Soldiers in Afghanistan Rescue 2-Day-Old Baby Left to Die in the Middle of Nowhere

afghanistanWhenever stories of infant babies being abandoned hit the news circuit, I think it's safe to say we all have the same reaction: What kind of person would do that? There are few things more heartbreaking on this Earth than hearing about a precious few-days-old baby left alone to die. But imagine being the person, or people, who stumble upon a newborn left alone on the side of the road? Dear God, I can't think of anything more horrifying. Unfortunately, it just happened this week -- and Polish soldiers in Afghanistan were the ones to find the child. The troops approached a small bundle on the side of the road in a particularly barren area and thought it might be an improvised explosive device (IED) ... but it turned out to be a tiny baby girl, alive and wrapped in a towel.

The troops immediately took the 2-day-old to the medical center at their base, and gave her the name Pola, after their country. Soldiers were sent out to buy formula, a bottle, and a bib for the little girl. Despite the horrific ordeal she's been through, she's currently doing okay.

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Without a doubt, the men and women serving in the military are some of the most respected people in the world. Not everyone could do what they do. But I think we forget or, more so, can't comprehend some of the atrocities they must witness on a daily basis. I mean, could you imagine finding a 2-day-old child left to die in the middle of nowhere? Thankfully (hopefully), that's not something most of us ever have to worry about encountering -- soldiers, however, do. The troops who found this baby and brought her to safety aren't just heroes for fighting for their country, they're guardian angels sent to protect Pola.

What do you think of this?

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Kediset Kediset

very fortunate that the soldiers decided to check it out instead of just automatically assuming the bundle was an explosive. hee hee... imagining what it'd look like seeing some tough soldiers going out to buy baby things makes me chuckle. hope she finds a good home

tange... tangerine6392

The original article states they gave the baby girl back to Afghan pediatricians and officials...

aom1112 aom1112

Sad to hear stories like this. What ever the reason this girl was left is all assumptions. What will happen can all be valid guesses too. I can only wish her the best.

Xiemeneh Xiemeneh

God was watching over this little one.

Vegeta Vegeta

Woah way to not know anything about Afghan culture, previous commenters. Girls are cherished and protected (albit overzealously) and not considered worthless. How would you like it if they assumed all American women today were like 50s era tv shows? Shows how people hear something and run with the stereotype even though Afghan women have normal jobs and go to college and wear jeans just like you and me.

Katy Khan

My husband is Afghani, he says this is very common and it's ALWAYS girls that are left to die and most of the time they do end up dying from exposure/starvation :(

Katy Khan

or they get eaten by animals....

Katy Khan

Vegeta...i think you are highly misinformed about Afghani culture. First of all, there are different tribes which each have their own tribal ways and then you couple that with the fact the the population as a whole is highly uneducated. There are serious rights abuses there, particularly against women and then children. Women there don't often wear jeans at al, nor do men, they wear shalwar kameezes and many women wear a burqa. When my son was born, my in laws congratulated left and right on having a son. "Islam" is supposed to be respectful of women (so long as your cool with your husband being able to divorce you by saying "i divorce thee" three times, you are cool with him having multiple wives without your permission, and you are cool inheriting half of what a man inherits, and if you are cool with your testimony being half that of a man in court, and if you are cool with having little or no legal recours if your husband beats the crap out of you) but Afghani culture is NOT conducive to women being treated with respect.

Katy Khan

 My husbands father had 7 wives in Afghanistan and used to beat the crap out of all of them, then he divorced several, he also brought home prostitutes and random babies that he'd toss to a wive to care for until (i'm assuming) he found an aadoptive family, then he'd snatch it away and it would never be seen again. . Know what his wives did? NOTHING, becuase they couldn't.  Have you ever been to Afghanistan?

Of course there ARE men who treat women with respect, buy based on my EXTENSIVE connection to the country and the culture I have to be honest and say they are few and far between.

Melissa Kay Rhodes

Bring her to me I want another child & my daughter would love a sister :)

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