Coming Together as a Community Helps Build Us Up as a Nation

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community dayCitizens actively engaged with their communities sustain American values. Whether it is at the local church bake sale, or voting in a presidential election, Americans taking part in things that are distinctly American build us up as a community. Yes, America as a whole is a community -- a large one -- but still a community. 

For the most part, we Americans all want the same things: Health, happiness, and a better tomorrow for our children. We want equal opportunity, poverty to be eradicated, a robust economy, and for people to stop abusing animals because that ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan always make us feel awful.

By participating in local, state, and federal government, we set up the infrastructure to function in business and recreation. A town may vote to appropriate funds for a little league field, where families and friends will gather to cheer on the kids rounding bases and catching grounders. The kids will learn competitiveness, how to be gracious winners and not to be sore losers, coordination, and they’ll get some exercise to ward off that national security risk of obesity.

Families and communities helping one another, lifting each other up, cheering successes and soothing when tragedies occur, encouraging kids to set goals for themselves and giving them the tools they need to accomplish them – these things are embodied in the American Dream. 

Through participating in democracy, we elect officials who hopefully hold dear the same values that we do.

The government can only do so much, and taken too far it can harm the very values it seeks to protect. How does shutting down kids’ lemonade stands help advance anyone’s idea of American values?

It is through both participation in democracy and engagement with our friends and families that American values are upheld.


This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see "How Do We Best Sustain American Values?"


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bills... billsfan1104

Very positive and very nicely put.

Amber... Amberleigh81

Wow. This is the first post of yours I totally agree with!

It is all about community. I am a firm believer that we can't do it all ourselves.

PonyC... PonyChaser

No, we can't do it all ourselves. But we should be vigilant and not allow that kindo f thing to be legislated, either. We shouldn't be *required* to help each other. Community only works when people do it willingly.


Thumbs Up!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Totally laughed at the bit about the ASPCA commercials.

wamom223 wamom223

I really like this blog.  Out of all of them this one would be my favorite.  I agree with Pony chaser we shouldn't be required to help each other, we should do it because we want to.  Those are American Values we should all be able to teach our kids which is to hep your community.  Its amazing what it does for a community when they are able to come together for a cause.

the4m... the4mutts

I'm a firm believer that "charity starts at home" and that "home" is the entire neighborhood we live in.

Neighbors helping eachother, voting on the small government in your area like the school boards, and mayors ends up meaning much more in the long run than big government changing laws to try and protect us from ourselves.

Every community is different, and has different needs, so banning together in small groups is best for everyone.

Well written and thought out blog Jenny.

right... rightside

Fantastic blog post!  And excellent point made by PonyChaser - when people are motivated by desire, not require, everyone wins.

nonmember avatar Megan

So true! And it has to be through free will. However, our country was not established to be a democracy, it was established as a free republic. That has been sorely changed, the founding fathers saw a democracy as detrimental to freedom and America as a monarchy.

MamaC... MamaCandy79

As Christians,it is our duty to vote and do the right thing.I realize that not everybody shares my beliefs, but I want the next president to have Godly morals and do what is right for our nation.

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