Mitt Romney's Secret Tapes Reveal What He Really Thinks of Half the Country (VIDEO)

Mitt RomneyIf there was ever any doubt as to what Mitt Romney thinks about most of the people in this country (and about Barack Obama supporters in particular), it can be put to rest. Romney was caught during what appears to be a fundraising dinner at the Boca Raton home of controversial private equity manager Marc Leder saying unimaginably entitled, out-of-touch, and downright cruel things about the American people.

Romney has never tried to appear warm and fuzzy. He is a business man who made his (vast) living tearing other people down for his own gain. But even for a Master of the Universe like Romney, his off the cuff comments seem callous and breathtakingly unaware of his position.

Essentially, he believes he would have a better shot at being President if he were Mexican. He believes 47 percent of Americans are entitled moochers. And he believes Americans are too dumb to want to listen to "intellectual" arguments. This is the man you want to elect? See below:

Look, Romney doesn't have to be likable. He doesn't have to be a guy you want to get a beer with. George W. Bush was that and look how well that turned out. He does need to be HUMAN, though. And he has failed at that in the most basic way.

The idea that a man making as much as he has made in his life balks at people feeling entitled to, I don't know, FOOD seems so unimaginably out to lunch, it's like a joke about rich people. His clueless cruelty begs comparison to all kinds of entitled, out-of-touch wealthy people throughout history. Maybe we should ask Marie Antoinette how ignoring plight worked out for her. Oh wait ...

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I also take his comments personally. I am an Obama supporter and I have paid an ungodly sum to the IRS this year. I have never once taken any kind of government assistance. My family votes in the same precinct as Romney for god's sake. We aren't victims. We aren't entitled. And we don't expect government handouts.

We believe that it's the responsibility of those of us who were born into lucky circumstances and who availed ourselves of clean water, paved roads, good fire and police forces to give back. That might mean higher taxes. I would pay them. I am comfortable enough in my life and circumstances to WANT to pay taxes so that others might have chances at education, food, housing, and all the other things our taxes cover.

Moreover, as David Brooks said so eloquently in his column today in The New York Times:

The people who receive the disproportionate share of government spending are not big-government lovers. They are Republicans.

It's easy to dismiss Obama's supporters as whiny, entitled moochers. In fact, that couldn't be more wrong. The Obama supporters I know are all hard workers. Most have master's degrees or higher. Most are paying upwards of $30,000-50,000 in taxes in the past year.

You are wrong Mr. Romney. And because of that, you will lose. You should lose. A president who thinks like Romney is dangerous, indeed.

Do you find Romney's comments offensive?


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LKRachel LKRachel

yeah and there are 'secret tapes' of President Obama telling Vladmir Putin that he's going to appear to be hard on him just until he gets reelected and then they'll work things out the way he wants.  Either candidates are going to have to be 'on' 24/7 and never make a mistake, or we have to deal with how they realy feel and make our decisions based on their honesty and not their talking points and campaign slogans.

miche... micheledo

I dont think it is nearly as bad as everyone is making this out to be.  The vast majority of those voting for Obama DO believe we are all entitled to healthcare.  And it really isn't that we are all entitled to food, it is the belief that the GOVERNMENT has to provide it that I have a problem with.  I think everyone should have basic needs met.  (Food, clothing, shelter)

I am, however, offended that he thinks everyone who pays no income tax is voting for Obama.  We get ALL our income tax back and then some, but I am NOT voting for Obama.  If Romney keeps this up, I might just vote third party even at the risk of Obama being re-elected.

zandh... zandhmom2

I'm not offended either.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  There is a video showing people talking about getting "Obamas' money" during the last elections.  My ex sil will vote for him because she is able to support her kids as she puts it "because of Obama" without having to work.  She worked only 2 months last year and got over six thousand in tax does that happen? I know that not all Obama supporters are free loaders but the same can be said that not all Obama nonsupporters are racist.  See how that works?!

nonmember avatar ml1232

billsfan1104 - Learning more about a candidate running for president (particularly one this tight-lipped about his positions and ideas) is a distraction? Very interesting perspective. Since the average American, such as yourself, isn't out there doing riot control in the mid-east, I think he/she might have time to maybe keep an eye on the news AND vote responsibly. Voting responsibly means actually paying attention to the candidates. Sorry he said something unbelievably stupid, but you telling us that this is just "deflection" from the real issues IS deflection. One of the current issues is the election. Just sayin'.

Procr... Procrastamom

DGarr1000- you are awesome!

CanCa... CanCan123

I am not offended, Ill tell you there are plenty of peope who think they are entitled to everything. Yes everyone needs assistance in their life at one point or another, but then there is just taking major advantage over the system. Like I always say WORK HARDER, MILLIONS ON WELFARE DEPEND ON YOU!!!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

maMl, I might be doing "riot-control", but I family that is. So yes I worry. I also worry about my gas prices, since here in Western NY, they are some of the highest in the country, but Obama will not do anything about it. I know he cant do anything about prices, per say, but he can do other things. So yes, this is a distraction, to deflect from what the real issues are. Because I know and You know, that no matter what Romney says, you are going to vote for b

bills... billsfan1104

Zand, you exsil must be my welfare cow neighbor.

Caera Caera

He's totally right. Most of the poor democrats are public moochers. And why wouldn't they be? With welfare systems that are created to encourage joblessness, SNAP funds that can be used to buy crap so that money can be spent on "accessories", and a "gimme" society perpetuated by the lie that minorities can't stand on their own two feet, of course those who want to not work and have the government pay for them and their kids are democrats. Of course they're going to vote for the party who brags about the number of minorities on food assistance (a la Nancy Pelosi), but doesn't want any accountability measures put in place because that would "violate their rights".

I don't care for Mitt Romney much, but I hate what Democrats have done to our society. He's got my vote.

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