A Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Did someone say 'middle class'?

Online, on television, and in the newspapers, there's been so much bickering about the upcoming election, it's enough to drive a girl (and her friends) to drink!

That's why we've created a special CafeMom Presidential Debate Drinking Game! While we take the candidates and the election very seriously here at CafeMom, we like to have a little fun now and then, too.

Want to see the "rules"?

Read on!

In order to stay reasonably sober, first choose which candidate you're rooting for -- then drink every time he says the following words:


Fair share
Fair shot
Middle class
My opponent
Natural gas
Bill Clinton
Wall Street
Main Street
Auto industry


Small business
Free enterprise
12 million new jobs
Balanced budget
Our children

This gives new meaning to the term 'buzz words,' doesn't it?

You'll probably need to sip your drink when you hear these terms, as opposed to chugging it -- otherwise, things are bound to get out of control FAST.

After the debate's over, be sure and join us for our Moms Matter Google Hangout -- we'll be talking about the candidates and how they did, and taking questions and comments from YOU! Check back on our Moms Matter website tomorrow for details!

In the meantime, will you be watching the debate tomorrow night with a clear head? Or are you tempted by the state of our nation to drink up during debate time?


Image via Dani Lurie/Flickr

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

This may be the best article that has ever been posted on this site you rock

nonmember avatar Guest

Heaven forbid anyone actually pays attention to what the candidates have to say...

Oh, wait, forgot, this is a liberal site...

Yes, be good little sheep, don't pay attention, The Democrat Party and it's approved propaganda outlets tell you you are supposed to think...

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I don't know why you're referring to democrats as sheep, when the republicans are so good at pulling the wool over their own eyes.....

nonmember avatar teener

Oh for God's sake, Guest, get a sense of humor.

Procr... Procrastamom

Guest would never get a sense of humor.  She'd have to aquire it from a Liberal.  Have you ever met a funny Conservative?  I mean, other than funny looking?

QCBaby QCBaby

haha @ procrastamom!!! what a wet blanket =P

amiec... amiecanflie

Woooo! A great way to lighten up what's sure to be a slightly drab debate. At this point I honestly gotta say, everyone's chosen their side. 


bills... billsfan1104

Funny looking? What do you call Pelosi, Clinton, and numerous other democrat women?

I thought this was funny. It wasnt hateful and quite fair for the drinking part. You might as well let the liberal blogger write their articles now. Because in their eyes, Obama has already won the debate and they wont watch with open eyes and ears. Look at what they said about the conventions

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

I was thinking of doing a drinking game where you take a shot every time Obama says Previous Administration, and 2 shots every time they referance Bush, but then I realized I would be dead drunk in 5 min.

jaynarae jaynarae

On the Obama list, there was a very important one left off...

"Let me be Clear"

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