4 Children Survive Massacre of Family Leaving 6-Year-Old to Care For 4-Year-Old Sister

While most 6-year-olds are worried about their next snack or the fact that they don't want to take a nap or put on their shoes, one 6-year-old boy suddenly had to be worried about a whole lot more -- his younger sister, who is 4. In an amazing act of maturity and empathy, this tragic little boy put his arm around his sister to comfort her when their entire family was massacred in a Guatemalan village. Seven people, including two children, were killed when gunmen suddenly descended on their home.

The only survivors, who ranged in age 4 to 12, told police they hid when the gunmen came. The 6-year-old boy, at an age when most parents wouldn't leave him alone for five minutes, is now without parents or grandparents. But judging from that photo, he is the most amazing, inspiring little boy.

The boy, Carlos Daniel Gonzalez, and his sister, Izabel, and the other two children are apparently the victims of a dispute over land. Carlos described for police how "many men" wearing face masks stormed into the home, and how he and the other children hid.

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You can see him in another photo acting out the scene for authorities. Imagine how traumatizing this must have been for him, and here he is one of the sole witnesses of this bloodcurdling crime and must give police a recounting of the horror he saw.

One of the alleged gunmen, César Chavez, who was arrested, had apparently already threatened the family in the past in arguments about property.

The police reportedly said the children will be given "counseling." No word on whether they have other family members who can take them in. Even if there are, the boy's parents are gone and he's suddenly thrust into the role of adult for his little sister.

Such an incredibly sad and tragic story, and one that parents who get upset over whether or not their children get into the proper pre-school or get a lead in the school play or get enough playdates might want to remember when they go into whining mode.

What do you think of this little boy? Does he make you count your child's blessings?


Image via jillberg/Flickr


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Mommi... MommietoJB

So incredibly sad, the photos of him are heartbreaking. He is such an angel comforting his little sister. I hope they have family members to take them in, and I hope officials protect and help these children.

Tashinha Tashinha

this is so sad :(

Sunsh... Sunshine257

That breaks my heart.

USMCw... USMCwife0530

The pictures are heartbreaking! I hope they catch the bastards who did this! God bless those children

momto... momto2boys973

My little one is 6 as well, I can't imagine him going through something line that. It's heartbreaking, those pictures are making me cry


MomLi... MomLily67

His parents raised him right and taught him to defend his ittle sister. These little angels deserve better.

Debbie Hedgecoke

Makes me want to o get the two of them. I hope some one will step up and adopt them

QCBaby QCBaby

I will adopt them =/

nonmember avatar mary

Please, I'll adopt them!

nonmember avatar Mara Castro

God bless those children, please send me information on how I can help them, and if we can adopt them.

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