Mitt Romney's Secret Tapes Reveal What He Really Thinks of Half the Country (VIDEO)

Mitt RomneyIf there was ever any doubt as to what Mitt Romney thinks about most of the people in this country (and about Barack Obama supporters in particular), it can be put to rest. Romney was caught during what appears to be a fundraising dinner at the Boca Raton home of controversial private equity manager Marc Leder saying unimaginably entitled, out-of-touch, and downright cruel things about the American people.

Romney has never tried to appear warm and fuzzy. He is a business man who made his (vast) living tearing other people down for his own gain. But even for a Master of the Universe like Romney, his off the cuff comments seem callous and breathtakingly unaware of his position.

Essentially, he believes he would have a better shot at being President if he were Mexican. He believes 47 percent of Americans are entitled moochers. And he believes Americans are too dumb to want to listen to "intellectual" arguments. This is the man you want to elect? See below:

Look, Romney doesn't have to be likable. He doesn't have to be a guy you want to get a beer with. George W. Bush was that and look how well that turned out. He does need to be HUMAN, though. And he has failed at that in the most basic way.

The idea that a man making as much as he has made in his life balks at people feeling entitled to, I don't know, FOOD seems so unimaginably out to lunch, it's like a joke about rich people. His clueless cruelty begs comparison to all kinds of entitled, out-of-touch wealthy people throughout history. Maybe we should ask Marie Antoinette how ignoring plight worked out for her. Oh wait ...

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I also take his comments personally. I am an Obama supporter and I have paid an ungodly sum to the IRS this year. I have never once taken any kind of government assistance. My family votes in the same precinct as Romney for god's sake. We aren't victims. We aren't entitled. And we don't expect government handouts.

We believe that it's the responsibility of those of us who were born into lucky circumstances and who availed ourselves of clean water, paved roads, good fire and police forces to give back. That might mean higher taxes. I would pay them. I am comfortable enough in my life and circumstances to WANT to pay taxes so that others might have chances at education, food, housing, and all the other things our taxes cover.

Moreover, as David Brooks said so eloquently in his column today in The New York Times:

The people who receive the disproportionate share of government spending are not big-government lovers. They are Republicans.

It's easy to dismiss Obama's supporters as whiny, entitled moochers. In fact, that couldn't be more wrong. The Obama supporters I know are all hard workers. Most have master's degrees or higher. Most are paying upwards of $30,000-50,000 in taxes in the past year.

You are wrong Mr. Romney. And because of that, you will lose. You should lose. A president who thinks like Romney is dangerous, indeed.

Do you find Romney's comments offensive?


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jmama... jmama0307

Of corse I find him offensive. He is an asshole and for someone who is being elected as the president of the United States of American he should def care of each and every American. Not be a hypocrit. He don't have my vote. None of my family is voting for him.

nonmember avatar Aundrea

So we're supposed to be offended because he wants America to help themselves? We are on govt assistance but are working hard to get off. A lot of Americans have a sense of entitlement and they shouldn't.

DGarr... DGarr1000

Mr. Romney finally speaks from the heart.

He will dismiss 47% of Americans as beneath his consideration. He will be the President of the 53% (or whatever percentage of the population votes for him.)  

This was no gaffe. 

A gaffe is when one misspeaks.  

This was not a mistake. 

Mr. Romney was telling it as he believed.  

For the first time, we hear a man speaking confidently, eloquently, because he is saying what he believes.  

Who knew. We had thought he was just a candidate uncomfortable with oratory. No, he was a man who was hiding what he really believed and unable to do it artfully.  

Yes, Mr. Romney has finally told the truth.  

And that is the problem.

Goodbye, Mr. Romney. 

Go away.  

Go to your multiple homes, or to Switzerland or to the Caymans or wherever else you can be with your millions (or is it billions?) 

Go away and don't come back. 


Algeria Touchshriek

I think what you have here is perhaps the most honest moment of Mitt Romney's political career.  I wouldn't call it a "gaffe" as some have at all, because this is what Romney said behind closed doors and what many well-to-do conservatives truly honestly believe.

Specifically, in the world of these particular conservatives, those who pay Federal taxes are "makers" and those who do not are "takers."  It doesn't matter if the person has a legitimate disability, is a wounded or recovering veteran, or is a single mother working to stay afloat.  If you're in the 47%, you are deemed unworthy of Romney's time or attention.

And before someone jumps on me for attacking conservatives, I didn't claim this characterizes ALL conservatives.  Indeed, this philosophy is about as far from Reagan conservatism as one can get.  David Brooks has perhaps the best takedown of Romney's ideology I've seen in an op-ed today.

OoOJa... OoOJanisOoO

Nope not offended at all. I think he is right and my family is part of the 47% who don't pay taxes. DH pays taxes throughout the year but then we get way more back than we pay in.

bills... billsfan1104

Not offended one bit. I think that this bullshit. We are not focusing on that there are riots that wont stop in the mid-east. We are not focusing on the economy, and we are not focusing on gas prices. This is just a distraction the media are using to deflect away from Obama.

mleil... mleilanim

Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is" should be their new theme song! There's only ever controversy in what is the blatant truth. The point here is Obama supporters, regardless of %, are enabled by the current governmentmal regime to be codependent for the rest of their lives. Good for Mitt.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

He is absolutely correct. This country is holding on by a toe all because people who can work and should work would rather sit on their butts and be fed and housed by the government.

In an ideal and well working country everyone who is able to would work so that those who are disabled will have resources available to them when needed. The more resources available the quicker a person is able to get back into the work force.

Instead this country coddles those who should work and don't and then leaves the disabled out on the street.

I, for one, am tired of Obama suckling the lazy...give them a huge kick in the pants and get them out the door.

kwinroth kwinroth

He's spot on.  Not offended at all.

nonmember avatar nobama

I agree with Mitt Romney and he has my vote.

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