Juicy Monica Lewinsky Memoir Should Put Bill Clinton's Ego in Check

Bill ClintonBill Clinton is enjoying a good moment in the sun, but there are dark clouds ahead for the former President. It seems his former mistress, White House intern Monica Lewinsky, has a juicy memoir that will tell all about the affair that got him impeached. The details coming from the Enquirer, depending on your perspective, are either hot or gross.

Consider this: Bill Clinton apparently wanted a threesome. He loves sex toys. He said not-so-nice things about his wife (the words "cold" and "fish" were used) and he is generally a cad.

Wait, wait, hold the phone. She is getting paid $12 MILLION for these "revelations"? How is this shocking?

Clinton is a man, right? And he likes sex, right? That seems pretty well established. So then where is the surprise here?

Maybe it's in the fact that poor Lewinsky's entire life was ruined by the affair while Clinton just went on his merry way. He is still married. He is still well known and, in most circles, also well respected.

Lewinsky is a laughingstock. She is seen as a joke and mocked mercilessly in pop culture. She is now nearing 40 and hasn't had a successful career or a family. Some of that may be her own choice, but some of it, according to sources, she blames on Clinton.

And he deserves it.

Look, Clinton was a great President. He is smart and deserving of respect for his work in the White House. But he took a very impressionable young women and he used his power and position to get her to serve his purposes. Then when he was done with her, he moved on in a very big and public way. This isn't what a man who respects women does.

We can say all we want that any man who would marry Hillary enjoys a strong woman. And there is some truth to that. But he clearly also divides women into those who matter and those who don't. Lewinsky was disposable, and if I were her, I would have a bone to pick, too (no pun intended).

She deserves $12 million and more. And Bill Clinton deserves what he gets.

Does this memoir make sense to you?


Image via Center for American Progress/Flickr

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bills... billsfan1104

If I was Monica, the minute he called me "that woman" I would of been selling my story to the highest bidder.

You guys have thrown Monica to the wolves as well, by fawning over Clinton. Look what you guys said about him when he spoke at the convention. He moved on, still gets paid millions of dollars for his speeches, got millions for his book and she was kicked to the curb.

Its a shame what Clinton did to her and its a bigger shame that Clinton is still considered a hero in democrats eyes.

nonmember avatar Guest

Funny thing, way back in the days before all that, sexual harassment in the workplace used to be considered a bad thing.

BTW, who is it again who is waging a "War on Women"(TM) again? I keep forgetting...

nonmember avatar kevobx

A woman knows exactly what she is doing, why wouldn't she?

Debbie Rogers Hale

Good for her. I hope Hillary reads it and finds out things that she didn't know before. She (Hillary) made women look weak defending him and standing by his side knowing full well he was lying. He deserves all the bad publicity he has avoided in the past for all the molesting of women all through the years but thanks to the liberal loving media he will get none of it. I'm glad she's getting 12 million.

Diane Davis

"that will tell all about the affair that got him impeached" He was never impeached.

Diane Davis

Nevermind, yes he was.

Diane Davis

But, we was never removed from office, they let him slide by.

Diane Davis

She desserves 12 million and more. It isn't like she can move on with her life somewhere else because everyone knows. The best bet, change your name and move to europe. They don't care about affairs.

Sarah Caporale

"impeachment" is merely the process of determining whether he will remain in office or not

nonmember avatar Guest

@Debbie Rogers Hale, Hillary was paid with a Senate seat for keeping her mouth shut and playing nice for the cameras!

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