Amanda Knox's Italian Boyfriend Admits Eye-Opening Truths in New Book

Amanda KnoxAmanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were just two "odd" kids in love, says Sollecito in his new book Honor Bound, which is due out the 18th of September. The AP has the book and revealed some of the details straight from the mouth of Sollecito who was once sentenced to prison for his role in the killing of Meredith Kercher, a British student who was studying in Italy.

Sollecito and Knox -- an American girl also studying in Perugia, Italy -- met early in her time there and quickly became inseparable. Their "weird" behavior led to their conviction for the horrific and gruesome crime. It was later overturned.

The two behaved in a very strange manner, a fact that Sollecito readily admits. He said it made him uneasy when Knox sat in his lap at the police station and also said he felt guilty for being in a pot-fueled haze the night of the crime. But he still says they are innocent.

It's a fact that there are certain expectations people have, even in the US, about "proper" conduct. The West Memphis Three is a case in the US where people were prosecuted and convicted for what many say was just "being weird."

When will people learn there is no "right" way to behave or to feel in life or after a tragedy? Maybe Knox needed physical comfort. Maybe Sollecito provided that. Is it really so hard to imagine that she might not know how to behave when her roommate was stabbed to death in the apartment they shared? What IS the proper response to it? How should she have been?

The fact is, human emotion can't really be planned or placed with expectations. If you have ever busted out laughing when you heard bad news, then you know what I am talking about. There is no one "right" way to behave, in life or after a tragedy.

People have been convicted for far less than Knox, and we really need to get past this "judging books by their covers" mentality. It's wrong and short-sighted and, in the right/wrong circumstances, it can ruin lives.

Do you think Knox acted "weird"?


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Think... ThinkingK

I believe she got away with a horrible murder. Her parents had enough money and were media savvy enough to help her. She is guilty and she is free. It's a disgrace but she is not alone in getting away with a horrible murder in the last few years.

tammy... tammyc1106

There is no concrete evidence that she had any involvement. I believe she is 100% innocent and glad that she is home with her family. There are some people on here that I would hate to have as my jury if I was being tried for a crime i was innocent of. Is she guilty because there are pictures of her kissing her boyfriend after she heard the news? or because of how she acted at the police station? What concrete evidence pointed towards her involvement? There is not one shred of hard evidence pointing towards her, and people like some of you who believe she is guilty because of her actions after are the reason why innocent people spend the rest of their lives in jail for crimes they don't commit.  You don't look at the facts or proof and if there is no proof then how can you say they are guilty?

nonmember avatar drylab

It is these kinds of cases that are interesting, because they tell more about us than the people involved. There is not enough evidence to know if they did it or not, so the only thing a trial does is tell us what we WANT to believe. Frankly, the results in such cases are often frightening. It is also fun to experiment with such cases. What if she were a black male (OJ)? What if she were not American? What if Rafael were not rich? The "what if's" can lead to very interesting results.

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