5 Things Black Ministers Should Be More Worried About Than Gay Marriage

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polling station blue sky booth election dayThere’s always some morality zinger that sends good Christian folks into a tizzy. And best believe, where there’s a fury, there’s an outspoken, sometimes charismatic man or woman of the cloth at the helm of the religious zealotry, fanning the flames of outrage. Right on time and right at the heart of this election year’s controversy is a band of black ministers using their platform to encourage their congregants and followers to stay home on November 6

Rather than urging parishioners to cast their ballots, they’re dissatisfied with the options to choose from -- a chief commander who publicly announced his support of gay marriage or the other guy, who is deeply entrenched in the Mormon faith that, at one time, disallowed African-American priests. At first blush, the notion of sitting out the election is just plain silly. At second, it’s irresponsible leadership to incite folks to forfeit their right to vote.

Where’s the empowerment in that form of “protest”? Sitting at home soaking up the Xfinity rather than pulling the trigger on their quadrennial democratic duty is hardly a movement to solve any of our pressing social and economic problems.

I love the good Lord, but I can’t with Christian conservatism. It keeps people in bondage -- emotionally, mentally, psychologically, even politically, culturally, and socially. In previous elections, it was the abortion debate, ripe for what-would-Mary-do? judgment and pitting any presidential hopeful against the finger wagging of the holier than thou. And in this case, it pushes people who are already habitually disenfranchised to sacrifice their voice and make this latest hot-button issue a higher priority than seeing the bigger picture of each candidate’s entire platform.

1. Health care: A sky-high HIV infection rate, diabetes, and high blood pressure running all over our genes, and regular access to quality medical services, including medications, are top concerns and well worth heading to the polls for, despite who’s marrying who and what gender they are.

2. The economy: Black unemployment hovers around 14 percent and is projected by some sources to be as high as 20 percent by election time. Whether Dan and Stan get married bears zero influence on a family’s ability to eat, pay for housing, and buy necessities. So darn sure the economy needs to be the issue to push for the polls.

3. Education: Our problems in this area are too many to list, from safety in our public schools to the overrepresentation of black students in special ed. That being said, just one of them is more than enough reason to go the voting booth. The existing education gap and all of its tributaries mean we should be racing each other there.

4. Gun control: For the sake of the poor people living in war-torn areas right here in the U.S. (and they’re not all major metropolises like Philly and Detroit—the FBI had to impose a curfew on lil’ ol’ Harrisburg, Pennsylvania because of gun violence).

5. Abortion and contraception: Duh. For obvious reasons.

To add insult to injury, all of this brouhaha stems from our inexplicably deep-rooted belief that gay marriage is a sin, that the Bible explicitly prohibits the union of two members of the same sex. Somewhere in there, that used and abused Sodom and Gomorrah will inevitably rear its ugly head as a support reference, even though we’ll fornicate like nobody’s business, gossip like there’s no tomorrow, and break commandments like they’re up for negotiation. All that’s fine so long as homosexuality’s not involved. But there are bigger issues to tackle than the one directly related to less than 1 percent of American households.

Black ministers have a responsibility to their congregants that extends way above and beyond baptizing new babies, praying folks through the hard knocks of life, and inciting break-outs of the Holy Spirit. Because the church has historically been the center of the black community and because 80 percent of African-Americans identify themselves as Christian, ministers -- some, not all -- wield an enormous amount of power and influence. They need to use it wisely.

Is protesting the voting process effective?

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nonmember avatar Guest

1. Health care: OWEbama care takes what has proven to be the best health care system on the planet and remolds it after the proven failed models of various socialist and/or third world nations. Medical decisions will no longer be between a doctor and patient, but will be decided by 15,000 pages (and rapidly growing) of government regulations, unelected boards of bureaucrats, and 16,000 new IRS agents! It is estimated that "compliance costs" of 80,000,000 hours (80 MILLION HOURS) of time will be required of the American people just for paperwork and red tape!

