Big Bird, Jim Lehrer, and More in Our Post-Debate Google Hangout! (VIDEO)

Google HangoutWas Jim Lehrer asleep? Was President Obama yearning for his teleprompter? Will Big Bird be fired if Mitt Romney is elected president?

These are the burning questions after last night's debate -- and these topics (and MANY more) were discussed after the debate during our Moms Matter Google Hangout.

This time around, we heard from political bloggers Nadia Jones and Christine Luhnow, as well as The Stir blogger Adriana Velez.

Click through to see what they had to say!

More from The Stir: Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney: Who Is the Bigger Liar?

I don't know about you, but I'm loving these Google Hangouts. It's great hearing others' perspectives, seeing issues from their respective points-of-view, and proving that women CAN disagree and still be civil and polite. Yes. Even on The Stir.

I knew this could happen! I KNEW IT!

What did you think of the debate? Let us know in the comments! And tell us which blogger you'd like to see in an upcoming Google Hangout!


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Chas Holman

Mitt Romney wants to hold Big Bird down and cut off his feathers.


DebaLa DebaLa

Romney was impressive in his presentation, edgier than Obama who was too soft on him. I'm sure his handlers are taking him to task on that one.

I've never been impressed enough by ANY candidate, tho, to influence my vote. Talk is cheap. I'm sad that people listen to this stuff as if it mattered. One down, two to go. Zzzzz...

fleur... fleurdelys3110

DebaLa-- this "stuff" may not matter to you, but to millions of independent voters who have been unsure who to vote for, the debates are CRUCIAL. We will see this reflected in the polls in the coming weeks.

nonmember avatar BrownSugar40

Cutting Big Bird & Elmo out a job will not set right with some people. And I don't think Mittens won the debate- he NEVER told his plan for the country and he acted as if he was on bath salts and Kanye West's mini me. It was a complete mess! So ready for the next debate.

DebaLa DebaLa

You gotta be kidding me... Oh, pulpit politics you mean? Pay attention to their real actions when the cameras are off... or they think they are. 


Polly Gray Shafer

How can anyone say Romney didn't win? You can't tell your plan for the country in 2 minutes. Did the president ever tell his plan? I don't think so. Some people are just in denial about the president's poor performance and Romney's sharp one.

DebaLa DebaLa

Polly and others: Win what? A televised banter? That's the problem (and I say this about any and all candidates): it's a SHOW, a PERFORMANCE. Debates are an excellent opportunity for candidates to show people what THEY want us to see. And people lap it up like they're in HS. Look at past behavior, issues. Listen when they think no one is.


fleur... fleurdelys3110

@DebaLa -- may I ask you one thing? If I remember correctly, you were quite the staunch Obama supporter a few months ago when he was beating Romney by larger margins. However, now that gaps are closing and Romney clearly won the debate (thank goodness the stir bloggers are not pundits..all of whom agree on this), you just say "they are all liars". Why the sudden flip flop? (You are allowed to change your opinion on both candidates, obviously. I'm just questioning why you stopped being all for Obama.)


DebaLa would singing a different tune had Obama won last night. Then it would all matter. All the little mice are scurrying. This isn't what they expected to happen. LMAO!!!

Sasha Farley

do you think obama has done anything different from romney , he has lied too ,obama hasnt done much that he promised to do the first time!! stop overlooking the things that obama has done ,and hasnt done also

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