'Alcohol Enema' Used at Fraternity Party Almost Kills 20-Year-Old Student

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beer bongPlenty of college students get bit by the party bug and consume a few too many beers on any given night of the week, but after hearing about a 20-year-old student at the University of Tennessee who almost died after being given an alcohol enema at his fraternity house, it's evident that some kids are getting seriously out of control.

And if you're wondering exactly what an "alcohol enema" is, well -- it's exactly what it sounds like. Alexander Broughton was partying it up at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house when he literally had a rubber tube inserted into his rectum and was pumped full of booze. He was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious, and his blood alcohol level was over 0.4. And you know what's even more disgusting? Doctors at the hospital initially believed he'd been sexually assaulted -- that's how much this enema messed him up physically.

And apparently this practice is nothing new for today's frat daddies and is more commonly known as "butt chugging." OMG. Can you believe these young men willingly take part in such a thing? Supposedly it's all the rage because it allows the alcohol to enter into your bloodstream without being filtered by the liver, so you get totally plastered at a much faster rate.

This story is disturbing and disgusting no matter how you look at it, but as an alumna of the University of Tennessee who spent many a night partying on frat row at the Pi Kappa Alpha and other surrounding fraternity houses, I can't help but be even more saddened and disappointed.

Partying and having a good time are a pretty standard part of college life, and I'd be lying if I said I never once overindulged and got a little irresponsible with alcohol during my time at UT. But back when I was a student, the worst thing anyone ever did was funnel a few beers or partake in a keg stand or two. Never once did I hear of any fraternity members (or any students at all for that matter) taking part in something this strange and potentially life threatening.

And even though the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has been suspended after the incident, it doesn't necessarily mean that something like this won't happen again, either at UT or any other college campus across the country. College kids tend to think they're invincible, and that no harm can come as a result of having a good time. But unfortunately, Alex Broughton proved that joining in on the latest booze guzzling craze can have very frightening consequences. Binge drinking by college students obviously isn't going away -- and we can only hope that it doesn't get any scarier than this.

Had you ever heard of alcohol enemas before this?


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nonmember avatar Gretta

Our future leaders... And everyone thinks getting into college means you are smart.

nonmember avatar Mark Sullivan

The frat made a statement today, sounds legit http://bit.ly/QD4LsR

Momma... Mommagreenspin

Wow. It is amazing what kids are doing to get the "latest high" or the "fastest effects." Sure, we can tell our kids not to drink alcohol, but then they would classify this under "i didnt DRINK it though, i put it in...(you get the idea)."

I can only hope that we can tell our children that if it looks unsafe and dangerous, it probably isnt a good idea.

nonmember avatar Mark Sullivan

The frat made a statement today, sounds legit http://bit.ly/QD4LsR

Pinkmani Pinkmani

What in the world? What do you tell your paents?

puasa... puasaurusrex

I like to believe practices like this are "thinning the herd". Anyone with half a brain can see how idiotic this is. And it's not just college. High school students are doing this same practice along with females sticking vodka soaked tampons inside them to get drunk at school.

nonmember avatar H

Lol. This really isn't anything new. The practice if ingesting alcohol this way can be traced to ancient times. It was common practice among the Mayan and Aztecs. And actually was popular in colonial America where illicit alcohol was produced but too disgusting to drink. I still wouldnt do it it but i think its so funny how people think kids today are so out if control and lament abt what our world is coming to. Its just human nature.


Those kids come from such nice families and have so many opportunities just waiting for them and it always surprises me how they act like idiotic trash. I used to work as a bartender at fray parties Bc now our local university has to have a third party vendor sell alcohol at parties to control it a bit. But for rich college kids I saw first hand that some weren't very bright.

nonmember avatar Lily

... Oh, my god. Between this and reading that Lysol was first marketed as a douching product, I am so done with today.

Melis... Melissa1508

Vodka soaked tampons?  Seriously?  Wow.  Learn something new everyday...

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