Mitt Romney Goes Brownface to Appeal to Latino Voters (VIDEO)

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mitt romneyOkay, we're not saying Mitt Romney did spray-tan right before appearing on Latino network Univision. But ... it sure looks like Mitt Romney did spray-tan right before appearing on Univision. I mean, take a look at this picture!

First of all, this particular shade of orange does not exist naturally on human beings. It sure looks familiar, though ... Oh yes, it's the color of John Boehner and the entire cast of Jersey Shore! Secondly, compare with other photos of Mittens on the campaign trail where he looks like a whiter shade of pale. Seriously, did Mitt really try to darken his skin to appeal more to Latino voters? Sinvergüenza! Please at least tell me this shameless, ocher-tinted "tandering" was not Mitt's idea ...

SCENE: Univision green room, Mitt Romney with members of his campaign staff.

Staffer: Sir, I'm worried. You're already perceived by Latinos as Thurston Howell III. And then you dissed them in that leaked video as another group of people who probably don't support you. So we need to make you more relatable.

Mitt: (Laughing) You've gotta try this Fanta stuff! It's pretty good. And caffeine-free, too!

Staffer: Sir, are you listening?

Mitt: All right, junior. What can I do? Who do you want me to be today? I mean (chuckling) I know I'd be way more electable if I actually were a real Mexican, but I guess they figured out I'm not!

Staffer: Well, we need you to be less white.

Mitt: I can do that. I can do that. I think Ann has this stuff she sprays on herself sometimes, makes her look more tan.

Staffer: Exactly! Spray-tan! We just need some on your face. Come over here to the makeup chair and we'll fix you up.


Mitt: Wow, this stuff really works fast! Think we used too much?

Staffer: Definitely not. One more thing, sir. Please, for the love of your Heavenly Father, be more sensitive when you talk about immigration. These are real people with real families, remember.

Mitt: Right, right ... sensitive. Be more sensitive ...


Mitt: For those that are already here, that are undocumented, that were brought here by their parents and therefore are illegal aliens ...

Staffer: (Facepalm)

What do you think -- did Romney use spray-tan or bronzer right before his Univision appearance?


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poppy... poppymuffin

Unbelievable.  Both presidential candidates go on Univision and this blogger decides to write about the color of Romney's skin?

How about the fact that Obama was grilled by the interviewer about his failed promise of giving amnesty? I guess she didn't want to point out Obama's lies since she's so enamored by his looks.

wamom223 wamom223

Poppy the Stir isn't real big on calling Obama out and when one of the bloggers does they get attacked in the comments being told to kill themselves.

tbruc... tbrucemom

When Bush had shoes thrown at him all I could think of was the Austin Powers movie when Austin says to the assassin who uses shoes to kill people, "Honestly, who throws a shoe?"

SickO... SickOfMorons

Wamom, no one tells you to kill yourself. But I will suggest you grow the hell up.

right... rightside

Laughing at SickofMorons, who claims to be so tired of the Flag issue that she's brought it up twice. 

Love it.  The irony, on so many levels, is fantastic.

SickO... SickOfMorons

Do you want a dictionary so you can use the word irony correctly from now on???

right... rightside


No need for a dictionary...your examples are just fine. ;-)

right... rightside


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