Scientists Make Crazy Dwarf Vampire Discovery You Have to See to Believe (VIDEO)


coffinIf someone asked me yesterday if I wanted to travel back in time 200 million years, I would've asked them what snacks would be provided for the journey, and then asked to have five minutes to pack my bag. But if someone asked me that today, well, I'd ask them to kindly go eff themselves because there is no way in hell I am going back to a time period where terrifying dwarf vampire dinosaurs with fangs and spikes scurry around the Earth. No. Gracias.

Scientists at the University of Chicago rediscovered this dwarf vampire dino (after it'd been stored in a Harvard lab and forgotten about) and say the Pegomastax africanus is about the size of a house cat, has a parrot-shaped skull, and walked around like a nimble, two-legged porcupine. But what they failed to mention, interestingly enough, is that it is one of the most horrifying creatures you will ever, ever lay eyes on. BEHOLD:


Just look at those vampire fangs, those beady eyes, and those spikes. Now imagine this hideous beast sneaking up on you and gnawing on your ankle. Ack!

Debate's still going whether or not this thing ate meat or not, but come on -- I'm sure if he came across a time traveler's delicious looking leg, he wouldn't mind biting off a little bit for an afternoon snack.

Ooh, snacks.

Anyway! A dwarf vampire dinosaur? Wow. Now I've seen everything.

What do you think??

vampire dino


Photo via Sarah Ackerman/Flickr; UChicago/YouTube



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Ian Lowe

looks more like it would have been a scavenger, to me. i would be much more worried about the the faster, bigger, and more dangerous carnivores of that era.

the4m... the4mutts

Are you seriously saying that its a vampire? Seriously? From 200 million years ago... were there even people 200 million years ago? Isn't a pre-reqisite of being a vampire, well, being human?

pitti... pittiesmom

Anyone else think it fits the description of the chupacabra according to the "sightings"?

Marissa De Lory

That thing would make a fabulous Alexander McQueen clutch for an evening out... And that's a out all...

the4m... the4mutts

Pittiesmom- yep! Sure does to me!

nonmember avatar Krystle

This creature actually is believed to have been an herbivore. There are little sockets where the fangs slid into and they didn't pass each other (like scissors) to tear meat. Their back teeth did cross which indicated that they must have used them to tear off plants or seeds.

Deann... Deanna2872

Yes, pittiesmom! That was my first thought, lol

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

Actually look an animal called a Thylacine up, this creature looks more like the elusive Chuppacabra and is thought to be extinct but it has a question mark to go with the extinct tag. People in Australlia where this narley creature habitated are still recieving a great many sightings. As for the vampire part, that does not mean it has to be human, for example a vampire bat, but they base the word vampire on the fact it may eat meat and therefore blood. I don't claim to be a genius or anythig but we just discussed this in my Biology class.

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