 2 hours is excessive but just because shes a woman does not exactly mean she needs to be treated like a princess... Too many women act out of control and then want to blame others. If her teeth were knocked out why does her face look fine? It doesnt look like they slammed her face down. I dont buy it.

homes... homeschoolx3

Pigs in Florida never worry about going to jail for crimes they commit because they know the good old GOP politician pals wont hear of these thugs ever being brought to justice.

Milky Well Boss

@Trina:  Yeah, that's right! What was she expecting, that the police would uphold the law without violating her basic human rights and dignity? How absurd! We should all expect to be beaten, stripped down, hog-tied, sexually assaulted and humiliated in public if we choose to get plastered on the beach in fucking Florida.

How's the view up on Bullshit Mountain?

nonmember avatar thomas

Don't get drunk and act obnoxious then you won't have to worry about this....

Ajai Kumar

bloody bastards you cops not even having a minimum common sense shame on u r part you will be pay for this

candy... candyw210

I believe it. Look at the woman that was strip searched on the side of the highway and had her tampon pulled out; that happened in Florida so I definitely believe it. And @Trina; I think driving someone around hog tied for 2 hrs with their top off is definitely a bit more than a little excessive. And I am sure she did not expect that to happen; but according to you she should have right? And no one said she had to be treated like a princess; but she did not deserve to be treated like an animal. They should have arrested her and taken her to jail instead of driving around w her topless for 2 hrs.  Oh and one more point Trina how can you tell her teeth are not knocked out? Just because she doesn't have blood dripping down her face or a fat lip doesn't mean it didn't happen. My brother go both of his teeth knocked out during a football game and when it happened ;and even after; you could not tell unless he opened his mouth to show you. So should people who go out and drink expect this to happen to them Trina if they cross police officers? You must be an angel

EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

This is the kind of stuff you read at BDSM porn sites. I can't believe this has actually happened. I am shocked and disgusted. Trina, candyw210's post covers me.

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