Maine Senate Candidate Cruelly Ridiculed for Her World of Warcraft Habit

Colleen Lachowicz
Colleen Lachowicz
We've seen our fair share of below-the-belt political campaign ads over the years. Who could forget Rick Santorum's "Obamaville" ad? Or Turn Right USA's offensive anti-Janice Hahn ad? Or Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep spot? It never ceases to amaze how people jockeying for positions that help run our country resort to such petty, immature, and downright idiotic behavior in an effort to "win." And this ad -- actually, correction, this entire website -- which makes fun of Maine senate candidate, Dem Colleen Lachowicz, for being a "geeky video game nerd" is certainly no exception.

Stay classy, America.

The Maine Republican party is attacking Lachowicz for her "time-consuming double-life" as a World of Warcraft player (the site is "not authorized by any candidate"). They, of course, say this with fantastic oblivion to the fact that creating this site -- which digs up posts Lachowicz posted on WoW boards from way back when -- is incredibly time-consuming in and of itself.

So, the woman plays video games. Big whoop. She's not killing anyone (IRL). She likes to sit at home on her computer. Who cares? I can certainly think of much worse dirt to unearth on a candidate. And this is just kind of mean.

The photo at the top of the site that changes back and forth from Lachowicz's face to her avatar's. The link to her actual WoW profile. The ridiculous, sensational titles above each of her comments. This is taking the fact that Colleen is a "video game geek", if you will, and turning it into something negative.

I truly hope, for our kids' sake, and the sake of this country, that one day these foolish political ads and websites will stop. It's one thing to run a campaign, it's another to attack a person's (completely innocent) interests.

I, sadly, doubt that day will come, though. So, if you have hopes of your child running for office one day, I suggest you teach them to watch what they "like" on Facebook or, better yet, to not use the Internet at all. Because, no matter what they do, it's going to come back to bite them in the ass.

What do you think of this nonsense?

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bills... billsfan1104

What did you think of Obamas ad accusing Romney of murder, or when Bush was running he was accused of letting black people being dragged to their deaths. Point is that they do it on both sides. They need to stop these stupid attacks and stick with the issues.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Seriously bill, you can let some of these go...

cmjaz cmjaz

I thought it was extremely biased for the author to point out attack ads by repubs but not some of the heinous ads the dems have about repubs.

In any case, I doubt any Republican gives a crap about Warcaraft gaming. As a Republican myself, i'lll just say 'you go girl!' And have fun.

Jessie S. Hegwood

the only thing I can fault her on is being a stinkin' Horde instead of Alliance!! Game On girl, Game On!

bills... billsfan1104

NatandCo, you didnt ready whole post.

nonmember avatar Durotan Horde

For the Horde!! Hell yeah girl, show em how it's done. Millions of people play World of Warcraft... bet those losers have spent countless hours on Call of Duty and think that mindless crap just makes them bros, though. Bros bros bros, right? God forbid a woman gamer do anything besides be a stereotype. This woman actually gives me hope for America :)

Jenniy Jenniy

For the horde!! Lol I love gaming and still manage to take care of my family. Why can't she be a gamer and still be able to run for for and be successful at a public office?

Elena Murdock

That is terrible that they said that about her.
Let us look from the other side...if a Republican had been condemned for that ...would this article been saying the same things? Highly doubt it.

nonmember avatar Felicia

Didn't you know? Women aren't supposed to like doing anything but cooking, cleaning, raising babies, and if they're really rebellious, needlepoint. It's pathetic in this day and age the gender bias in our "modern" country. If it was a man it would have never been an issue.

nonmember avatar Charity

What's up Dear, are you genuinely visiting this site regularly, if so after that you will definitely take good know-how.

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