News Anchor Responds to Fat-Shaming Bully in One Amazing On-Air Monologue (VIDEO)

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news anchorThis morning in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a woman not only stood up for herself, but for people everywhere who have been fat-shamed. WKBT News 8 This Morning anchor Jennifer Livingston responded today, on air, to an email she received on Friday from a man who claimed to be "concerned" about the "message" Jennifer is sending to the community. You see, Jennifer is overweight, and the email writer wants her to reconsider her role as a public personality, lest kids see her on TV and decide that ... that ... that what, email writer?

That people who are overweight can be smart? They can have jobs? They can be on TV? They can be more than just a number on a scale?

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Obviously, Jennifer was offended by the note, but her response to her hater is nothing but clear-minded, poignant, and graceful. You have to watch.

What I like most about Jennifer's message is that she mentions the trickle-down effect -- she points out that as long as there are parents calling newscasters fat in their living room, there will be children on the playground picking on the husky kid, the heavy teacher ... or the overweight bus monitor.

There is, in fact, a silver lining to this story -- Jennifer says she's also had an outpouring of support from viewers who clearly know right from wrong. Just as one jerk decided he was the community health monitor and that Jennifer posed a risk, many others decided to stand up for an accomplished news anchor and mother of three girls -- girls who I hope are extremely proud of their mother today.

What do you think of Jennifer's response?


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jkm89 jkm89

You go girl! She's clearly a beautiful, intelligent woman, regardless of what her weight is.

nonmember avatar Shawn

Classy lady.

nonmember avatar eowyn

the world would be a much healthier place with more people like her in it!

nonmember avatar Megan

It's not always a trickle down thing. I came from a family of bullies and was appalled when kids were mean to each other, it literally made me sick.
And I knew a girl in MS who came from a family staunch on 'letting others be', freedom and a strong passion for women's issues and accepting others. I watched this young girl repeatedly call another student a fat cow daily, and moo at her. Horrible bullying. The girls size wasn't why, in fact many of the 'bullies' own family members were large too, she just didn't like the girl and used whatever ammo she could. Kids will always be bullies. This girl is the anti bully now that she's grown up and quite an awesome woman. I on the other hand tend to be pretty judgmental...
This newscaster is a beautiful woman, I hope she knows and hears that frequently!

nonmember avatar justUs

Maybe she should light up on the air, so kids don't learn not to offend smokers...give me a break!

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

You go girl! That was an extremely professional and endearing response to the email you received. And not for nothing, but besides that persons unattractive email I bet they are just as ugly on the outside as they are inside. Screw them. But on a better note, you brought attention to this very important topic of bullying. Thank you!

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

What an amazing women.... There is a saying, for every finger you point at someone you have two more pointing back at you.... With that said the person who wrote the email must be dissatisfied with something about themselves. People point out things wrong with others because they don't want to face what's wrong with them. Everyone has a flaw....... EVERYONE!

teach... teacherchick77

Well-spoken, intelligent, thought-provoking... She should be a news journalist! ;-)

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