Pilot Fakes Plane Crash Before Proposing to Terrified Girlfriend (VIDEO)


Remember the good old days when you couldn't wait for the guy you loved to propose? Not only would you get a nice diamond ring (hopefully), but you'd get dinner, wine, maybe a beautiful speech? If he was really creative, maybe he'd do it in the mountains, or by the seashore, or he'd have it written in the sky? Well, leave it to guys to muck up a good thing! Nowadays, it's all about scaring the bejezus out of your girlfriend before you pop the question. Remember the dude who faked his own death before proposing?

Maybe this is a guy's way of being more honest? Like, Look, honey, this marriage thing ain't all wine and roses. There's gonna be some times you'll want to crap yourself. Get used to it now. I don't know what's going on. But another guy has decided to go with the Scary Proposal. This will really make you long for the days when the scariest thing that happened during a proposal was that the guy got down on one knee.

Ryan took his girlfriend, Carlie, up into the air for a little plane ride around the city. All goes well at first. They're smiling, they're laughing, they're taking photos and enjoying the sunny day. (Cue horror music.)

Then something happens. The plane seems like it's bouncing. Then Ryan utters those words that no woman ever longs to hear: "Honey, I need you to stay calm."

He tells her that the flight controls aren't responding and that he needs her to read the emergency procedure manual. You can practically see Carlie's life passing before her eyes. The life that is about to be extinguished.

I'll let you watch the video to see what happens next, but let's just say they don't crash and burn. Unless you count marrying this guy. Ha HA! Little joke there. I'm sure Ryan meant no harm. Except to Carlie's psyche.

Seriously, guys, what's up with this new Scary Proposal thing? Are you hoping that the adrenaline rush to a woman's head when you plant the fear of God in her will make her so happy to be alive that she'll say "yes" to anything? What's next? "Honey, I just saw on the news that Russia has launched a nuclear missile in our direction. We all only have minutes to live. Hahahaha. Kidding. How about a threesome?"

Sheesh, man. There's nothing wrong getting on your knee, ya know.

Would you want a proposal that scares the daylights out of you?


Image via YouTube

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worki... workingmama86

That was beautiful! She might have been scared for her life for a few moments there, but she wasn't in any real danger, so I don't see the big deal! That had me in tears (good tears) when she read the part that said will you marry me. He sounds like a very creative guy, and he wanted to do something special and different for her! I loved it! 

Littl... Littledudesmomm

I think it was cute. Much better than that guy who faked his own death and then proposed.

My engagement day was scary without DH planning it that way. We were hit by a teenager that didn't want to wait for the next green light, my first accident ever on the day I got engaged.

Amanda Turner Diggs

Awww! I Love this! He is a very creative guy, and yea I probably would have givin him a good swat or 2 for scaring the crud out of me! Such a cute couple and I wish them all the best! :-)

brigh... brighteyes1986

I think the person who were this article has book sense of humor!!! I think it was cute... she was excited when she realised they were having a malfunction but that instead her new life was just beging and with the live of her life! I think it was creative! Maybe not the most ideal proposal but it sure beats dinner and the ring in the champagne glass!!! Good luck to these two in the future!! :-)

Cindy Bellenfant Nicholson

After the plane was on the ground, the next set of pictures would have been with my fist in his eye, his other eye, and his nose...then of him bleeding and bandaged, with black eyes, broken nose, and wedding band..I'd still marry him but I'd have punched him in the face for doing that to me period...I don't like to be scared, at all!

zombi... zombiemommy916

What a beautiful couple :) And I think what he did was beyond awesome...she faced imminent death pretty well!! I would've been hysterical...love the soundtrack he did, too...

nonmember avatar Tigerese

I'd beak up with fool and stay clear of him. This kind of pervese behavior is a big red flag. This is no different than faking cancer to get a man to propose.

nonmember avatar Julie

My husband died in a small plane crash... this may be too personal for me, but I think joking around about impending deadly crashes is just bad taste and a sign of the insensitivity and selfishness this man will show throughout his marriage.

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