Sassy 77-Year-Old Dragged Out of Car by Cop Got What She Deserved (VIDEO)

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When an elderly woman was pulled over for speeding and refused to show police her ID, the 77-year-old was dragged out of her SUV. The thought of some poor, defenseless old lady being manhandled by a possibly power-tripping cop may have your blood boiling, but don't rush to judgement. 

The video of this dramatic traffic stop -- captured by both a dash cam and a tiny lens on the officer's uniform -- may have you rooting for the long arm of the law. You won't believe the nerve of this sassy, back-talking granny.

The trouble started when Lynn Bedford was pulled over for allegedly driving 66 mph in a 50 mph zone. Sergeant Gene Geheb asked for her ID and registration, to which she replied that she had a bladder infection and needed to go to the bathroom. He then asked her for the documents several more times, but she wouldn't give in. 

"Just hurry up; I have to go to the bathroom," she said.

"Let me see your driver's license and insurance, please," the officer asked.

She declined many times.

"No, I want to see your driver's license and insurance, please, and then I'll listen to you," the officer said.

"I'll give it to you in a minute," she replied.

"No, you give it to me now, or I'm going to take you to jail," he said.

"Well, go ahead," she said.

He then asked her to get out of the car six times, but she wouldn't budge. Geheb is heard calling for back-up before tugging on the spirited septuagenarian. After a lot of struggle, he managed to drag her out and put the cuffs on. Ticketed for speeding and failing to identify herself, Bedford was later released and has since hired a lawyer. No word yet on if she plans to sue. 

Either way, Geheb's superiors are sticking by the legitimacy of the arrest and I couldn't agree more. Bottom line is, she broke the law. If she had just handed him her license, she would have been on her way to a toilet in five minutes. Instead, she totally aggravated the man by defying his instructions -- which honestly didn't seem unusual for a traffic stop.

Watch the dramatic arrest:

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Do you think the police officer overreacted?



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Trina... Trina.mhmm

That lady was absolutely ridiculous. She seems like a pain in the ass and I am glad that is not my ganny lol goo job officer

nonmember avatar Amy

No. Not okay with me. The old lady was wrong but it is not okay to drag a 77 year old lady to the ground for speeding and not giving a DL right away. There was a better way for each of them to have handled the situation but a young male cop never has the right to hurt an old woman.

nonmember avatar AmandaCM


UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

She's an idiot. How hard is it to give your license. She deserved it.

Susan Spick

omg lady he would listen after you did what he asked and you think because you are older you would get away with talking to him that way , you got what anyone would get

Larry Poindexter

okay, how many of you would feel the same if it were your mother/grandmother? I'll tell you how many...ZERO! And if you say you would, you are a liar! If it had been my mother/grandmother, that officer would need to watch his back!

Katy Khan

wow Larry...your a little coockoo if you really feel that way. She should have followed instruction. Traffic stops are not complicated, she was being a beliigerant bitch. My grandma is a lady and would never have acted that way.


LaQuinta Marie Webb

First off Larry... most people know that being respectful of others gets a more favorable response then being beligerant. Second. that woman was completely and totally out of line and the officer used the necessary amount of force to subdue her. she was givin repeat and clear instructions and she refused comply she was told repeatedly to get out of the car and she refused which resulted in her forcing the officers hand to drag her from the vehicle. people who act like criminals shall be treated as such regardless of age gender or color. and the woman would be an utter moron to try to sue on this where there is video evidence against her.

Ashle... AshleyB1984

Everyone knows the rules of getting pulled over whether they ever have been before or not. Give the cop the documents and you'll be on your way in 5 minutes. I hope he doesn't get in trouble. He definitely shouldn't.

nonmember avatar phoenix

The old witch practically DARED him to do this, then acted all shocked. Lady, he said give your papers or you're going to jail. She says...go ahead? Then refuses to cooperate?

What did she think, that he'd say "gosh, I guess I can't arrest you unless you WANT me to."

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