Clint Eastwood Makes Same Sex Marriage Argument Even GOP Can't Argue With (VIDEO)

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood has been the darling of the right since his surprise chat with an "invisible Obama" at the Republican National Committee's convention last month. So here's hoping his GOP pals will be willing to listen to what the actor and director has to say about same sex marriage. Heck, the message Eastwood is peddling is one the left should find pretty appealing too.

Yes! The two can come together! And it's easier than you'd think! So how does it work?

Well, Clint showed up on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show this week to talk about his new movie and his rather odd GOP speech, and he affirmed what we already knew: he supports marriage equality. Thank goodness that didn't change!

But how can he when he's making nicey nice with the party that has made it clear they think that homosexuals are ruining America? Because as he put it while explaining his stance as a Libertarian:

You believe in government staying out of your life.

If it sounds familiar, perhaps you've studied the Republican Party, the folks who hosted Mr. Eastwood a few weeks back? Theirs is the party that's long touted itself as working toward smaller government, limited regulations. They're the folks who say they want to keep the politicians from poking their noses into their private lives.

But what's that you say? What two men do in their own bedroom is ... private? Why these things might actually fit together!

Eastwood's continued support of same sex marriage will likely anger some of the self-same Republicans who were singing his praises a few short weeks ago, but the fact is, he's sticking closer to the party line than they are. If you want less government intrusion in people's lives, then it's time the government stay out of the bedrooms.

Check out the rest of what Clint had to say:

Does this restore your faith in Clint Eastwood? Are you a Republican or a Democrat (or neither)?

2012 election, marriage equality


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wamom223 wamom223

AniAngel can you point me to which part of the constitution it says that.  Or where it says that anywhere?  It is so offensive when this is called a civil rights issue to the people that have fought for the civil rights movement.  Not to mention it opens the doors for marriages with multiple partners, then where does it end?  It should not be something that is put on people from the government you should let the people vote on it.  I know why it scares you, because its never become legal through a vote, but it doesn't change the way things are done in this country.  Also I thought I would mention to you I was being sarcastic about my question, because you can't find it in the constitution.  You wont find it there because  marriage is actually a STATE government institution therefor it should be up to the states to regulate it.  We do not now have the same rules in every state, that's why every once in a while you hear about a 15 year old being legally married, because in some states that is legal with parental consent.

curio... curious1145

I am a pro-life Democrat,but this article is oversimplifying this whole issue. The intent of Republicans in this situation I believe is not to contradict having the government stay out of your life. They are not trying to control what anyone does in the privacy of their own home. They just don't necessarily think it should be called marriage there-by redefining it as it was established long ago. I'm not saying that's right or wrong,just that it's not the government controlling your life.

wamom223 wamom223

Curious that is what I have been told by my fellow conservatives, and have been told by some gays they don't care if they get all the rights of marriages with a different tittle, they want it to be called marriage. Someone is going to have to compromise but it might have to be the people that only make up one percent of the population.  Maybe that doesn't sound fair but they will have to decide what is more important.  The rights or the tittle.

nonmember avatar lovebug

agree with ani angel 100%. i've always been marriage was 2 people that loved each other. i was never taught it was between a man and woman so they can procreate. i haven't heard a true argument against gay marriage yet, so i still don't understand why it's not legal, hell i don't even know why it's an issue. but i guess just like blacks and women had to fight for their "civil rights" so will gays. can anyone actually show me where it was written that marriage is only between a man and woman? i'm serious and the bible doesn't count as that's not a law, and well.. is just a lifestyle choice. so does anyone know where that's written? anyone?

and what's wrong with multiple partners in a marriage? as long as everyone in it is consenting adult what is the issue? marriage is like a business that can have either 2 partners or multiple partners. if it's not your thing don't get in one.

Tiffany Altieri

Of course it's a civil rights issue.  What makes it different than when it was illegal for two people of different 'races' to wed? There were also many people back then that believed it had been ordained by God that the 'races' should not mix.  That's essentially the same root of the argument against two people of the same gender marrying.  Why should we all have to live by someone else's morality?  I'm as straight as they come and married with a child to boot, but I don't see how anything would even be affected by allowing gay people to enter into marriage.  My marriage won't be invalidated.  I didn't get married because I could, but because of love and wanting to take the next step with my life partner, my husband.  I'm still in love, so that won't change.  Better yet, some of my fellow human beings will be happy - who wouldn't want that?  For a book that preaches (paraphrasing) "Love thy neighbor", it sure contradicts itself a lot.

AniAngel AniAngel

Marriage is not a part of the constitution at all so that point is lost on me. Gay rights is a civil issue, this is clear in many other non discrimination laws. Marriage is a government institution and people can not be refused those rights because we don't agree with their lifestyle. Do you think civil rights legislation would have passed in the 60's if it would have been put to the popular vote? No. Civil rights are not voting issues.

mrspease mrspease

Just one more reason I love Clint Eastwood.

wamom223 wamom223

AniAngels it is not a federal government institution, it is a state government institution.

AniAngel AniAngel

It makes no difference which section of the government marriage belongs to, civil rights are not voting issues.

wamom223 wamom223

Well AniAngel that would be your opinion not a fact.  It is now against the law, either the people vote on it to make it legal or the politicians do.  If the Institution of marriage is a state right that means it is up to the states to decide what is right for them individually.  Here is the definition of civil rights from Mariam/Webster 

Definition of CIVIL RIGHTS

: the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially : the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress

So I asked you before where is it mentioned in the Constitution the right to marriage as a liberty?  Its not there because marriage is recognized under individual states not all of America, otherwise it wouldn't be legal for gays to be married anywhere.  

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