Man Who Murdered Sex Offenders Is No Hero

justiceIf vigilantism was cool or legal, we'd consider Patrick Drum a real Miles Davis. But since it's not, we'll just have to consider him a violent man on his way to jail. In a Washington courtroom yesterday, Drum, 34, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering 28-year-old Gary L. Blanton Jr. and 56-year-old Jerry W. Ray. Drum took their lives because he has a vendetta against sex offenders, and both Blanton and Ray had been convicted rapists.

Ray pleaded guilty to raping a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old back in 2002, and Blanton pleaded guilty, at 17, to raping a 17-year-old disabled girl. Drum evidently wanted both men to pay for their crimes, and took matters into his own hands. He shot them both multiple times.

Just as no one wants child rapists roaming around, no one wants lawless killers out and about, either. Ray's and Blantan's crimes were heinous and I'm disgusted that there are people out there capable of such things, but at the same time, I'm also appalled that there are those out there who think Drum is some kind of hero for his actions.

Apparently, he has some supporters who are stalking the victims' families, spitting on them and whatnot.

Drum murdered two people in cold blood. He's not a hero nor a pioneer. In fact, he's a criminal himself, having spent four years in prison on drug charges. He got Ray's and Blantan's names off the public sex offender registry and decided to kill them. He was suspected to be on his way to kill a third sex offender when cops intervened. What, exactly, is so brave and noble about that?

I guess he fancied himself some sort of Dexter character who could exact revenge on those who had done pretty horrible things, but Dexter is just a TV show. It doesn't work that way in real life. You can't go around shooting people in the face because you think they deserve it. Like Mom always says, two wrongs don't make a right.

Drum deserves life without parole because as soon as we show someone like him any leniency, the law becomes absolutely meaningless.

Do you think Drum did something good or evil?


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nonmember avatar Happydad

To all you idiots who were cheering this murderer on, great job. You are confining the killing on a man who got smashed by the justice system and vigilante justice. But did him a horrendous disservice to put it mildly! How many of you want him to go free now?!?

c_gal... c_galvan87

God takes care of everyone when he is ready

Nicol... NicoleMarie1211

I'm all for the death penalty, I think it should extend to child rapists. And the problem with vigilante justice is exactly what happened to Gary Blanton. 

Jennifer Hudson Odland

This happened in my town, I'm surprised it made national news.. There are some points that didn't make the article. Like, he planned on killing more sex offenders but poor planning caused him to get caught sooner than he'd hoped. He also was a roommate of one of his victims! He left a confession letter at the scene of the crime too.

John Rinar

I cannot understand the problem???? Give the man a full pardon and buy him a full box of ammo... Maybe we can get rid of a few more degenerates...

John Rinar

I do.......


Melon... Meloniejo76

So angry at Ignorant people's posts. One of the victims may have been convicted of a sex crime but not one of you knows the truth behind the story. Gary was a wonderful man, husband, and father to hus amazing family! When he was 17 years old he had a GIRLFRIEND who had disabilities. They had a sexual relationship and the parents intervened and used hr disabilities to their advantage to press charges. He was a young boy who was in love with this girl!

Gary was also the roommate and very close friend of the man who shot him.

I have known all the parties involved for a very long time. Patrick had nice had a heart of gold. He no longer has a heart.

If you want tp feel sorry for someone, dint feel sorry for oat. Feel sorry for baby gary and little skyler, who has downs syndrome, who have to grow up without a father who loved them with all his heart!

Junes Upyers

Sigh. People people people...We have the rule of law for a reason. We have a judicial process for a reason. That way no one gets to arbitrarily decide that someone deserves to be murdered. As to those of you crying "justifiable homicide"? I'm sorry murder is worse than rape and has no justification unless you are in immediate danger. It is a more heinous crime. I say this as a rape survivor. That's the thing; I SURVIVED and, as an alive person, can have an opinion. Had I been murdered I wouldn't have an opinion as I'd be dead. That's a big part of why we don't put rapists to death. Also where exactly is the line? Some guy in Maine did this a couple of years ago and one of the sex offenders he found was a guy who was convicted of statutory rape for being 18 and having sex with is 16 year old girlfriend; a woman that he guy subsequently married. Did he "deserve" to die?? As for those of you who say "rapists and pedos can't change" I'm happy to tell you you're wrong; many sex offenders DO change given the right kinds of treatment THANK GOODNESS but the media sensationalism keeps those stories out of the press.

baile... baileygrl

I would like to comment on this statement from the article:

"Drum deserves life without parole because as soon as we show someone like him any leniency, the law becomes absolutely meaningless."

It is my opinion that the rapists are the ones that deserved life without parole more so than this guy.  How is it that a man who raped two CHILDREN is out walking the streets in the first place??  So for that crime he served what...a max of 10 years?  Child rapists are horrific...they steal innocence and affect their victims for the rest of their lives. 

I actually applaud the vigilante...clearly the justice system is a joke in this country.  He did the world a favor. 

nonmember avatar oncefallencom

Anyone who applauds Pat Drum is a degenerate in their own right. Patrick Drum had a mile long criminal record that included drugs, burglaries, thefts and assaults since he was a teenager. He has at least one conviction for every year since 1994, except during the years he was in prison. Drum was the REAL monster.

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