Debate: Do Romney's '47 Percent' Remarks Affect Your View of Him?

FlickrIt's no secret that Mitt Romney has had trouble connecting with voters, both Republican and otherwise. Perhaps that's why his "47-percent" remark has gotten so much attention. Just when Romney seemed to be convincing at least some voters that he can relate to average Americans, these comments seemed to put him right back where he began.

Was this simply a verbal misstep on Mitt's part? Were his remarks taken out of context? Or were they a sign of what we could expect from Romney as president? We're getting our political bloggers' takes on the subject this week, and asking them to address the following questions:

As a mom, how do you feel about Romney's 47% remark? How does this reflect on his attitude toward working moms, mothers in poverty, single moms, and stay-at-home moms? Do you feel that Romney as president would have moms' interests in mind?
What do you think?

These have been dark days for Mitt Romney. Polls taken since the "47-percent" remark was made public show that Obama's lead against Romney has widened in key swing states. A Reuters/Ipsos poll  released last week showed that 59-percent of respondents “felt Romney unfairly dismissed almost half of Americans as victims.” Forty-three percent “viewed Romney less favorably” after watching the video.

Romney's more relaxed campaign calendar also has received some unwelcome attention. Notable Republicans have slammed Romney recently for not campaigning enough, including Bill Kristol, who yesterday on Meet the Press called Romney a "faker" and the "least popular" candidate ever. And some pundits say the Romney campaign is leaning too heavily now on Ann to "humanize" her husband, and try to fix the public's perception of him.

How do his remarks make you feel, as a woman and a mother? Do they affect your opinion of Romney, and the job he'd do as president? We'll be hearing from our political bloggers on the matter all week long. In the meantime, what do you think?


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DGarr... DGarr1000

I am a middle class senior, part of the "lucky" 53% that Mr. Romney will apparently care about, if he were to be elected. 


I pay a lot of income tax (much more than Mr. Romney, even when he cynically manipulates his tax rates, i.e., his 2011 return.)


I have never received food stamps, but never begrudged helping those who needed them.


I have never needed to use unemployment insurance, but never thought it "wrong" to use something that individuals pay into for just such emergencies.


I have never used Medicare, but believe it is a good system I have paid for and that, with careful management, will be there when I need it.


I have yet to take social security, but have paid into it my whole working life and expect and demand that it be there for me and for my children and grandchildren.


I am also not crazy.


I would not under any circumstances vote for Mr. Romney. His vision of what America is and what it should be are loathsome.


I will be voting early for President Obama and for the future of my grandchildren.  

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I find him repulsive, to be perfectly honest. His comments didn't shock me, because i expected nothing better from him. I don't think he's what your country needs. Furthermore, he's perceived very, VERY negatively outside of the US.

nonmember avatar B

The 47% of people who don't pay income tax are only counted from those who have income. Obviously people who have no income pay no income tax - children, retirees, stay at home moms, etc. It's the ones who have jobs, pay no tax, and then complain about other people benefitting unfairly from tax cuts that get to the rest of us.

cmjaz cmjaz

He was saying what's on a lot peoples minds. Those who have been receiving unemployment benefits for 2 years, those that live on welfare permantly, etc do piss off the average working American. That does not mean we don't think people should get a helping hand when they need it. But some people take total advantage of it and though it isn't 47% of the population, its enough to know that those people are going to vote Democrat, no matter what.

nonmember avatar Rebecca Holstin

I will vote for Mitt Romney, regardless of the comment. Which is mostly true, by the way. I will vote for him, because he is so much better than who we have now.

shesl... shesliketx

It just solidified my stance against him.

Todd Vrancic

If a politician is willing to write off a percentage of voters, and not even talk to them, he does not deserve to be elected.  I want a politician to address my concerns, even if he has a different take on what to do about them.  Then, he will at least get my respect.  I will not vote for someone for whom I have no respect.

Procr... Procrastamom

@EmmaFromEire - I agree.  Mitt Romney is seen very negatively in Canada where I live and definitely in the UK (I have family there...I've talked to them) and all over the rest of the world from what I can tell.  The man blatently stated that he does not care about ALL Americans.  I thought it was called the UNITED States of America, not the 53% of America.  How anybody can vote for him after that remark just boggles the mind.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Well 47% of us are clinging to our welfare checks and half of us are clinging to our guns and our religion. What if you are on welfare and you have a gun and go to church? I guess you are really screwed. Nobody gives a crap about you.

Nah, I don't think it was a big deal. I think all politicians say crazy crap to their base that gets taken out of context and splattered all over the 24 hour news networks. It's not the real substance and its not what I am going to focus on.

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