Pit Bull That Killed Newborn Should Get Sympathy Too

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I hate these stories about pit bulls harming or maiming people or children. And I'll tell you why. But first let's get to this horrific story. A family pit bull reportedly attacked a newborn boy in Burleson, Texas, while the police were at the home responding to a domestic disturbance. The cops had responded to a hang up 911 call, and arrived to find the mother and father of a newborn baby in an argument. The woman and her baby had moved out of the father's house a few days before but she had returned for whatever reason. As both parents were telling the police their version of events, the baby's grandfather put the baby boy in his bedroom. That's when something horrible happened.

Apparently a short time after the grandfather put the baby to bed, he heard a noise and returned to the bedroom to find that the dog had attacked the infant. The baby was rushed to the hospital, but later died. The dog was euthanized by animal control.

It's unfortunate that stories like this make the news when stories about babies who grow peaceably into adults with a pit bull in the home never make the news. And there are many more of them than tragedies like this one. Any animal around a baby is a risk. I know of a neighborhood baby who was also killed by the family dog -- which was NOT a pit bull. But let's face it, a kitten is probably not going to be able to seriously harm a baby (though even a kitten could potentially get a claw in a baby's eye). But a large, strong dog can cause harm even if it does not mean to. This is why animals and babies shouldn't be left alone together.

While I understand why this dog was put down, in an ideal world it wouldn't have been put to death. None of us know why a dog might attack. Did it feel threatened? Was it upset and confused because of all of the stress of that evening? Did the baby look like a toy? Dogs shouldn't be held to the same standard of conduct that humans are, for the simple reason that they're not human. We do not know what they're thinking and feeling. The dog committed a capital offense and was given capital punishment, yet is not an adult. It's not even a child. It's a dog.

But the reality is that each year millions of dogs are euthanized in shelters due to overbreeding. So it is hard to plead for the case of a dog who killed a baby, even if it was unintentional. So many dogs get killed for NO reason at all except that no one wants them anymore.

In an ideal world, this dog wouldn't be put to death. But this isn't an ideal world, and it did show it's capable of being dangerous. Yet all dogs -- and most animals -- are capable of being dangerous. Humans most of all.

Should this pit bull have been euthanized? Do you feel sorry for it?


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Melan... Melanie420

I saw a pit bull at an animal shelter, we have an 11 month old and I wanted that pit bull, he was so friendly, he stood there and let you pet him, didnt bark at anyone, didnt jump up on people, he was super friendly and would have made a great watch dog and protect my baby, not harm him

jalaz77 jalaz77

Parents are stupid to think they can trust any dog. This is sad and 110% preventable. Watch your dogs people!!! It's not hard, they are animals and will turn if feeling hurt, sad, ignored, sick....this is why we don't have a dog too much work right now and I can admit that dog won't get the attention it deserves. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you drop your pet responsibilities.

nonmember avatar Alisha

I have a pit bull. We have had him since he was a puppy. Everyone thinks they are so bad and dangerous but its all in the way you raise them. Ours wouldn't hurt a fly. He's probably the sweetest out of our 4 dogs. I don't understand why people think they are the most violent dogs there is. As for this family, I feel very heartbroken for them. They have lost 2 important things in their lives and it could have all been easily avoided.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

Children throughout the world are fed, loved and treated incredibly well every day. Why don't we hear about those children? Why do we only hear about Kaylee Anthony, Madeleine McCann and all the other children who are abused, neglected and treated horribly by adults?

It's the same reason that we hear stories about pit bulls that attack.

Yes this pit bull isn't a human, it's a dog and that is specifically why it had to be put down. You can't reason with a dog. You can't explain to the dog that eating a baby is bad. You can't send it to jail and hope it learns its lesson.

If a dog attacked a baby, specifically a baby that wasn't attacking him first, then he is a threat to all babies.

Not all dogs will attack, but this one has proven it will.

Tashinha Tashinha

i cant wait to see all the ANTI pitbulls come and talk trash on here about pitties.Let me just say, my pittie is THREE and shes never bit anyone, never even came close! it is ALL about how they are RAISED. she was raised to be a good girl. and thats exactly what she is!! not all pitties are dangerous.  its not the BREED people!


Susie19 Susie19

I feel sorry for both the baby and the pitbull...the media always tries to give pitbulls a bad image, but in reality not all pitbulls are violent, it all depends on how the dogs are raised.  The responsibility here is on the parents not on the poor dog.

Mommi... MommietoJB

I know not all pit bulls are violent especially if raised by responsible pet owners but I would never let a pit bull that is naturally a predatorial animal live in the same home as my infant. There is no way to know what will and will not set off a natural instinct of this type of breed. I feel bad for the baby as for having such stupid neglectful parents. Put your childrens safety first.

nonmember avatar chris

I get so tired of hearing people defend pits. Over and over we hear of pit bull attacks and the defenders saying "it was in the way the pit was raised" Most people who have the pits especially ones from shelters really do know know how the dog was raised and what the lineage was like. The truth is having a pit in your home with children is like having a loaded gun in a drawer. How many times do we hear that the dog that attacked was the lovable family pet.

My family's safety comes before any animal.

Anna Potts

i love dogs but any animal that attacks a human let alone a baby should die! i had a dog when i was a baby always around me great loving dog till he bit me when i was a couple months old on my neck almost killed me you think my family wanted the dog any more no my dad put a bullet in the dog! btw he was a keeshan or however you spell it! but come on if you would feel bad for an animal that killed a child you dont deserve children and get your self a dog

Tracey Plummer

Leaving a newborn around ANY dog, even a trusted animal, is dangerous. Dogs can get very jealous of someone new coming into the house and taking all of the attention. Most dogs will never have a problem, but you cannot predict what any animal will do and it takes a second for an animal to strike. 

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