2. The economy: Unemployment has remained over 8% for everyone for over 41 months, a post WWII RECORD! Unemployment is CURRENTLY, not "projected" to be over 20% for blacks. Economic stagnation has given us the longest and lowest period of GDP growth since the last Great Depression. This is in spite of an explosion of debt that will take GENERATIONS to pay off. Is the most qualified person to address this disaster the successful businessman, or the failed politician?

nonmember avatar Guest


3. Education: OWEbama has issued "waivers" (BTW, since when does the US Constitution grant the president that "power"?) to the Kennedy/Bush No Child Left Behind law to over half of all states! (the ones where teachers unions give large donations of money and campaign labor to the OWEbama re-election campaign) Instead of improving under-performing schools and improving education, many children will continue to be "left behind". Furthermore, the democrats (once again, beholden to teachers unions) refuse to consider voucher programs that will enable parents to take their children out of broken schools and help them get a quality education for their children. Interestingly, this is an issue that has very very strong support from the black community in particular.

4. Gun control: There is a direct proven correlation between gun control and crime. (the gun control lobby may lie, but the numbers do not) The stricter gun control laws you have, the less deterrent to crime there is, and the more violence occurs. Though this should be intuitive, many decades of crime statistics prove this beyond question. Criminal are not deterred by gun control laws. They are deterred by the potential of a would-be victim being armed. Harrisburg, Chicago, NY, DC... All places where draconian gun control laws have caused the crime rate to skyrocket.

nonmember avatar Guest


5. Abortion and contraception: Second one first, there has been no legislation proposed by anyone of any party to limit access to contraception in the modern era. Period. Non-issue. If a democrat propagandist tries to suggest that someone is trying to limit access to contraception, they are LYING. As for abortion, it should be noted that this is not a decision made by the president! The only way that abortion could be banned is for the Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment, (2/3rds vote) that would then have to be ratified by 2/3rds (33) of the states! At NO point does the president play a role in this process.

Gay marriage is an issue that for good or bad is overwhelmingly opposed by the black community. And this is consistent with the population in general. Only eight states have gay marriage, and in only two was this even passed by the state legislature. In all other cases, it was done by shopping for a sympathetic court and imposed by court ruling. Over 35 states have laws against gay marriage, in all cases passed by ballot initiatives passed by popular vote of the people.

nonmember avatar Guest


Now, some questions: Why should any politician from any party give a flying poot about the black vote?

If you have a Republican who's voting record is in perfect alignment with black priorities running against a democrat who is a former "Klan" member, blacks will vote 96% democrat. If the roles were reversed, blacks will vote 98% democrat.

If blacks always rigidly vote that way, and cannot be swayed in any way by the candidate or the issues, what possible point would there be to worrying about their issues?

Why is that? Surely it can't be just because the democrats (the party of the Confederacy who voted against school integration and the Civil Rights Act) run around constantly name-calling and shrieking (without factual support) that the party of Lincoln are all somehow "racists"?

Interestingly, if you poll blacks on issue positions without party affiliation, they are an ideologically extraordinarily conservative group.

As for black clergy suggesting blacks simply stay home, could it be that they realized that the OWEbama presidency has been a disaster and since many blacks are simply not going to bring themselves to cast a vote against him, that the next thing would simply be to refrain from casting a vote for him?

Seriously, I really would like an answer or some thoughts on those questions...

bills... billsfan1104

Ty guest, for eloquently writing what I was thinking. I so wish I had the gift of the written word like you do. Are you sure you are not my sister? Do you have 6 kids?

zandh... zandhmom2

Hell, I think the fact that unemployment for blacks is between 14 to 20% should be reason enough for any black person to NOT vote for Obama. He certainly hasn't made their lives better.

nonmember avatar Guest

Why thank you billsfan... Holy cow, me, "eloquent"? No, not 6... :)

AniAngel AniAngel

Sorry I just can't get past the first line of the guest rant... Best health care system on the planet, that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. You have to deal in facts before you can expect a measured response. I don't like Obama either but I prefer to discuss problems that are based in reality vs political talking points.

nonmember avatar Guest

AniAngel, I did not say "perfect", I said "best". And that statement is a fact.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Think about this? William Shakespeare took, thou art from the word of God. Notice Mark Twain? In the Bible, Jesus Christ yielded up the ghost *Matthew 27:51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; *Acts 17:28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring. (Remember, God is he? *John 8:24)

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