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The political conventions are over and but a blip on our collective memory at this point. News of other events have replaced convention coverage, 9/11 tributes have us reconsidering our priorities, and life has carried on. I watched parts of the Republican National Convention, the main events at least. I think it’s important to know what all sides are talking about so I can make decisions based on facts, my own experiences, and the paradigm I come from. I admittedly watched the RNC with skepticism and found myself yelling at the television a lot. My political counterparts would likely say the same thing. See, we do have things in common! I was fortunate to go to the Democratic National Convention, so my personal experience certainly skews my perspective on both affairs.

While in Charlotte I was wrapped in the folds of shared sensibilities. It was refreshing to be among so many like-minded people, fierce advocates, risk takers, and regular people who simply want to be heard. I was admittedly a bit smitten when I saw Chris Matthews, Barbara Mikulski (who has been my hero since I was a teenager), fellow mothers on a mission, and of course, the President and First Lady themselves. It’s a trifle embarrassing to geek out over political figures, right? What floored me the most at the DNC was the diversity in the crowd, on the streets, in the stadium, at every single venue. I saw men in turbans, women in red hats, gentlemen in seersucker suits, young mothers, grandfathers, veterans, college students, and people of every shade in the Crayola box of multicultural crayons. The faces represented the kaleidoscope of people that make up America. To be in a sea of people from all walks of life was profound, especially since I am often the one brown face everywhere I go in my corner of the world.

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The RNC lacked diversity on so many levels. I found it unnerving when the camera panned the crowd. I even heard some foreign correspondents from Europe talking about this very thing. They too were alarmed at the lack of diversity in Tampa. Their vision of America was different than what they saw. Based on visuals alone, I cannot help but wonder if the Republican party really is the party to govern, lead, and represent all Americans. My sense is that it has become a party for the white and wealthy. Many who identify themselves as Republican are going to vote against their own best interests. Party affiliation and convention hoopla aside, we should be examining both parties based on issues, not just the branding of the party.

Republicans are faced with showing Americans that they truly are the party of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity. If it’s not a genuine assertion, this shall prove difficult. Democrats need to stick a steel rod in their backbones and speak authoritatively on the issues that weigh down America. Jobs. Economic growth. Military support and veteran services. Education. Health care. Equal rights. We don’t need cheerleading as much as we need leadership.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see Which Convention 'Won'?

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right... rightside

There is nothing "simple" about bringing every child up to grade level. For some kids with severe disabilities, it is never going to happen, no matter how great their teachers are. Rewarding or punishing teachers based on how their students test is ridiculous. Teachers cannot force their students to do homework or study for exams.

Oh, bullshit.  GOOD teachers are able to motivate their students to learn, not just present the curriculum.  GOOD teachers don't feel threatened by testing outliers, like SpEd kids.  GOOD teachers don't need to use the 'bad parents' excuse.  Yes, teachers cannot force their students to do homework or study, but GOOD ones will inspire them to do so on their own. 

Nunya... NunyaBizness

oh really Rightside? Do YOU have any experience teaching children with special needs?? My mother has been teaching children with special needs for 35 years, and she is fantastic at it. She is retiring and many of her students' parents and her coworkers are devastated. Children in "SPED" programs, rightside, are not just kids with dyslexia or ADHD. Many children in school have problems that are far more severe. In the 80s my mother worked at a school where only disabled teenagers were taught. Now I met most of her students, so I know firsthand that her students were all severely disabled. she had a student who suffered from epilepsy so terrible, that the seizures had essentially destroyed her brain. She was unable to speak, walk on her own, eat on her own, and she literally did nothing but stare into space and drool. Reading in any capacity is something this child was and will never be capable of doing. This was only one of the many students she had who were unable to speak or do even the simplest self care tasks.

Nunya... NunyaBizness


Children like these, who are in schools, as they very well should be, are still required to take the standardized tests. And their test results (lack thereof, how can a child that can't eat be expected to read and write) can negatively affect both the evaluations of the school and the teachers caring for them. THAT, is bullshit. Teachers are paid (I guess you could call it that) to teach children, not to be their parents too. Parents need to take responsibility for teaching their own children personal responsibility in doing their schoolwork, and in their attitudes. Don't you uconservatives love to preach that, personal responsibility?

Nunya... NunyaBizness

Hockeymom, it is not a site for highschool freshmen? Ok I will let them all know that rightys are now discriminating against them as well. Hopefully that will guarantee they all vote Democrat when they can vote in 4 years.

bills... billsfan1104

Ty all for saying something. I deeply appreciate it.

Nunya, I am saying persea, that she cannot have an opinion. Maybe I should of said what meant better. What I meant to say is that she cannot have an informed opinion if she just went to the DNC convention and watched bits and pieces of the RNC convention on MSNBC, which was proven to show only what they wanted their viewers to see and hear.

nonmember avatar Guest

@nunya, "And their test results (lack thereof, how can a child that can't eat be expected to read and write) can negatively affect both the evaluations of the school and the teachers caring for them."

THAT, is bullshit...

No one expects a child who is capable of little more than drooling on themselves all day to pass pre-calculus. Nor does such a child not passing pre-calculus negatively impact the teacher nor the school. But, keep those strawmen coming!

" it is not a site for highschool freshmen? Ok I will let them all know that rightys are now discriminating against them as well. Hopefully that will guarantee they all vote Democrat when they can vote in 4 years. "

OK, WE did not SAY it, YOU ADMITTED it...


I agree with HockeyMom Nunya. I've seen you go after Billsfan for no reason. You have to be big enough to leave each post alone once you go to the next one. Otherwise it's you that looks like the jerk. You seemingly attack her for no reason. How would you like someone to treat you like crap for one blog post comment? I'm sure you have many more sides than that. If you can't agree to disagree and be respectful of others, maybe you shouldn't be commenting on a public blog.

It's got nothing to do with "our own." We aren't in high school anymore.

right... rightside

Nunya, my son is autistic, so save your lecture given from the perspective of a spectator, or better yet, shove your BULLSHIT back up your ass.  I notice that you chose that topic to focus on with all your irrelevent blahblahblah, rather than the fact that GOOD teachers aren't tripped up by the presence of special need students.  GOOD teachers aren't going to lose their jobs because their challenged students aren't performing.  But shitty teachers should lose their jobs when they can't reach their students.  Period.

Nunya... NunyaBizness

Guest, admitted what?? What in the world are you talking about?? JAFE, I have seen Billsfan go after people for no reason. She deserves a taste of her own medicine. And, I will post whatever I want. I thought conservatives were big on freedom of speech, but I guess not when it doesn't agree with you. Rightside, I chose that topic because Guest is spreading misinformation, and education of children with special needs is something that I do know a lot about, and feel very comfortable commenting on. My comment is not irrelevant. NCLB is extremely relevant because it is supremely screwed up, and Obama knows it, which is why he is making changes to it. I simply commented on it based on my observations and opinions as an educator and as a family member of educators, and I am allowed to do that, my dear, whether you like it or not. I see how the faithfully posting rightys are trying to gang up on me to try and get rid of the newest poster who doesn't agree with them. That's how you all roll, I have seen it before. Nice try, but it is not gonna work. You'll see me around. ;)

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Nunya, I'm not a republican or a righty. I made a similar comment to someone else who was harassing a commenter I frequently disagree with. It has nothing to do with who you agree with or not. On several different threads, you comment not on the piece, but to bash billsfans every post. Seriously, the dead horse just called - he wants to know when you're gonna stop beating him.

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