Boy Scouts Cover Up Alleged Sex Abuses for Years & Make Leaders Look Like Hypocrites

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boy scout uniformOh the hypocrisy. It looks like over the last 20 years, Boy Scouts of America has been covering for child molesters. An investigation by the Los Angeles Times has unearthed what's informally called the organization's "perversion file," records of blacklisted scout leaders who allegedly molested boys in their care. The list goes back to 1919! And BSA has been fighting to keep the list secret.

Now we see why: Because time after time BSA let alleged child molesters quietly resign under false pretenses, neglecting to alert the authorities about reports of abuse. Worse, because BSA leaders didn't report these incidents, alleged molesters sometimes weaseled their way back into the organization to do it all over again!

Who were the Boy Scouts of America trying to protect with this supposed black list? Definitely not the boys or their families! This sort of cover-up is much more about protecting the alleged molesters and especially protecting the reputation of the organization. No wonder they take such a hard line against gay scoutmasters. Right?

Wrong. The ban on gay scout maters totally misses the point. None of the alleged or convicted child molesters were gay. Gay does not mean child molester. Not the same thing, folks! And anyone with half a brain knows that openly gay men like GROWNUP MEN, not boys. Men who are into boys are in a whole, sick, disturbed category all of their own. It is not even remotely the same thing. Not even if you're into twinks. Anyway, you lose all claims to "morality" when you cover up for child molesters.

So let's look at the facts as they're being reported. Most allegations of abuse were reported to the police before they were reported to the Scouts, so that's a relief, anyway. But there are about 500 reports that came from kids, parents, or other sources. Of those, about 400 of those cases were never reported to the police. And in 100 of those cases, there were attempts to actively cover up the incidents.

So here we are now, and I have a son in Boy Scouts. How thrilled am I with this news? My son is pretty young and hasn't gone on any overnight camping trips. Meetings are at a church, not in anyone's home. And it's some relief to know that in 2010 the BSA instituted a policy requiring leaders to report any and all cases of suspected abuse to the authorities. But still -- this story really makes me wonder about the culture in BSA leadership and where their priorities are. Maybe we'll skip scouting this year, after all.

Do you feel secure that BSA's new policy about reporting incidents of abuse will protect your child?


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paren... parentalrights1

Yet another reason to hate the boyscouts

navyw... navywife0204

So glad I have girls... they are in Girl Scouts, and I go on ALL the trips, including the overnight ones, with my daughters.

Flori... Floridamom96

I have read all the documents involved in the first 7 cases in the link you provided. I see several issues with the way the cases were handled as well as with your characterization. First, for reasons that I cannot even imagine sexual abuse of children was simply not taken seriously or properly addressed by anyone except the victims and their families in decades past. This is a profound disgrace for all the adults involved in treating this like a minor crime or incident. For the most part in the BSA I see people trying to keep these monsters away from the children in the scout program. There are times when there were massive failures and children paid the price, particulary in the cases of William Lazzareschi and Floyd David Slusher. These failings are inexcusable.

nonmember avatar Guest

"None of the alleged or convicted child molesters were gay."

(Pssst! "Gay" means "likes to have sex with the SAME gender!)

Hope that clears up your confusion!

nonmember avatar Guest

So, since the Girl Scouts do not seem to feel it is appropriate to send a bunch of teenage girls out into the woods to sleep in tents with straight adult men overnight, wonder what kind of "discrimination" they are "guilty" of?

Perhaps they are "biased" against naive idiots?

Autum... Autumnleaves87

You nailed it on the head about banning gay scout leaders!

It's the same logic as say, if I was banned at my step sons (insert ANYTHING here: birthday party, baseball game, school ect) because I like men, and therefore may pray on the little boys... I have a saying for that: F*cking stupid.

And just like priests and coaches and now boy scout leaders, the gays are the ones who are shunned and sent away, and yet the monsters who take advantage of our children are left under the radar.

Way to go society.

nonmember avatar Guest

Yes parentalrights1, good liberals know it is fashionable to hate the Boy Scouts, whether they have a reason or not.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Scouts are just creepy in so many ways. If you want your kids to learn camping, charity, survival skills, etc. TEACH THEM!

Flori... Floridamom96


Currently the BSA takes extraordinary steps to protect the children involved. No adult is ever to be alone with any child or children, ever. If there are not enough adults to properly surpervise and activity the activity is cancelled. Parents, boys, and scout leaders and volunteers are given training on what to watch out for and steps we can all take to prevent boys being victimized. All adults involved in scouting whether as volunteers or simply as parents undergo background checks every year. Part of every boys participation in scouting is being educated on how the adults should behave towards them.

Also, I feel I need to clarify Adriana's statement about coverups, they BSA was ususally trying to prevent media coverage, not completely hiding the abuse )although there were some times that an explicit cover up did happen). I don't condone either type of "coverup", I just felt we should be accurate.

Doing something wrong in the past does not they are still doing the wrong thing. Check it out yourselves. You can find all the information on the BSA policies here.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Everything in the world will be exposed by grace and truth, there is no place to hide? *Luke 23:30 Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us. *Revelation 6:16 And said to mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the lamb.

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