Jill Biden’s Unintentional Penis Joke Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Joe (VIDEO)

jill bidenWhile everyone was getting all worked up about Mitt Romney's 47 percent comments, Jill Biden was off making a speech about Joe's penis. Kinda. The second lady was introducing her husband at a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week and inadvertently made a reference to our Vice President's private parts in front of a dirty-minded crowd. She started off saying that the election is personal to her, and that it's deeply personal to Joe ... then she spread her arms far, far apart and exclaimed that she's seen this man up close. And that's when everything sort of fell apart and the rest of her speech instantly became about Joe's big ole sausage.

And Joe, of course, loved every second of it.

It was great for him -- his wife was up there at the mic essentially bragging about his manhood, and for once, for once!, he wasn't the one responsible for the gaffe. I bet this was the best day of Joe's life.

Jill, on the other hand, seems a little embarrassed. Poor thing. Once everyone got it in their heads that she was talking about Joe's big member of Congress, the whole speech took on that tone. She goes on to say that she's seen his optimism, his determination, and his big, Strong ... HEART.

Jill clearly realized what had happened and couldn't stop giggling, but the biggest grin of them all belongs to Uncle Joe. There he is in the background looking happier than ever. This is the stuff Joe Biden dreams are made of. I don't think he would be happier if his name was changed to Joe Biden & His Giant Jimmy on the ballot this November. He's never, ever been prouder.

Watch a clip of Jill's accidentally hilarious speech:

What do you think?

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They couldn't have been better paired for each other. They both act like high school freshmen! This is what you want the leader of our country to be like??? Lord save us all!

tesscat tesscat

Oh hush up, Jafe. It's called having a sense of humor. It's good that they can laugh at themselves. I think this video is really cute and I totally giggled along with them. I guess I'm immature ;)

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I thought it was really cute. I couldn't help but laugh!


Hush up? Seriously?? This is the vice president!!! Not some comedian on a road trip. No wonder we're a laughing stock!

Elise48 Elise48

Pretty sure we're a laughing stock because everyone takes themselves so seriously that we don't see each other has humans anymore. Instead of taking the time to laugh at ourselves we're flinging hate and trying to create a world that is steadfast right/wrong. The leaders of our country are *supposed* to be "of the people". The idea is that any average person who represents the majority of the population could be the leader of this country. I'd rather have someone with a personality and a sense of humor represent me than a political robot. (I mean that as a general statement and not as support or opposition for any current candidates)

jkm89 jkm89

Stop being so dramatic, JAFE.

Caera Caera

Obviously made for each other...both are complete idiots unable to speak without saying something stupid.

Venae Venae

And don't forget about Obama's "big stick".

nonmember avatar Krelia

If it was in front of a room of "professionals" this wouldn't have been a joke. But they were on a college campus and obviously the sexual innuendos at college get accentuated greatly, to where an innocent phrase gets laughs. The Bidens had fun with it, good for them, there is zero wrong with laughing at yourself for something you said with the crowd. Gosh, it makes them seem normal.

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