Baby Bottles Filled With Bleach Being Slipped to Kids in Strollers

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bottleOh, world, you really have gone to hell in a hand basket, haven't you? On the heels of the horrific protests and attacks in Libya and Yemen, and the man who was left for dead on a subway track, we now have a random woman handing out bottles of bleach to babies. Yep. Seriously, if you just want to crawl under the covers today, and not leave -- ever -- no judging here.

Police in London are currently on the lookout for a white woman, said to be in her 50s, who has reportedly given an 11-month-old baby a bottle containing bleach. Earlier on today, police were called in to treat the little one, who had suddenly gotten sick and was vomiting at a McDonald's. They found out that the baby was apparently offered a bottle containing an unknown substance some time beforehand (containing bleach supposedly). The baby swallowed some of the liquid, and is now at a hospital in "stable" condition. Shortly after discovering what happened, police issued the following message via Twitter: "WARNING! Last 1/2 hr. @Eltham High St. White female in 50s giving children in [strollers] bottles containing believed bleach."

Where was the mom? What was she doing? How did this happen, etc. etc. etc.? I don't know, as details regarding this incident are sparse. But I do know that the world is out of control lately. Nuts. Banoodles. Come loose from its hinges. It's almost enough to not make you want to bring a kid into this mess. Good Lord.

Thank God this child is okay. Let's pray that the police catch this loon, and this never happens again. And, you know what? Why don't we just all stay under the covers today? Seems like the only way we'll be safe.

How sick is this?

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nonmember avatar Bella

That's CRAZY!! How are you that crazy? But then again, don't you check on your kid when they're in a stroller? Don't you know what your bootle looks and SMELLS?!

Knife Knife

Maybe the mom turned away for a second (if she had other kids with her, I can understand), and while her back was turned the lady took the moment to swap the baby's bottle with the bleach filled one?

I hope the baby is okay. I've accidentally swallowed bleach, a very small amount; it was miserable and agonizing. I can't imagine the baby's pain :(

I hope that witch is caught.

garde... gardenchic

i would KIll the bitch, i truly would!

nonmember avatar Nicole

Wow, is anywhere safe anymore?! Scary stuff :(

Lisa Moore

If the mom didn't know the baby had the bottle that means she didn't see the woman right? I wonder how they know what she looks like. Maybe I'm missing something?

nonmember avatar zizzler

They might have had surveillance vids from the McD's of the woman. Parents put their kids in strollers and 'forget' about them all the time (out of sight, out of mind? idk).

Knife Knife

Lisa: Along with surveillance, witnesses probably saw her hand the bottle to the child, and thought nothing of it, them assuming she was a grandmother or caretaker; and I'm guessing this was all over the local news so people came forward. Just an assumption.

Amy Hysell

I don't know... my first thought was what if the mom did this and made up the story about the woman. I just can't understand how this could happen otherwise- if the mom was paying attention at all.

Either way, I am so angry that anyone would do this to person, let alone a sweet baby!


nonmember avatar kevobx

Jeremiah 9:17 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Consider ye, and call for the mourning women, that they may come; and send for cunning women, that they may come: *Genesis 25:27 and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field;

Saerise Saerise

If it was ever done to my child, they'd be finding the person in pieces.

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