Sassy 77-Year-Old Dragged Out of Car by Cop Got What She Deserved (VIDEO)

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When an elderly woman was pulled over for speeding and refused to show police her ID, the 77-year-old was dragged out of her SUV. The thought of some poor, defenseless old lady being manhandled by a possibly power-tripping cop may have your blood boiling, but don't rush to judgement. 

The video of this dramatic traffic stop -- captured by both a dash cam and a tiny lens on the officer's uniform -- may have you rooting for the long arm of the law. You won't believe the nerve of this sassy, back-talking granny.

The trouble started when Lynn Bedford was pulled over for allegedly driving 66 mph in a 50 mph zone. Sergeant Gene Geheb asked for her ID and registration, to which she replied that she had a bladder infection and needed to go to the bathroom. He then asked her for the documents several more times, but she wouldn't give in. 

"Just hurry up; I have to go to the bathroom," she said.

"Let me see your driver's license and insurance, please," the officer asked.

She declined many times.

"No, I want to see your driver's license and insurance, please, and then I'll listen to you," the officer said.

"I'll give it to you in a minute," she replied.

"No, you give it to me now, or I'm going to take you to jail," he said.

"Well, go ahead," she said.

He then asked her to get out of the car six times, but she wouldn't budge. Geheb is heard calling for back-up before tugging on the spirited septuagenarian. After a lot of struggle, he managed to drag her out and put the cuffs on. Ticketed for speeding and failing to identify herself, Bedford was later released and has since hired a lawyer. No word yet on if she plans to sue. 

Either way, Geheb's superiors are sticking by the legitimacy of the arrest and I couldn't agree more. Bottom line is, she broke the law. If she had just handed him her license, she would have been on her way to a toilet in five minutes. Instead, she totally aggravated the man by defying his instructions -- which honestly didn't seem unusual for a traffic stop.

Watch the dramatic arrest:

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Do you think the police officer overreacted?



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nonmember avatar Bob

1.The cop didnot use any tactics to deescalate the situation.
2.Bladder emergergency may become a life threatening emergency.The condition is called autonomic dysreflexia.Without the patient's conscious awarnenss their BP shoots up to more than 200/100 which may result in bizzare behvavior.
3.Dragging a 77 year old woman may result in permanant spinal hip injury
4.Panic anxiety is an Axis 1 psychaitric disorder.Shouting and dragging is not a justifyable method to deal with a sufferer of panic or sever anxiety.
Before taking sides please evaluate these possible situations>>>>>>

Ray Plysiuk

I watched the entire video uninterrupted by news reporters and I think all of you should lay off the old lady. First of all, the officer interrupted her with a tone even I at 29 wouldn't appreciate and as far as I'm concerned that's disrespectful. Maybe the lady really has been having some serious health problems and was just trying to explain that to the officer. There was no need for him to raise his voice with an old lady that was just trying to finish her sentence. Havent any of you heard of a little thing called respect your elders? The attitude the cop has is my words are more important than your words and its my way or the hiway. The old lady doesn't stand for that and I applaud her. The arguement can be made that police don't need to be respectful or have any tolerance towards the public and they only have to do their job regardless of circumstances of a situation, but I'm going to suggest to you that's a poor police style. Do you accept police running around like cowboys and enforcing the law with an attitude which no doubt relects their personally and treating people like shit??

Deborah K Snyder

She had absolutely no respect for an officer of the law but she demanded all kinds of respect herself. The self absorbed *itch got exactly what she deserved, people never cease to amaze me.

nonmember avatar steve kelly

Isn't there a better way to handle this situation? I don't care how defiant she was, you just don't yank a 77 year old woman out of a car. this is disgusting.

wireh... wirehangers

I have diabetes insipidus which causes me to pee uncontrollably without the right amount of medication.I would have at least attempted to get my drivers license while telling the officer about my bursting bladder

Deann... Deanna2872

Yeah, she could have spent that time getting her license and registration/insurance to him instead of arguing, at which point she could have explained any extenuating circumstances. Its just common sense. As for the respect issue, that goes both ways. And when it comes to obeying the law and compliance, there is no restriction on age, gender, or race. Unless this woman was physically/mentally unable to cooperate, there is no excuse. And if she WAS unable to cooperate, she would have no business operating a motor vehicle anyways.

And to answer the question about how I would feel if it was my own mother or grandmother, let me clearly state that my mother or grandmother wouldn't act this way in the first place. And if either of them were in a car with me and I acted like this to a cop, they would be the first one to drag my ass out of the car (and probably give me a good whipping as well, even if I AM 40!). IF my mom or grandmother ever acted in this manner, I can guarantee you it would be time for a serious health evaluation, NOT a lawsuit. The law, is the law, is the law, is THE LAW. For EVERYONE. Period.

FaithNco FaithNco

Wow. Too bad. Simple situation like this. Police officer 101. This could have been handled differently. Officers that I've worked with are trained to defuse situations, especially this type with and elderly person. Only a Speeding ticket. Plus they must not be short on jail space. Don't forget tax $. Yes, of course Granny could have just shut up and done as told. Wonder if either one will respond differently next time.

nonmember avatar Dawn

The police officer should have given her a chance to produce her id. He was unprofessional and could have seriously injured her.

nonmember avatar Lori

The officer was right. No if"s and"s or But"s. Plain and simple . Had it been a younger person there wouldnt be a question at all. I work with elderly peple and some of them think that they can say or do very inaproprate things and get away with them just because they are elderly. If she was so afraid of being hurt then she would have cooperated and then she could have been on her way to use the bath room. That whole thing about needing the bathroom was nothing but a poor excuse anyway. She is just a defiant and rude person. I have had bladder infections before and never has the need for the bathroom caused me to be a jerk to people. She needs to just admit that she is a rude, defiant,Be-atch.

nonmember avatar D. Baker

So the lady takes too long presenting her owners with the proper slave papers and is then assaulted and kidnapped? And all you commenters think this is just and proper use of force by a servant of the people?

Pathetic. You statist cowards prefer prison and hollow promises of safety to the dignifying, naturally human state of individual self determination. More like pets than people.

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