American Values Are Rooted in Family, Church & Government

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Are American values rooted in family, church or government? I would say all of the above -- just not all at the same time! We seem to have lost our way with all of this and we seem to be confusing how important each is and how important it is to keep them separate. And we seem to be confusing how important the concept of freedom is to how all of these segments of society function.

According to Gallup, 40% of Americans say they go to church regularly. Why do they go? To be inspired, to worship, for community. Not one person said they go to be a better citizen. And hence my point, citizenship and God are separate categories.  So, too, family. But what a mash up they've become.

Stephen Jay Gould has a wonderful website called The American History of Religious Freedom with great quotes from Presidents past on this issue of church and state.  I particularly like the quote from John F. Kennedy, who said, "No Catholic prelate would tell the President how he should act." (He might be surprised at some of the sermons around stem cell research as of late!)

For someone who would rather listen to an episode of the cable television show Modern Family than listen to a politician preach about traditional family values, I just want our government to get back to governing. I just believe each family should have the freedom to decide whether it is a Mom and a Dad running the show, A Mom and a Mom or a single Mom or Dad.

As far as family, I have to admit I like when I see, whether it's the Obamas or the Romneys a tight family unit. Who doesn't consider a happy, well-functioning family a sign of success? As a single Mom who wonders whether she can govern her own teenagers sometimes (that's a joke), I am proud to say at least we exhibit the very American belief that hard work is the solution to our problems!


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danie... daniegrrl

I don't think church has that big an impact on family values. I believe that religion needs to be left out of government. I'm not a christian and I don't go to church but I still hold the same basic family values as my christian friends. Keep them separate like they should be.


Moms Know Best 

Moms know that class size matters. They know that smaller class size means a calmer classroom environment, more individualized instruction, and more opportunities for their child to ask and answer questions. Romney has stated that class size doesn't matter and

will not allocate money to reduce class size.  

Moms know that equal pay for equal work is a right, yet Romney and Republicans are against the Paycheck Fairness Bill. 

Moms know that contraception, family planning, and a right to abortion impact the emotional and financial well-being of their families. Romney wants to defund all the above and make abortion illegal, setting women's rights back 50 years.  Read the RNC platform. It should make you shudder. 

Moms know that Big Bird and PBS teach young children basic concepts that help them succeed in school. Cutting funds to PBS, as Romney has promised, will negatively impact families in rural areas.  

Moms know that most of us are part of the 47% that Romney said he doesn't care about. That means anyone who gets Veterans Benefits, Medicare, Social Security, College Assistance in the form of grants or loans, etc. are victims.

American values are rooted in how we treat children, the elderly, and less fortunate. 

Your vote matters.  Vote FOR your family!

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