Mitt Romney's 'Dear Daughter' Ad Assumes Moms Are Really Stupid (VIDEO)

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Mitt RomneyOh Mitt Romney. Could you possibly be as clueless as you seem? Your new political ad aimed at women that soft focuses on a precious baby and says, "Dear daughter," and then proceeds to tell me my kids' futures are ruined because of Barack Obama are almost as condescending and sickening as they are off-base. How does this man sleep at night?

For five minutes, let's pretend we live in a world where Romney's assertions are true. In that case, most women are smart enough to figure that out on our own. We don't need Romney soft focusing on a baby long enough that our ovaries tingle before we decide who to vote for. We done got brains, Mitt. We don't think with our reproductive organs. Shocking, isn't it?

See below:

 This ad makes me nauseated. Below is the text:

Dear Daughter, Welcome to America. Your share of Obama debt is over $50,000, and it grows every day. Obama’s policies are making it harder on women. The poverty rate for women? The highest in 17 years. More women are unemployed under President Obama. More than five and a half million women can’t find work. That’s what Obama’s policies have done for women.

At best it's pandering. At worst it's demeaning, factually inaccurate, and full of the pompous assumption that women vote with their vaginas. Of course, this is nothing new. 

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Candidates are always trying to appeal to us as "moms" as if it's the only role that defines us. They are kissing our babies or trotting their wives out as "spokespeople" (though Romney is quoted as saying he didn't want to use Ann too much so people don't "get tired of her." Oy). I would say that GOOD moms actually look at history and at the candidates. They vote on issues, not who waves a baby in front of their face.

Memo to candidates: My uterus isn't a direct link to my brain. They are separate organs and I would just as soon have you stay the hell out of at least one of them (hint: the one that is lower). The idea that a cute baby or a candidate who kisses our baby would swing our vote is really insulting. Most women I know are smarter than that and Romney's pandering only makes us more determined not to elect a man who thinks this way about women.

Do you find the "Dear Daughter" ad offensive?


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nonmember avatar Stephanie

Really Obama should come out with an ad featuring an elderly couple reminding them that under Romney they would lose many of the benefits (such as social security) that they PAID for their entire lives.

I do find this ad offensive, blurry photos of babies just upsets me. Also, the facts are just misleading. Many of those "unemployed" women are actually mothers, I didn't realize that meant they didn't have a job? I guess they're just sitting around all day, huh?

Let's not forget all of the amazing things that Obama has done for women, including the Health Care Bill which Romney would try to repeal. I'd rather have "debt" for things like social programs than the BILLIONS of dollars of debt we're sharing over the last Republican's defense spending.

I'd tell Romney to look at the numbers, but considering he's so out of touch I'm sure he'd just outsource it to China, like he does every company he purchases.

right... rightside

Not offended, voting for Romney.  It's not pandering or factually inaccurate.  If you feel demeaned, it's  because you're a good little Julia and all messages that originate outside of Obamaland are, regardless of content, demeaning.   If you're offended, it's because you will vote with your girlie bits but you don't want your nose rubbed in it.  You do believe you are less without Obama's protection, you do believe you can't get through life without the government holding your hand and guiding your way.  You're not capable, and you need Obama to make it "fair".

nonmember avatar Bud

Those false statistics would be much worse under Republican policies.

the4m... the4mutts



Well put.

Toshia Parker

I wasn't offended by the ad. I do think about how government plans to regulate my body and vote accordingly becuse I do reproduce and I don't want anyone telling me how I should do that. I have daughters who will someday be sexually active and would like them to have the right to decide what happens to thier bodies.  I was more offended by the lack of factual information in the ad. Obama has actually spent less than any other president since Eisenhower. Do we have debt? Absolutely but it isn't all Obama's doing.We are also in the worst financial decline since the Great Depression.In 2011 alone the number of families with three generations living under one roof out of financial necessity has increased by 15%. I wish they would require these ads to tell the truth.

forev... foreverhiswife

I am for anyone being the President rather than Barack Obama!  If he stays president I fear that America will no longer be America. I fear that our liberties will be taken away. I fear socialism, I fear martial law, I FEAR OBAMA and I think everyone should.

I agree that Romney has a lot to be desired but at least he's an American who shares our values, the Constitution and our liberties. I understand that no one is perfect.


Rnurse Rnurse

What does Romney know about daughters?   LOL

Ridiculous ad  aimed at ignorant women.  


Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Rightside - SO love you!!!

nonmember avatar Dawn

Ladies, we can't have it both ways. We can't cry that someone doesn't care about women, and then cry because they address issues about women. Grow up. I have to agree with foreverhiswife, the real issue is are you going to vote to preserve The United States of America, or are you going to vote for someone who is systematically deconstructing everything this country was founded on? You claim you care about your daughters, well what will happen when the socialist government tells your daughters they can't go to school or work in their chosen field? Get over being the staunch feminists and look at the bigger picture. Obama is bad for the American people period.

nonmember avatar Guest


Sasha Brown-Worsham just dropped a 150 megaton hypocrisy bomb!!!

OH. MY. FLIPPING. GOD!!! In-flipping-credible!!!

We simply need a new word in the English language; "hypocrisy" simply no longer comes anywhere close to describing the rhetoric of the left.

Sasha, how do YOU sleep at night?

"We don't think with our reproductive organs."

THAT from one of the mindless sheep of the left who has been bleating the baseless "Baaah! Baaah! War on Women(TM)! Baaah! Baaah!" for months?!?!???

"For five minutes, let's pretend we live in a world where Romney's assertions are true."

That world is called "THE REAL WORLD"!

Please point out one single solitary word in that ad that is not 100% accurate fact as PROVEN beyond question or argument by either the Congressional Budget Office and/or the Bureau of Labor Statistics!

Sasha, we are eagerly awaiting your evidence or your apology.

I heard a comment the other day, I wish I could claim credit for it, as it is and excellent summary of the situation we find ourselves in; "Any woman who votes for OWEbama should be charged with child abuse for the debt she is inflicting on her children."

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