'Sons of Anarchy' Actor May Have Killed Elderly Woman Then Himself

Johnny LewisJohnny Lewis may not be the household name that Johnny Depp is, but the handsome ginger was a successful working actor -- no easy feat in Hollywood! He had a recurring role as Kip "Half Sac" Epps on FX's Sons of Anarchy, a steady role on The OC, and has been in dozens of TV series, everything from Boston Public to Criminal Minds to Bones. Sure, he wasn't Brad Pitt (yet), but at 28 years old, many famous actors were where Johnny was at his age. They were working steadily in television and movies, hoping for a role that suddenly catapults them to fame. Johnny easily could have had that. Hell, he'd even seriously dated Katy Perry!

And then something went horribly wrong. Yesterday, Johnny reportedly may have beat an elderly woman to death and then he was found dead. This is one story that won't have a happy Hollywood ending.


TMZ reports that Johnny had just moved back into a home in Los Angeles that he had lived in once before. He went to a neighbor's home to introduce himself. Later that evening, neighbors heard the 81-year-old landlady of the complex screaming. They then saw a man run out of her home -- it was Johnny. The neighbors tried to intervene, but Johnny began beating them with a piece of wood and then his bare hands. He then climbed onto the roof of the building and fell to his death, either by accident or as a suicide. The landlady was found dead in her home.

Cops say that Johnny showed "super-human strength" during the attack and its aftermath, so they suspect he was on drugs, either PCP or meth. If you look at pics of him from 2006 with Katy Perry, and then recent pics of him, he definitely seems like a changed man -- and not for the better.

It's always a tragedy when you hear of someone who might be strung out on drugs. And it's certainly a tragedy for the victims who happen to be around when someone in a drug haze goes ballistic. But this is a young guy who had a good, solid career doing something he loved and who probably would have gone on to even more success. It's tragic that drugs may have got the better of him.

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