15-Year-Old Girl Runs Away to France With Her 30-Year-Old Teacher

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Megan Stammers momMegan Stammers' distraught mom.

Every single day you can troll the web and find at least one new story about a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Literally every day, that's how common this is. Sometimes the affair is consensual, sometimes it's not. But it's always wrong and often ends in the teacher being suspended, fired, or sent to jail -- relationship over. But in a more uncommon twist to this theme, police are looking for a 30-year-old teacher who took it one step further and fled to France with his 15-year-old student. I'm not sure why this added layer feels more troubling than simply a teacher taking advantage sexually, but it does.

It's extra disturbing because the teacher, Jeremy Forrest, who may or may not be still married, must actually think that he has a future with pretty Megan Stammers if he basically threw his career and life away like this. He must be in a very desperate, sad, and confused place to make such a foolish (and illegal!) decision, no matter how much he believes love is all you need. Stammers is just a child who is letting her emotions guide her and doesn't know any better -- Forrest should have damn well known a heck of a lot better.

The scandal broke when Forrest and Stammers didn't show up to class at their school in England last Friday. Soon, police discovered a video of them leaving hand-in-hand on a ferry bound for France. Forrest had also left clues, notably a tweet that said: "Me & you. Let's just run away."

It's Mary Kay Letourneau all over again. Except! Letourneau and her former student, Vili Fualaau, were married in 2004 and are still together. Teachers and students do end up together sometimes. It may still feel icky but who's to say it's wrong ... when the student is no longer a student and is of legal age to make that decision.

If Forrest and Stammers really think they belong together, they should have put a cease and desist on their relationship for three years until everyone got legal, then see if both of them are still into it. I know ... it's a stretch but at least it's better than her just running away.

Stammers' parents are understandably pleading with their daughter through the media and social networking to contact them, saying they are not mad and will forgive, just come back home. Let's hope that message gets through to her, or that Forrest finally uses his head and realizes this was a bad, bad mistake he needs to fix right away.

This poor mom ...

Do you think Megan will come home on her own or do you think she's gone for good?

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Alicia Kiner

The thing with this situation is, at 15, we know everything. At 30, we know we don't. Yes, he's 100% in the wrong, but it sounds like she made this choice herself. There goes any kidnapping charges. I have no idea what British laws are regarding the age of consent, but for the most part in the US, that age is 14. It's "icky", and makes our skin crawl, but we've all heard of bigger age differences where the relationships works out. And it's not the first time we've heard of a 15 year old running off with her much older boyfriend.  Courtney Stodden got a lot of press. 

Hannah Crews

Alicia Kiner, there is no state in the US with age of consent younger than 16. Regardles if she went on her own or not it is kidnapping. She is young and impressionable. Clearly he has taken andvantage of her. She is young probably just hit puberty and has crazy hormones and doesn't know how to control them. Regardles of how many times this happens the most recent time should be as disturbing as the first.


Marie Molnar

In the US it depends on what state you are in for the age of consent some states are higher and some states you can have someone arrested for statutory rape even if the child is above the consenting age.


EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

You people need to realise not all teenagers areclueless airheads. At 15 I met the love of my life and we're still together. He's less than a year older, but he could have been in his 30s and I would still love him the same (if not more, cuz I've got a thing for older men). Would I have ran away with him? No. I would have kept the relationship a secret until I turned 18 and no one could fire him or put him in jail because of me. But love makes some people do crazy things and I can understand Jeremy and Megan to a point. Why do you immediately reject the idea that their love may last? Did you believe Mary Kay and Vili when they said they were in love? I don't think so! Yet, here you are years later, citing them as a positive example. This may be a case of a teacher taking advantage of his student, or even a kidnapping, but don't always be so prejudiced over relationships where there's an age difference. I hope Megan and Jeremy are happy together, providing that she comes back home to her parents because they seem like really nice people.

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