Jane Goodall Believes in Bigfoot. Maybe. So There.

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bigfoot sighting
Not a real Sasquatch.
There's just so little magic left in the world, ya know? So when the world's most famous, intelligent, and reputable ape scientist Jane Goodall says even she doesn't dismiss the existence of Bigfoot, now that's a thing called hope. And it means a whole lot more than the lead researcher from Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet saying it (whooo borderline unhinging going on there). This is not exactly anything that Goodall hasn't said before, but reporters keep asking her about Sasquatch because even they need good news once in a while too, especially in light of the blow that many believers got this summer when a guy in a Bigfoot suit got hit by a car and died. That was definitely not good for the cause.

But now, Goodall is speaking out again. When pressed on it. When all she really wanted to do was raise awareness for her endangered monkeys who we know without a doubt are real. But still.

"I'm not going to flat-out deny its existence," Goodall said during an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post. "I'm fascinated and would actually love them to exist."

Bam. To me, that's as good as Goodall saying, "Bigfoot is definitely real and I plan to study them one day." Of course, like any scientist worth her salt, she has to throw in the necessary bit about the lack of physical evidence blah-de-blah. Where are the bones, where are the bodies? Yes yes we might not have found bones (though the guy from Finding Bigfoot will explain that's because Sasquatches are like elephants and bury their dead, or eat them, or ...), but there might have been a hair found recently! A hair not known to come from any other living thing known to this world! And what about the three Yeti sightings in Siberia in the span of one week!

All this and now Jane Goodall. I have a good feeling about this. This is going to be Bigfoot's year.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Does Jane Goodall sway you at all?


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cmjaz cmjaz

I definitely don't rule it out. That video those guys made from the 60's is very convincing. It is not a person in a suit

bubba258 bubba258

So America, you can find evidence of lakes/rivers on Mars, but can't find Bigfoot evidence in your backyard....Hhhhmm.

nonmember avatar Waya

I watched the video of Jane Goodall, and I saw her laugh when asked about Bigfoot. I would imagine that she is probably asked that question often and if you think about it, she was talking about awareness for Chimps and about the Roots and Shoots program. I think she has a lot of class and would not shoot down the possibility of Bigfoot, because she is a scientist who is highly respected and as a scientist she would probably follow the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle when applied to Biology (not physics), which basically says science dictates that we must give all scientific certainties a 0.1% chance that they are wrong. So, on a scientific level, so lets say that it is believed that Bigfoot cannot exist for a number of biological reason, however, science has to give it some chance that science is wrong. So when Jane said, "...i would love for them to exist" I think she speaks for a lot of people in the scientific world. She is not saying they exist and she is not saying they don't.
bubba258... I agree with your statement. LOL

nonmember avatar Brandon

Jane Goodall is NOT saying Bigfoot is real. She laughed and said she wished they were real. Please, go look up the Jane Goodall information on your own. This author embodies the reason why this myth perpetuates. She provides false information and out right lies using good people like Jane Goodall as support when it is not given. There are several reasons why Bigfoot cannot exist, Evolution being one of them. This author is completely irresponsible to her duty as someone in a position to influence others. Finally, @cmjaz, that video is fake. It is has been evaluated by real experts in multiple investigative bodies, the F.B.I. and NASA being two of them, and it is fake. That is a person in a suit. Roger Patterson was a pathological liar. He told dozens of people he was heading out into the woods to make a fake Bigfoot movie. Do research on topics people.

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