Mitt Romney's 'Dear Daughter' Ad Assumes Moms Are Really Stupid (VIDEO)

Mitt RomneyOh Mitt Romney. Could you possibly be as clueless as you seem? Your new political ad aimed at women that soft focuses on a precious baby and says, "Dear daughter," and then proceeds to tell me my kids' futures are ruined because of Barack Obama are almost as condescending and sickening as they are off-base. How does this man sleep at night?

For five minutes, let's pretend we live in a world where Romney's assertions are true. In that case, most women are smart enough to figure that out on our own. We don't need Romney soft focusing on a baby long enough that our ovaries tingle before we decide who to vote for. We done got brains, Mitt. We don't think with our reproductive organs. Shocking, isn't it?

See below:


 This ad makes me nauseated. Below is the text:

Dear Daughter, Welcome to America. Your share of Obama debt is over $50,000, and it grows every day. Obama’s policies are making it harder on women. The poverty rate for women? The highest in 17 years. More women are unemployed under President Obama. More than five and a half million women can’t find work. That’s what Obama’s policies have done for women.

At best it's pandering. At worst it's demeaning, factually inaccurate, and full of the pompous assumption that women vote with their vaginas. Of course, this is nothing new. 

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Candidates are always trying to appeal to us as "moms" as if it's the only role that defines us. They are kissing our babies or trotting their wives out as "spokespeople" (though Romney is quoted as saying he didn't want to use Ann too much so people don't "get tired of her." Oy). I would say that GOOD moms actually look at history and at the candidates. They vote on issues, not who waves a baby in front of their face.

Memo to candidates: My uterus isn't a direct link to my brain. They are separate organs and I would just as soon have you stay the hell out of at least one of them (hint: the one that is lower). The idea that a cute baby or a candidate who kisses our baby would swing our vote is really insulting. Most women I know are smarter than that and Romney's pandering only makes us more determined not to elect a man who thinks this way about women.

Do you find the "Dear Daughter" ad offensive?


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