Obama's American Flag Redesign Is Nowhere Near 'Un-American'

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our stripes: our flag screen print obama storeHere we go again with the right trying to turn a total non-issue into a firestorm. FOX News is LIVID that the Obama online store is now "selling copies of an American flag painting that replaces the 50 stars in the blue field with the president's campaign logo."

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign tweeted that the print -- entitled "Our Stripes: Flag Print" and designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS -- is "a poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States." Sadly, those who are staunchly red staters seem to want to take that unifying message and turn it into something extremely divisive. They're crying foul, saying it's creepy, "un-American," "offensive," "insulting," and "stoops to new lows." Ay yi yi!

To be fair, I could see how any deviation from what we know the American flag to look like today in 2012 might upset people. It's a sensitive subject. Especially those who have served in the military under that flag. And those people are entitled to their thoughts and feelings surrounding the image of the American flag.

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That said, you would think someone who considers themselves a "patriot," a proud American, would be passionate about American values, which includes freedom of speech and expression. That's all this is. Bruggink and Olson are just two artists of many -- including fashion designers Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Rachel Zoe, Vera Wang, etc. -- who have contributed designs to the Obama store to support his re-election campaign. (Funny, I don't see any big name designers or artists coming out in support for Romney. But anyway ...) Each has been a unique play on Obama's logo and iconic American imagery. The concept is nothing new: Campaigns have been marrying a candidate's "brand" to American imagery forever.

Okay, so, maybe Bruggink and Olson's was a little ballsier than the other designs. But anytime you tweak the flag, you're going to get tongue-clucking. That doesn't mean it's an image we should never feel at liberty to re-imagine. Anyone who claims to feel otherwise, in the name of being a flag-waver, is seriously missing the point of what this great country -- and the artistic freedoms it offers -- is all about.

How do you feel about this screen print?

Image via store.barackobama.com

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Mary Elizabeth Vinyard Iliff

leave the flag just like it is ! it doesnt matter to me who wants to change it ! 

nonmember avatar Christie

I think it's un-american....why try to re-do the flag with your own logo...and for that matter why even have a logo your not a brand your a politician. I am not an Obama hater either, there are things I like and things I dislike but overall he's not that bad. But I've really never liked this whole logo thing

nonmember avatar Cassandra

There is nothing wrong with our flag now. Why change it, for campaign purposes? I'm sorry but as a military spouse, I completely disagree with changing the flag for whatever reason. Yes we have the freedom of everything almost, but this is not right

bills... billsfan1104

I think it is insulting. This is not the Obama states of America. Just like the Hollywood stars that have ads out saying that voters should pledge their allegiance to Obama, with picture of their hands over their hearts.

To me that is scary and reeks of Pre-ww2 and how Hitler got to power.

Mary Elizabeth Vinyard Iliff

the idiots that sent in an idea for this so called flag are only doing to try and make a bigger name for themselves !

Denise Reed Hudson

Tell Obama and his "team" to hand deliver that crap to the Muslims who want to burn our flag!!! What an OUTRAGE!!! I am not a "FOX News Supporter" I am an American, who has family currently serving in the Military and who have served (PROUDLY) in the past...this DISGUSTS ME!!! Bastardizing a symbol of our country with his own "personal campaign logo"!?!? TOO FAR!!! You want 1st Amendment rights...no problem...here's mine....Take that crap and your plans to continue to send this country straight to Hell and LEAVE!!!

nonmember avatar Rosie R

They should leave the flag as is being a spouse and a mom of military men I'm proud of our flag and there is no need to change it in anyway.

Lisa Rose

I think its just plain stupid.....they gonna change the way our money looks too?

Alyssa D Scala-Halstead

Insulting doesn't even cover it! I cannot believe the AUDACITY! You have got to be kidding me, if this doesn't scream UNAMERICAN I don't know what is. Are you kidding me with the freedom of speech cr*p??? There are some things that are sacroscanct, well at least there used to be in this country! How dare you change the ONE symbol that makes the US stand out its not a modern symbol its the WHOLE symbol. This is disgusting as far as I am concerned and proof he does NOT get any more years to turn this into the United States of Obama.

nonmember avatar Gale

I don't think the American flag should be "tweaked" by a designer or anyone else!! But with Obama's arrogance, I am surprised that it doesn't have his face on it. As far as designers and Romney go, I have never voted for anyone according to who their design teams are.

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