Teen Kills Newborn Moments After He's Born, But Didn't Have To (VIDEO)

cassidy goodsonWe report our fair share of horrifying stories here on The Stir, but this one has to be one of the most upsetting ones yet. A 14-year-old girl in Florida is currently being accused of choking her newborn baby to death moments after he was born. I'm not going to get into all of the extremely disturbing details, as they're basically much too much to type, but I will fill you in on the basics of this god-awful story.

Cassidy Goodson, a freshman in high school, reportedly got pregnant. And she was too scared to tell her mother. She hid her pregnancy the entire time by wearing baggy clothes, and even showed her mom, who was supposedly in "complete denial", two "negative" pregnancy tests. But other family members -- two aunts -- suspected otherwise. And nothing was done about the situation.

So, fast forward to nine months later, and Cassidy gives birth to a baby boy -- alone in her bathroom. And that's when things go horribly, horribly wrong. Goodson allegedly choked the newborn to death while he was still attached to her by the umbilical cord. Then, three days later, police received a phone call from Cassidy's mother, who, let's just put it this way: Found the baby.

To say that this story is upsetting and disturbing is the understatement of the century. It makes most of us wonder how the hell anything so awful could ever happen in this world. It also makes us wonder if anything could have been done to prevent something so tragic from happening.

Clearly, Cassidy is a person who needs a lot of help. Almost everyone knows that killing is wrong, regardless of age, but the fact that she was so afraid to tell her mother she was pregnant speaks volumes. And it also begs the questions: If sex education were more effective in schools, would this have happened? Or if resources and information were more readily available from the state, would this have occurred? The onus isn't solely on the state or the school system, obviously, but could they have helped?

Whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, I think it goes without saying that an abortion would have been a far better option than the awfulness of what occurred in Cassidy's home. And, obviously, it would have been even better if this never occurred at all -- IE, if she knew the benefits of protection/had easy access to them.

It's hard to even figure out what to make of terribly gruesome stories like this, but I think one thing is for sure: We all would like to see a whole lot less of them -- by any means necessary.

What do you think of this?


Image via Polk Country Sherrif's Office



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nonmember avatar KA

Really, an abortion would have been far better???? Wow, how far down the rabbit hole have we fallen??

nonmember avatar Dawn

I think it is presumptuous of the author to say that "Whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, I think it goes without saying that an abortion would have been a far better option than the awfulness of what occurred in Cassidy's home." Really? Maybe if the mother and aunts had a more supportive attitude in such a hard situation, this young girl would not have felt so desperate and alone? I don't think just assuming because she acted so heinously that she would be mentally "OK" with an abortion either. It seems to me this goes beyond just an untimed/unwanted pregnancy. You know nothing of this girl's life beyond this incident. Stop such irresponsible journalism (and I use that term loosely here).

Erika NW Goodall

Abortion would have been better? What's wrong with you.. -_- Certainly, killing the baby is what makes this story upsetting, but killing the baby BEFORE it's born is a far better idea. Oh yeah, totally.

Claud... ClaudiaLynn

Doubly sad is that she wasn't aware of the laws...Florida is a state where you can take a child, within a few days of birth, to a fire station or hospital and leave with no questions asked. So sad so many things went so wrong here.

Kiki1212 Kiki1212

Ugh, wouldn't it have been  "far better" if her family had acted on their suspicions instead of burying their heads in the sand?!!  And a 14 yr old is smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong.  She knew killing that baby was WRONG!!!  I hope she sits in jail long enough for her ovaries to dry up!  I can say that it would be "FAR BETTER" if The Stir would get some real talent.

dirti... dirtiekittie

this is heart breakingly sad, and my heart goes out to the little girl. i know what she did was terrible, but i can't even begin to judge her: what state of mind can a pregnant 14 year old really be in? i remember losing my mind being pregnant at 22 with my first, and i had 8 years on this poor girl. i think jumping to the conclusion that an abortion would have been better is unnecessary though. i am definitely pro-choice, but if this girl didn't feel comfortable enough just telling her mother that she was pregnant, i'm not sure she could have handled the emotional distress that can accompany an abortion, and many other psychological aspects of it as well.

it's a tragedy that it happened this way, and a multitude of lives were affected by this girl's actions. but i cannot in good faith immediately condemn her, because she needed love and support and this situation could have ended a whole lot differently. i hope she can find peace for herself.

purvi... purvislets

Oh, sure, because killing a baby sooner is much better than doing it later.  Heck, I guess that mom who shot her two teenagers would have been better off doing it when they were toddlers, right?

Perhaps if her parents hadn't had their heads stuck in the sand they could have supported her instead of making her feel like she had no other options.  This baby never had to die.

tauru... taurusmom88

it is sad that the girl was too scared to tell anybody about the pregnancy, and that people were in denial abut it. wake up and see what is happening to your kid. tell them shit happens, there are always options, whether it be keeping the baby, abortion, or adoption. nothing is an easy choice when you are a pregnant teen. thats why parents (it isn't the schools job to make up for lack of communication in the home) need to talk to their kids FROM A YOUNG AGE about sex, about safe sex. No matter how much you don't want to think about your kid fucking somebody at such a young age, it happens, despite their religious up bringing. and it is happening at younger ages. parents need to wake up and face reality. talk to your kids, hell, provide them with birth control. they may or may not end up having sex as a teen, but if they do wouldn't you rather have them be safe and doing it as oppsed to being a dumbass and doing it?

Bloom... Bloomie79

Sometimes the desperation of a pregnant girl or woman is so great that they will do anything to terminate the pregnancy. You can hop on the moral high ground all you want but you can't convince me that an abortion would have been worse than a young girl feeling so trapped that she chokes her newborn in the family bathroom.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes an abortion would have been better!! What is wrong with you people?? She grew a baby to full term and choked the baby, probably looking in the eyes of this baby to be sure the job was done. So yes an early term abortion would have been better!! Even more so a mother who was really involved with her daughter. There is no excuse for what she did but that mom needs to seriously reevaluate the relationship she has with her daughter cause she failed her and her grand child.

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