States Should Not Define American Values

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California_state_capitol-fisheyeThis country was founded under the idea that church and state shall remain separate; let’s hold American government to its promise. That promise is that  American values should be left to the individual citizens rather than having laws or government define them for us.

The fabric of this country is made up of vastly different values from household to household.  We are a country rich in diversity in our backgrounds, religious beliefs, and values. Since the values are so different, we should avoid having the state reconcile any differences in the varying definitions that we may have. When the state gets involved in defining moral conduct, it then becomes a decisive stance on which value will be honored.

The obvious example is the debate about  same sex marriage. Same sex marriage debate trickles down to the conversation of adoption, health care, and so much more.  

For example, only 18 states allow same-sex couples to adopt children. Even though many conservatives oppose laws such as these, Romney has stated with regard to gay adoption that “[i]n [his] view that’s something that people have the right to do, but to call that marriage is, in [his] view, a departure of the real meaning of that word. Obama is also a supporter gay adoption and recently made history when he stated that gay marriage was something he supported. Even though we have both nominees for president supporting gay adoption, many states still have laws in place that prevent the adoption.

By keeping state and church separate, we can have confidence that our constitutional rights will not be infringed upon. Allowing American values to be decided amongst individuals honors and respects the individual beliefs of the diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures of all Americans.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see "How Do We Best Sustain American Values?"

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bills... billsfan1104

Deanna, I agree.  I like this conversation, very much.

wamom223 wamom223

Marabie Wiki may not be the best source but it is one more excepted on this site.  My point was Nadia should read the constitution before bringing up the separation of church and state since its not in there.  The wiki page does give a good and accurate description of where the idea came from though.  I would also like to point out that Ethics are subjective just like Religion.  This becomes a State issue based purely on the fact that the constitution states anything not covered in the document is a state issue.  Gay marriage would either have to go to the Supreme Court or marriage would have to be added to our bill of rights as one of our civil liberties.  Basically my point was to ask her who if not the voters of America who  should decide what our American values should be?


wamom223 wamom223

MarieWyatt while gender identity disorder may be a medical condition it is not life threatening.  My point was I thought if you committed a crime such as murder and are convicted you have forfeited your rights.  Even if he wanted to pay for the surgery himself it would cost the tax payers money most likely somewhere (for extra guards during surgery at least.)  I just don't think tax payers should have to be extras fro convicted felons.  Also would he have to be transferred to a woman's prison after the surgery?  What kink of tax dollars would have to be spent on that process.  

wamom223 wamom223

AniAngel I agree we can get more accomplished when we work together than when we rip each other down.  

marie... mariewyatt

I totally understand what you're saying about tax money paying for it and I really can't say that I disagree but, I would take a guess and say that it's life threatening in the way that depression is. Unfortunately, when it comes to what happens in the brain we still know so little, all we can look for half the time is for correlations or indicators.

Flori... Floridamom96

What we see here in Nadia's blog is a fundamental ignorance about the founding of this nation and what it's principles really are. We are all now having to live with the failure of the public school system to educate on civics. Whether you like it or not this nation was founded on Judeo Christian principles, the first being that our rights are endowed upon us by a Creator and not given by any man. Further, the United States of America is an amalgamation of States who decided to loosely unify for defense and protection of these rights. At it's very core our nation is and should be defined by her States. At our founding we were intended to decide for ourselves within our states what our lives would be like as long as those states did not violate rights we recongnized all men to have been given by their creator. This is the reason for the writing and ratification of the Constitution. It would be wise for all to read and study this document. The reality is that though we may hold opinions that religion should hold no sway over politicis or laws (I fervently disagree) there is no existing proscription against such influence anywhere in the founding documents of our nation.

Flori... Floridamom96

I would argue that this is much more a constitutional debate than a debate on religion. Like the rest of you, I LOVE that so many have been able to come here and disagree without rancor. I think it may be the first time I've ever seen such a thing on CafeMom.

Amanda Phillips

Sorry, but the point of the Constitution is to uphold States' rights so that each state can function autonomously. If you don't like the laws of one state, you move to another. That is true freedom and true democracy. Vote with your fuckin feet. Not with your neighbor's ball gag.

Amanda Phillips

Rather, you shouldn't allow your neighbor ball gag you at the polls. AMERICA, and I know you're new here, but AMERICA is the SUM of the states, in all their diversity. It is not the formula.

wamom223 wamom223

I agree Florida its great to see a debate without the name calling.  

Amanda-I loved everything you wrote, especially the part about voting with your feet.  

MarieWyatt-I think if his depression is life threatening we should treat him with counseling not paying for his sex change.   We have no idea how much in all this will cost and its not fair to the law abiding tax payers.  In this country when you commit a crime such as murder you forfeit a lot of your civil rights.  I think if someone wants a sex change its none of my business as long as I'm not asked to pay for it, and in this situation we would have to pay for everything.

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