13-Year-Old Charged With Killing One Brother & Molesting the Other (VIDEO)

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kid in cuffsLife has not been easy for Cristian Fernandez, and in the months to come, it will get immeasurably worse. The 13-year-old will be charged as an adult and is the youngest inmate awaiting trial in the county jail.

If convicted of first degree murder for the beating death of his 2-year-old half brother and the sexual abuse of his 5-year-old half brother, he could spend much of his life behind bars. As his short back-story unfolds, it's clear this young life has been a sad and devastating one.

The product of a sexual assault, his mother gave birth to him at just 14 years old. At 2 years old, he was found naked, dirty, and alone on a South Florida street. In the care of his grandmother, she was reportedly found with cocaine in a messy hotel room.

Cristian was later sexually assaulted by a cousin and physically abused by his stepfather, who committed suicide during the police investigation of that incident. So harrowing was his life, to survive, he once told a counselor: "You got to suck up feelings and get over it." What a sad perspective for such a young person.

Now facing a lengthy prison term, this poor child's life is over before it ever began. This case has definitely sparked a lot of controversy, as many people believe it's not right such a young child should face life in prison. However, even if found guilty, Fernandez will likely see the light of day. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that it's unconstitutional for juveniles to get mandatory life sentences without parole.

If convicted, he certainly deserves to be locked away for some period of time. If only that meant he would get the help he needed. We all know that is unlikely. I can't even imagine what he will be like after decades behind bars, but I suppose one day we will find out after he is freed.

Watch more on the story:

Do you think a 13-year-old should be charged as an adult?

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nonmember avatar Cass

For SOME crimes committed by SOME 13-year olds, yes, they should be charged as an adult. For THIS 13-year old... I don't know. I'm glad I'm not on the jury.

geeky... geekychick

I say put him in juvi and give him support and counseling and then reconsider when he is 18 or 21. Give him the tools to better him self if he cant or wont then reconsider his options.

nonmember avatar kaerae

And states continue to think that reuniting families in which kids are assaulted is the way to go...

nonmember avatar kaerae

Did the writer of this watch the video? It says mom was 12 when she had him, not 14.

e.nic... e.nicole.w

This is incredibly sad. I know that there are people who come from the worst of situations and end up just fine but it really seems like this kid didn't have a chance. It doesn't excuse what he did or what happened but I agree with Cass...I wouldn't want to be on the jury of this trial.

Caera Caera

Throw the book at him. Many people grow up in horrible situations and don't end up becoming killers or child molestors. At 13, he knew exactly what he was doing.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Born to a 12 year old mother, he didn't have much of a chance. They were both put in care after the grandmother incident, raised as siblings, not as a mother and and her baby. The child didn't stand much of a chance, he was always going to be damaged. But he murder a baby, and molested another child. He knew what he was doing when he murdered the baby. He was twelve when he brutally murdered a baby. He knew exactly what he was doing, and should most definitely be charged as an adult. 

Compare it to the murder of james bulger in england in the early 90's. His murderers never really rehabilitated, and they were not given full sentences. This boy knew the baby was defenceless, he has put himself at the mercy of the court now.

nonmember avatar Lisa

The question is, will counselling be effective? There may be a possibility to rehabilitate this child but its not so easy to say just give him counselling. He needs the correct intensive treatment for at least ten years. but will is get it? Doubtful. But to protect society as a whole unfortunately it may better to lock him up and throw away the key. Sacrifice One to save many. What he needs

nonmember avatar shelly

I'm torn on this. I was horrified by this case, so I read much about it. It has been said, that the boy shows no emotion or remorse. He had previously broken the child's leg, and has been violent before. He sexually assaulted the 5 year old. That was not touching, but violently assaulting. He was deemed (By psychologists) very dangerous and emotionless, which is why they are keeping him locked up until the trial. (That, is not common for such a young offender.) This will sound so horrible, but I think this child is broken. I don't think you beat t death a toddler, and rape a child...to never harm someone again. His life created him, and could have possibly been born wrong. From what I've read...and I do not take everything I've read as truth...he was labeled with sociopath tendencies. That can't be rehabilitated. I'm sorry, but I think this boy would kill and assault someone else. For the greater good, I don't believe he should ever be free. Such a tragedy.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Faith is what the world believes in? *Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. *Amos 8:11*

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