Al Gore Blames Altitude for Obama’s Poor Debate Performance (VIDEO)

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al goreFormer Vice President and current green-living crusader Al Gore popped out of his all-natural hyperbolic chamber last night to inform everyone that he knows why President Obama did so poorly in the debate Wednesday evening. After watching Obama and Romney go at it on a television that was powered by a pedal machine hooked up to Keith Olbermann, Al had a CFL light-bulb moment and went on Current TV, his own channel, and explained that Obama wasn't on his A-game because, well, because of the altitude, everybody.

Al explains that Obama arrived in Denver only a few hours before the debate and implied that when you go up 5,000 feet, you lose all ability to make complete, coherent sentences, and you become distracted by great heads of hair. Here's what Al said:

I’m going to say something controversial here. Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today -- just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust -- I don’t know ...

But honestly, why stop there. If Al wants to blame the altitude for Obama's performance, why not throw in global warming while we're at it?

Maybe Obama was too hot. Maybe his throat was too dry. Maybe he had a nose bleed. Or maybe a polar bear jumped off a melting iceberg in the Arctic, which caused a splash, which caused a wave, which crashed on the shore of Texas, which caused an oil-covered seal to wail, which caused a sound frequency, which caused an interference of radio signals, which made a technician in the control booth of Denver's NBC affiliate slam his fist on the table, which caused a vibration that Obama felt in his shoes and distracted him all, night, long.

If only Al Gore was around, blaming things on the altitude when I had to travel to Denver a few times for work. Would've loved to accuse a wonky presentation on the elevation. Sorry, boss! Al says I mixed up the net and gross figures cuz weez in da mountains.

If only.

What do you think of Al Gore's remark?


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nonmember avatar AL

Al Gore is a nut job. Altitude! BO got his butt whipped, plain and simple. Hope he's not on Air Force One at 50K feet when he needs to make a crucial decision. Go away Gore.

nonmember avatar Pam

Actually, altitude sickness is very real possibility. If you actually lived at 7000 feet, like I do, then you would understand that it is quite common for people to have difficulty adjusting to a rapid change in altitude. Altitude sickness can cause tiredness, confusion and nausea in any person at any time--even to those of us who are accustomed to high altitude. I think Al Gore probably hit the nail on the head--just like he did with that "non-existent" global warming.

Torra... TorranceMom

You cannot prepare for a debate, let alone BE A LEADER, if you busy yourself with Letterman interviews, going on The View, and golfing.  Eventually, your empty suit will be exposed.  Once again, that common sense thing that seems to bypass liberals.  But, no matter.  The President's team of Obamabots are already assigning blame to everyone but the one person who deserves it.  Why?  Well, because like their Dear Leader, they're not used to being challenged.  Because they virtually CONTROL the media airwaves, along with their other liberal-buddy networks, they are not used to playing DEFENSE.  They're masters only at the offense - the crap they can manipulate, spin, then dish out to try to keep the "yeah! I want some free stuff!"  And Americans will just keep nodding their heads in lobotomized agreement.  

Deann... Deanna2872

HA! Excellent article!

I live at 6,500ft, and the area I live in means I may go from 6,500ft to 8,000ft and back, several times in a day. Yes, altitude sickness is a real problem. But it can be handled, and should have been a consideration if President Obama had been feeling tired or run down in the last few days. He should have arrived earlier, to get a nap and adjust if altitude sickness was a concern. You know- BE PREPARED. A knack for preparedness in situations like a simple debate, that's one of those little skills a President should have, don't you think?

*it was the ALTITUDE*

HA! Yeah. That was it.


James Edward Phillips

The former Vice-President is confusing "lightheadedness" with "airheadedness."

nonmember avatar Bird

Obama has been to colorado multiple times in the past few months and has been able to campaign and give speeches without any "altitude sickness". And if it was a problem then he should have planned better. This is just a weak excuse for a weak showing at the debate.

Brice Freed

Thank God Al Gore didn't become President. He is oxygen deprived at sea level.

basmet basmet

As president of the US he should be smart enough to prepare himself for any incidents that may occur, including altitude sickness.  As much as he has traveled he would have known if he had a problem with altitude sickness before and he would have prepared accordingly.  I'm pretty sure Romney could have had Swine Flu and still would have danced circles around Obama.

wamom223 wamom223

Okay lets say Mr. Gore got it right.  If our President sucked that bad from the altitude we are in deep trouble. 

JAFE JAFE we know what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahaha.......what a moron!!!

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