Chick-fil-A's Change of Heart Gives a Giant Middle Finger to All Those Who Hate

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Chick-fil-AYesterday we learned that embattled fried chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A was backing off their strong anti-gay platform a bit by putting new language in their company book that welcomes gays and lesbians. Also, it seems, they said in meetings that they will cease to make donations to organizations with a political agenda. Can I get an amen?

The restaurant came under massive fire last July and August when it was revealed that CEO Dan Cathy donated millions through his WinShape Foundation (mostly funded by Chick-fil-A) to anti-gay marriage hate groups. Awesome. The people erupted and many boycotted the restaurant. Many people said they were being silly and he is allowed to donate what he wants and what will a boycott do anyway? Don't believe people said that? Just read the comments sections on our articles.

To them I say this: Boo-ya. Oh and power to the people. What was it that you said about apathy being awesome? Well, you were wrong. THIS is what protest and passion can do, people.

As we said yesterday, this isn't exactly a deal full of unicorns and rainbows. It's mostly a money thing and it's largely because Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno was blocking the restaurant from entering his district until they showed they were more tolerant. But still, it's change. It's a huge, massive change. And it's the people who made that happen. Amazing. 

It's an important thing to remember in this election season: passion makes a difference.

Lately, I have noticed a trend on Facebook and in my real life interactions where people think it's "cool" to be apathetic, to not care. It seems people hate politics on Facebook and keep threatening to leave the networking site over it. I say: Good riddance.

Choosing the next leader of our country is kind of a big deal. A restaurant that donates money to hate groups and people who support hurting people I love isn't the place I will spend my money. These things matter. As the great writer Connie Schultz recently said on Facebook: "There is no high road to apathy."

It may have seemed like a small thing. So what if a stupid chicken restaurant supports "traditional" marriage? Don't they have a right to their own beliefs? Yes. They do. But I, as a consumer, choose to spend my money wisely and I won't drop dollars at a place I know gives money to causes I abhor. The end.

It turns out, enough people felt the same way I did and it affected the company's bottom line. Look, money talks. The people have spoken and hate lost.

If you can still say apathy is better or that protest is pointless after that, then there's not much else to say.

Are you glad Chick-fil-A changed their stance a bit?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

I think people should be firm believers of their own feelings and beliefs but sometimes it is better off not to so a thing to the public

bills... billsfan1104

I would like to know, if every single thing that you purchase if you know what every single charity they donate too?

Venae Venae

Darn right, billsfan1104 - are ALL companies now going to cease and desist from donating to "organizations w/a politcal agenda?"  Of course not - and they shouldn't - neither should Chick-Fil-A.  It's THEIR money and they can do w/it what they want.  You also have the right to choose not to support them.  It's called FREEDOM!!

At least w/a private company you can decide if you want to contribute - your government forcibly takes money from you and gives to whoever THEY want.  For some reason, no one boycotts that!

Carmen Martin

They can have their own damn opinion if they want to. I don't see people boycotting oil and gasoline because of Saudi Arabia's stance toward gays (flogging, prison time, death), nor do I see people boycotting diamonds because of South Africa's policy toward lesbians (corrective rape).  But a Christian-owned company is against gay marriage?  Oooh, call the FBI. 

tinyp... tinypossum

Venae, you are exactly right. It is about freedom. The freedom of people to spend their money where they see fit and to choose not to spend it where it will go to causes they disagree with. Chick fil A had the choice to continue to fund these causes and ignore their customers, or to pay attention to what the public was telling them and make a change. They obviously chose to do this for their bottomline, but they aren't so stupid as to thumb their noses at their customer base. No one has ever suggested that Dan Cathey change his beliefs. People just let him know that if he used his profits to fund groups that are actively working to limit the civil rights of other people, they weren't going to give him thier money to do it with. That's what freedom is all about.

bills... billsfan1104

What is more scary is that someone in government is using his power to ban a restaurant because he doesnt agree with the company owners viewpoint.  Second, the groups he donated too, did way more than try to focus on maiage.  Those groups did other things for the needy and so forth.  Do we know if he said use his money to use against the gay-marriage agenda. 

I also dont think you won either.  I think many organiations lost.  They now cannot help as many people, hep abused women, help poor families, because of this.  That is where the true shame is.

And for the hundreth time, this was not about you protesting the right not to eat there, it had everything to do with politicians overstepping their political powers.

quinn007 quinn007

I don't believe for one second the "boycott" had anything to do with this change.  They saw the writing on the wall that politicians were going to block their business where ever they could and even though that is against everything this country stands for, no one was going to stop it.  I am pro-gay rights and I fully supported the boycott & protests-on both sides, because I love people that are passionate about their beliefs enough to take a stand.  What I don't support is political power being abused to silence someone who has different beliefs than yours or mine. 

c_gal... c_galvan87

Great they stand up for something that is Biblically incorrect and now back off of it because people didn't want to hear the truth. So disappointed...

Klang... Klangdale

So lets see what has been accomplished: Another successful company (how dare them! oh thats right..they didnt build that company..the government did..) has been bullied by the goverment(chicago), forced to change their public religious stance(I thought we were all entitled to this--will ALL churches, temples, sinagogues be next sir??) and have allegedly cut funding to organazations that yes, disapprove of same sex marraige (again they have that right) but also fund an obscene amount of programs for children, needy, abused women, etc----oh wait i see it now..OBAMA and all of his Obamamites are ready to take on this financial cost....i'm all for helping those in need...ALL FOR IT..but to twist the arm of a company who does so many wonderful things is shameful! The same sex funding was a small portion of the big applaud all of you who jumped on the bandwagon in the name of civil rights and i do wish you would take a step back and see what damage you are REALLY causing.

lovec... lovechild419

Great article Sasha-Bottom line as you so eloquently said"The people have spoken and hate lost"What a vastly different world it would be if people didnt judge people because they sin differently than they do.It's my dream that we all play nicely together in the sandbox.blowing kisses

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