Woman Aborts Baby & Gets 8 Years in Jail

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Abortion is one of the most contentious subjects out there. On the whole, I am pro-choice. Women who feel they can't take care of a baby shouldn't have that baby. We've all read the horrific stories of child abuse that happen every day, some babies even being beaten to death. I would prefer that these babies never have to endure that kind of torture. Nor do I think that an 11-year-old girl who was raped by a grown man should have to give birth and take care of a baby she didn't ask for. We all hope that when women get an abortion, they have thought very carefully about it and are doing it for the right reasons; however, we cannot go around grilling every single woman who decides to have an abortion, and putting her through a court trial to determine whether or not her abortion is "justified."

I also believe if men had children, none of this would even be an issue. However, I'm disgusted by a British woman named Sarah Catt who chose to abort her baby. Here's why.

Reportedly, Catt, of North Yorkshire, England, had an abortion when the fetus was 40 weeks along, which would make it in the last week or so of her pregnancy. Because it would be illegal to get an abortion that late, she ordered an "abortion drug" online through India, and allegedly did it herself. She then buried the baby and told everyone it was stillborn.

However, reportedly the baby was the product of a long-term affair that had gone wrong, so she decided to abort it. I'm not going to judge WHY someone chooses to have an abortion. As I said, we cannot start picking and choosing who gets an abortion. But there are laws in place for a reason about the when a woman can get an abortion. I'm not saying they are all correct -- I know a woman who, due to wrong test results, didn't know she was carrying a severely disabled child until well after her state's abortion cut-off. She was left with a huge dilemma. She eventually miscarried.

But women like Catt make it difficult for all women who have to wrestle with the difficult decision of abortion. Not only did Catt terminate her pregnancy on the week the child would have been born, but allegedly she'd already had one abortion, tried to have another abortion but it was too late, and also gave up one baby for adoption.

It's easy to say "birth control, hello????" And I'm going to say it. Birth control, hello???? But perhaps Catt has a lot of mental issues. I really don't know. Unfortunately in this world, all kinds of people, men and women alike, have children when they shouldn't.

But this just goes into extreme territory, and I can't feel sorry for Catt that a judge sentenced her to eight years in prison. Unfortunately, this leaves her other two children without a mother. Perhaps what she really needed was hardcore counseling and a lifetime free supply of birth control!

But what exactly would have been the solution here? For this woman to give birth to the child she clearly didn't want, and possibly would abuse or not take care of? I don't know. I just wish women like this didn't exist. But they do.

Do you think this woman deserves jail time?


Image via North Yorkshire Police

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Ashley Shifflett

Most definately. Your article states that she had already recieved 2 abortions and gave one child up for adoption, HELLO, you are about to give birth to this child, let someone who cannot have children or someone who would love to adopt, adopt. Why kill an innoncent, alive and breathing baby. She should be placed in jail longer. This is intent to kill and the fact that she buried the baby herself as if noone was going to know. Crazy Insane.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

She looks like she's smug & thrilled with what she did.  Brit girls are tough, and inmates anywhere in the world hate babykillers.  She'll be lucky if she makes it out of prison in one piece.

Tiffany Altieri

As other commenters have said, I'm definitely pro-choice, but that child was viable and also just about to be born. it's tantamount to killing a newborn - except it was a jsut about to born.  You've given a child up for adoption before - why the hell couldn't you do it again?  What she did was illegal - you cannot abort that far along into your pregnancy.  She broke the law and she deserves to pay for that.

Heather Wolf

At 40 weeks, that baby would have been born a viable infant with proper care.  This isn't abortion, this is murder.   Because she says the baby was still in her uterus and she used an "abortion drug" to induce labor, that in NO WAY makes this an abortion.  Murder, plain and simple.  I don't think she got what she deserved.  Not at all.  What she deserves is a life sentence for murder.  Where is the gray area here?

Autumn Brown

That's not abortion. That's MURDER. How could you... bury your own child because you're selfish, and clearly demented?? Make her fry.

wamom223 wamom223

Katy I don't know what you are responding too.  My last comment was to answer a question from Kathy about adoption.  I also made a point that a baby can live outside the womb at 18 weeks, and that prolifer's believe life starts at conception.  You seem to want to play some weird game of when life starts and I say it starts when a life is formed.  These are our opinions, so who is to say who's right.    My original statement was that it becomes an abortion debate because she used an abortion pill she bought on line, which I don't think you should be able to do.  However, I don't know how you prevent other countries from doing whatever they want.  Obviously, this woman was crazy and there are some commenter's that have said they think its her body and she should be able to abort when she wants.  Its hard to except prochoicers when they say they don't believe in late term abortions when they don't have anything to say when its happening.  I in no way condone the killing of Dr. Tiller, but he would do abortion up until the week before a baby was born, so how is that different?  They say 99.9% of pro choicers want to limit abortion and limit the months it can be done, but the comments on this site and others don't support that.  

Deann... Deanna2872

At 40wks, we're not talking about a fetus. And we're not talking about her using a medication to prevent a successful implantation (as the 'abortion pill' does) of an egg, and she did not terminate an early pregnancy. She carried a baby to term, induced labor, at some point ended up killing that baby, and then buried it. Period. This was not an abortion, by any definition or stretch of the imagination. And if 8yrs is what the UK hands out for infanticide, then she received the usual sentence (still, too little in my own opinion), but if the court gave her a reduced sentence in any way because she tried to pass it off as an abortion, then the court system was sucessfully manipulated by a very disturbed woman and her legal counsel-

A gross miscarriage of human justice...

Tanya Frey

Only people who deserve the choice to abort are the raped or medically endangered. WOmen who get abortions for the hell of it or because Daddy or their boyfriend don't like it or won't love them anymore should just give them up for adoption.


Johnelle Warren

Does the UK have "safe baby" laws? That would have been her best option.

Andrea Gray

hell yeah, that bitch shoulda took a bullet to that fucked up head of hers!! what kinda ppl would do that to a perfect lil baby??

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