Sick Woman Using Food Stamps Was Humiliated by Supermarket Manager (VIDEO)

food stampsI'm assuming that using food stamps isn't exactly a high point in people's lives. Having to take out that card when making purchases at the grocery store is probably rather embarrassing for some. So being deliberately humiliated by the manager of a store in front of an entire line of people could ostensibly be chalked up to one of the crappier days in a person's life.

When Cindy Nerger of Warner Robins, Georgia was at a Kroger grocery store recently, she was allegedly told by the cashier that she owed $10, but she was sure she had enough money on her food stamps debit card to cover the purchases. After a little back and forth, a manager was brought over to resolve the issue. Eventually, he said, "Okay, just give it to her." And Nerger said, "See? I told you it was covered by food stamps." And then she claims that the manager fired back, saying: "Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps like you!"

Understandably, after the incident, Nerger broke down and started crying. See, even she, a person who uses food stamps, believes that some people who rely on them are "just lazy." But she's not one of them. In 2008, Nerger experienced kidney failure, and she's currently waiting on a transplant, but until then, she has to sit through dialysis for 12 hours a day, making it impossible for her to have a job. Her husband runs a carpentry business, but "if he doesn't get a call for a job, [they] don't have any extra money for the month."

Apparently, Kroger transferred the manager to a different store, and offered Nerger a $15 gift card -- which she refused.

Like Nerger said, some people who use food stamps are just lazy, but the generalization that all people using them are is one that shouldn't be made. And, certainly, it isn't anyone's place to ridicule someone when they're using them. Some people -- perhaps, oh, 47 percent -- really need government assistance. People like Cindy Nerger, who would probably love to work right now. It's nice that she's able to afford a few grocery items, thanks to the government. If you think that's unfair, imagine how Cindy must feel.

What do you think about food stamps?


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Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

What that man did was awful. But way to somehow link this to Romney.........

Lesli... Leslie_ABS

what that man did was awful and it is very easy to link it to Romney. If Romney hadn't told the world how he really feels about nearly half the country, then there would be no way to link this to his comments. But, when you throw out figures that nearly half of the country are useless, unmotivated, losers, then you open yourself up to being brought into many relevant discussions.

This woman is one of the reasons that we've created safety nets as a society, so that people, through no fault of their own, can still afford to live, despite being sick and disabled.

nonmember avatar shelly

I wonder why she had kidney failure? Not that it matters for this story, but it made me curious. It doesn't matter WHY or HOW someone is food stamps, managers can't speak about people in that way. We don't know what s really going on in a persons life, and I venture to guess most people on food stamps don't want to be.

nonmember avatar Lilac

Um...If the manager said just give it to her then whatever it was probably wasn't covered by food stamps and he was just doing it to get her out of the store. Her snapping back that "See it was covered." Was not the case at all. The manager gave her those 10 dollars. I don't think he should have been rude but she should not have been rude either. Sorry to say but at her weight she is high risk for a transplant and probably won't receive one anytime soon. She's already been waiting 5 years.

Kelly Walters

If 47 percent need government assistant, I would call that a failure of the current President. I suppose good liberals call that a success. Having worked in a grocery store and seeing the expensive items a lot of food Stamps go too, I can somewhat understand the frustration of the manager.

Of course the woman didn't accept an apology or the 15 dollar gift card. You see, she DESERVES more.

nonmember avatar Bird

Fine she is not one of the "lazy" ones and I feel for her situation, the manager was a jerk. That being said of all the people I have known that had food stamps none of them were in a situation like hers. There was a bunch of under the table paychecks, cash only jobs going on, then they would fill up carts with more food (most of it crap) then I have ever been able to buy and whip out that little card and strut out the store. So I am a bit jaded when it comes to the food stamp discussion.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Is her hair purple?

Jscot... Jscott1216

That manager shouldn't have been transfered he should have been. Tied for that ignorant remark. Shame on him for being such a douche bag. And Romney is right up there with him. I have a feeling that no matter who we vote for we are screwed!

nonmember avatar Tisha

Is her hair purple? She don't have money for food but she has money to dye her hair purple? Come on.. I would have said the same thing as the manager.

Jscot... Jscott1216

Should have been fired, not tied. Lol

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