Knott's Berry Farm Thrill Ride Gives Riders a 3-Hour Dangle From Hell (VIDEO)

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WindseekerWhen a person goes to an amusement park, they expect amusement, a "thrill," and maybe even a little bit of fear. Unfortunately for a few unlucky patrons of Knott's Berry Farm, the Windseeker ride -- a carousel of sorts that propels riders in a circle 300 feet off the ground -- malfunctioned on Wednesday and left them stranded in the air. For three hours.

Oh. My. GAWD. Who can even imagine?

It's a controlled kind of fun that is supposed to end in a certain way. You get three minutes of excitement and then you are on the ground again. Not this time, I guess. Luckily for the park, it sounds like there was no panic and most people on the ride were content to dangle a bit. It could have been much worse.

Still, as one who grew up loving roller coasters and then graduated to bigger thrills like bungee jumping and sky diving, I was always aware most amusement park rides exist for "safe" fun. Sure, you get the rush, but it's also in a very controlled way.

The Windseeker riders have a story they can tell forever. They have the fun of a REAL thrill, AND they probably got free trips to Knott's for life (if they want them), AND no one died. It's really a win all around.

Of course, it's hard to think of all the variables -- the wife who was pushed by her husband, the 8-year-old who JUST met the height requirement and was nervous, the mom who was riding with her young son. When I think of being stuck on that ride myself, it sounds kind of fun and thrilling. When I think of being stuck on that ride with my 5-year-old? HELL no. I would have six panic attacks and die.

It's all context. Knott's is very lucky all those people were cool and there was no panic because judging from video of the ride, this is a scary one. See below:

Seems like everyone got a bit more "thrill" than they bargained for!

What would you do if you were stuck on this?


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Kristyn Carter Phipps

Better a "swing" ride than a roller coaster that gets stuck upside down (has also been known to happen). Plus they can all say they have ridden the ride the longest. If I were alone and no one else was around, I think that would have been a quite an enjoyable view and relaxing. This is certainly not a dangle from Hell. sheesh

kelli... kelliehelvie

Not as bad as the titled made it sound! I think for the mother of the young child I would have been worried for them, but it seems like they just had a 3 hour view. It wasn' raining or cold. I could have been worse! 

angem... angemaof2

lol all i can think of is those poor people.  What if they had to go to the bathroom?

Amanda Leigh Hlavacek

I was thinking the same thing about the bathroom. As soon as I read that they were there for 3 hours going to the bathroom was the first thing that came to my mind.

Mommy... Mommy2Phenley

Not a good day to read this, we're going to Knotts Berry today! I would have been very upset if I got stuck on a ride for 3 hours. I have a 2 month old nursling who still nurses every two hours. We take turns sitting off with her. She's never had a bottle. I imagine if this happened to me whoever had her would have to find a baby station and hope they had formula and see if she'd take it. I know I'd be going nuts trapped away from her.

Diane Davis

They have this ride at Kings Island as well. I think I would be beyond freaked out, depending upon how high it was when it got stuck. It is a very, very high ride.

E Linda Piña

My husband and I were stuck on that ride last year around the same time!! But we were stuck for 45 mins! My legs were killing me! There was no way I could do 3-4 hrs!

nonmember avatar Jessi

Mommy2Phenley - If you fear or you're even aware of an acute possibility of being separated from your daughter for more than 2 hours at a time for whatever reason, then it may be in your best interest to pack an emergency bottle with those individual servings of powdered formula they sell in stores just in case. Could you imagine your poor husband on the ground with a very hungry screaming baby while he watches his wife dangle above him? Talk about feeling helpless.

2many... 2manydiapers

That ride is not scary, my family has knotts passes, that's my dh, i, a 3yr old, 2yr old, and 10 month old.

You wanna talk scary look up how many have died at Disney due to ride malfunction compared to that of knotts. I'd rather be stuck for three hours then killed.

nonmember avatar kevobx

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