President Obama Disgraces Fallen Marine in Letter to His Dad

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Barack Obama troopsTexas dad Tom Logan has had a pretty awful year. In January his son, USMC Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, was killed in a helicopter crash while serving our country. Then came the letter from President Barack Obama. A form letter.

That's right, a proud military dad was treated to nothing more than a pre-printed letter with his son's vital statistics filled in as a "condolence" for losing his own child. Ooph. Talk about kicking a man when he's down.

I think we all get that President Obama is running a country right now. He has a lot of important things to handle, like a piss poor economy and a certain former Massachusetts governor trying to take his job. Eking out some time to pen a handwritten note is not exactly easy.

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But he is the president after all. He ran, he was elected to do the hard stuff. There's an obvious answer to that problem: don't send a letter to grieving parents at all.

This is not to say that dads like Tom Hogan do not deserve some form of acknowledgement of a loved one's sacrifice or that Joey Hogan's tragic death should be ignored. But half-assing a letter to a grieving parent, a letter that's meant to sum up a hero's life, is not the way to do it. A form letter of the type Tom Hogan received is most certainly half-assing the job.

The most recent numbers on casualties in Afghanistan readily available on the Internet are a year old, but they claim that 2,700 troops died over what was then a 10-year span since the war began. As long as there are any casualties, there are too many. But that doesn't mean there are too many to write letters for. Divide 2,700 by 10, and you have 270 per year, that's less than one handwritten note a day. And a man, even one who's president, can't fit that into his day?

Heck, he could easily have a staffer do the writing and just sign his name. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would at least reflect a recognition that this man, this lost Marine, was a human being, worthy of something more than a computer spitting out a pre-written note.

But if he couldn't even do that, I have to say it. Don't send a note. Don't degrade the value of a man's life with such a thoughtless gesture.

What do you think? Do you think the president should have, could have, taken the time to write a real letter to this grieving father?


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purpl... purpleflower514

Are you seriously expecting the President to handwrite a note to the family of every KIA? Really not the best use of his time.

The best person to write a personel letter to the family would be the person's superior. They knew the person. Any letter from the president would not mean as much to me as a letter from my husband's boss or even his CO.

nonmember avatar B

President Bush started the tradition of writing a letter to the family of every soldier KIA. It was a gesture much appreciated by those families and he said it reminded him that the war was personal, kept him grounded in reality about the consequences of Congress and the President authorizing war. So yes, by that logic, the President should write a letter to the family of every soldier KIA.

nonmember avatar Monroe85

Obama would had to have written over 1200 letters. I agree with purpleflower - this would not be a good use of his time unfortuantely. Also, do you think Romney would do the same? Please don't use the excuse that he did write a handwritten letter to a soldier that campaigned for Romney in 2008. While that is admirable, he actually DID have a connection to that specific person, it loses its value a bit when it is then retold on the campaign trail to make Romney look good. Doing a good deed without the recognition is the true good deed. Either way I'm sure they both wish no one had to lose their child in this war whether or not a handwritten letter was done.

nonmember avatar kathy

If the President has time to go on The View, David Letterman and meet with Beyounce & Jay-Z...then YES! He has time to write a letter for EVERY fallen soldier.

Suzanne Laverdiere

I most certainly DO think the POTUS, The Commander In Chief, should write a personal letter to each and every man or woman who gives the ultimate sacrifice for us to be this free Nation. I would say the richest Nation, but this POTUS has done his best to destroy our economic health and well being. I don't know as though I'm surprised that he can't be bothered to write a personal message. @purpleflower, I certainly do think, as EVERY soldier's boss, he should make the time. He can make time for Jay Leno and Jay Z and Beyonce, he damned well ought to find the time for our soldiers.

Nicolle Maggi

I think if he has time to go on "The View" and "David Letterman", Take vacations, and entertain Movie stars and professional athletes He damn Well he better have time to write a letter to a grieving family of a soldier that gave his life so that Mr. Obama can do all the things he so enjoys doing! All the while our loved ones are defending the Country he is ruining! Signed by a Proud Military Aunt!

nonmember avatar stefanie

Being as President Obama IS the Commander in Chief of the military, it only seems right for him to write a note of thanks and condolence to the families of the fallen.

Kate Jansky

Article is right on target! As parents who lost our son in 2005 in Iraq, yes, President is busy, but there are priorities, and it is not one for him. He's a ass and has no right to be in his position. Use your right to vote.

nonmember avatar jeneen

I am so sick of u half ass republicans and other politicians tryimg to disgrace the President of the United Staes. If this was one those previous Presidents none of this shit would happen. Respect is due to anyone but the attitudes of most of u stupid people ots no wonder so many bad things have happened to u

Nicole Hale

Each loss is a loss to this country. Our troops are over there for OUR COUNTRY.. the man who supposedly runs the COUNTRY should take 5 minutes out of his time and at least sign a letter. My son is serving in Afghanistan and although he doesn't agree with the Commander in Chief, he respects his position, Obama should in turn respect our troops for their efforts and the families of those who stand behind their soldier.

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