Woman Finds Out Her Husband Is Her Father & You Thought Your Marriage Was Bad

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It's always devastating when you find out that a loved one kept a secret from you. Think of Maria Shriver finding out that her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had fathered a child with the couple's housekeeper. Well, there are secrets and then there are SECRETS. And this one makes Ahhhnold's look tame in comparison.

A 60-year-old woman named Valerie Spruill, from Doylestown, Ohio, found out something after her husband passed away. And it's something that has kept her in therapy ever since. You'd be in therapy too! In fact, if this happened to me, I'd check into therapy and never leave. I'd set up house on the therapist's couch. It's that sick and twisted, folks. Ready for it? Her husband was her FATHER!!! Can I get a big WTF??!!!

Valerie had a difficult childhood. She was raised by her grandparents, who told her they were her parents. They were trying to hide the truth from her, which was that her mother was a prostitute who gave her up at 3 months old. She finally discovered the truth at age 9: That the "family friend" who occasionally came around was actually her mother.

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Years later, Valerie met a truck driver named Percy Spruill from Akron. It's unclear from the stories I read how long they were married, but any time is too long when you discover that your hubby is your dad.

Poor Valerie. Apparently her mother, who was, like I said, a prostitute, had had several children with Percy. And Percy, at some point, set his sights on Valerie and began courting her. Because although she's not 100 percent certain, Valerie suspects that Percy knew she was his daughter. I mean, whaaa --- ???

Valerie says she heard "rumors" about their relationship from the get-go (she doesn't say what kind of rumors exactly) but didn't try to confirm them until after her husband's death in 1998, when she asked her uncle about them. And her uncle confirmed that Percy was Valerie's father. Because apparently "half of Akron" knew the real relationship between the two. Wife is really always the last to know, eh?! Sheesh. Nice people. Think they would have clued her into that one.

This all sounds pretty damn far-fetched but Valerie claims she can prove it with a DNA test. This story leaves so many questions. If Valerie had found out while Percy was alive, what would she have done? Stayed with him? Had him arrested? What kind of fath -- I mean, husband was he? Whaaaat???

Why is Valerie coming out with this story now -- or even at all? She says she wants to find her other siblings. She knows of at least six brothers, but believes there's more out there. She also wants people to see that you can suffer through a trauma and still be a positive, productive person. She told Ohio.com:

I want this to be more of an inspirational story. If I’ve come through this, anyone can come through anything through the help of the Lord.

That's pretty inspirational and I give her props! But with that many male relatives running around, I'd suggest she get out of Ohio before marrying again.

Can you believe this story?!

Editor's note: The Daily News has finally cleared up some of the questions not answered in the original Ohio.com article. Valerie had three children but they were NOT Percy's. They were from her first marriage. She also says her marriage was "good."


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Danelle Price


nonmember avatar Killion

Normally, I comment about the state of ice hockey (I am a mod over at HFBoards after all, don't you forget it), but I just have to share my thoughts on this.

I find this story about as believable as pro wrestling!

Krist... Kristin_Allen

My uncle and aunt live there... I wonder if they knew?

tammy... tammyc1106

If this is true it is just plain disgusting!! As another poster commented maybe she was gossiped about and bullied as a kid because of her mother being a prostitute so she might have thought people were just being cruel once more. As for Darlene Marie this is a blog site so many times you will see the writer post things like WTF and seem like they are talking about a story via email. They are giving the story and then making comments about it too; haven't you noticed that about this site. If you want just news stories and facts without opinions or the possible WTF'S i wouldn't search the STIR i would look on cnn.com or another news website. Sorry stupid comments like that aggravate me

nonmember avatar just sayin'

Vice is nice, but incest is best!

Inez Patterson

If this was really true and there were people who knew they were father and daughter, I find it hard to believe that anyone would have allowed them to get involved let alone marry.  This is absurd and she is either lying or delusional.

Cija Foster

do you all  hire any real writers or just people sitting in their pj's drinking coffee and writing ? This was horrid writing



David Foos

Are they sure they got the state right? Sounds like something out of West Virginia.

nonmember avatar Sammy

First of all, to everyone who keeps asking why no one told her, obviously people told her, which is why she heard "rumors".
Secondly, Akron is large. We are not talking about some podunk town in the middle of nowhere. No way did "half" the CITY (not town) know. Im from there, and have tons of family there.
Third, for everyone saying this isnt true. I assure you these things happen. In my family an older male relative started molesting/raping his daughter at a very young age. It continued for a LONG time, to the point that he even set her up as a prostitute (high end call girl stuff, not on the corner)in Vegas to his mob connections. As far as everyone can tell the sexual "relationship" happened into her 30's before she was finally able to separate herself and find a new life far away. She was also a raging alcoholic into adulthood. Lots of people did know, in the small town they are from. No one ever tried to stop it, its been said they acted inappropriately in public and it wasnt really hidden at all. His wife knew, but because of the times she chose to look the other way. She was abused in her own way.
I never knew him, but I did know her and didnt find this out until after she passed. You would have NEVER known this history, she was loving, smart, successful and all around wonderful. The fact is people are victimized for all sorts of reasons. While it is sick its also very tragic.

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